20 destinations you’ll fall in love with again

20 destinations you’ll fall in love with again


A list of the most romantic places on the planet

As the world we live in becomes increasingly chaotic, we are always on the lookout for those places that will refresh us, steal our hearts, take our breath away.

Especially if we are in love and thus have the opportunity to explore a beautiful destination with our half and create beautiful memories, live unforgettable experiences.

So let’s take a look at some of the most romantic destinations on the planet that promise to make the above a reality.

Montreal Canada

There is something magical that makes this city stand out in all of North America. He promises us to live in a setting reminiscent of “romance”. A combination of Canadian confidence and European elegance. A city center steeped in history. A city that shines all the time. Look for bars in the old town.

Venice, Italy

You knew he couldn’t be missing from such a list. After all, no city on the planet compares to the idyllic romantic image it offers. Beauty is hidden everywhere. From sunrise to sunset, in narrow canals, in Renaissance beauty. Everything looks like a fairy tale. And of course the gondola rides. Venice is a city for lovers of all ages.

Marrakech, Morocco

Colors, smells, sounds, images. A place that awakens the senses. A destination suitable for passionate couples. Ornate palaces, as well as spas and wellness spots.

Kyoto, Japan

It is a destination – bet for romantics. It’s not just the story. It’s food, maybe the best in the whole country. The welcome, the landscapes, the mountains. It’s no wonder Kyoto has become a hotspot for romantic travel.

Prague, Czech Republic

A city built to be romantic. From Letna Hill to contemplate Prague with a beer and your loved one next to you. A city that has inspired writers and artists and will continue to do so in the future. The old town gets all the attention, but feel free to explore the rest of the sights as well. Each zone has its own distinct feel.

Zanzibar, Thailand

The dazzling beaches have made it a top honeymoon destination. Traditions, sweetness of life, sea, sun, sandy beaches. In Zanzibar you will fall in love again.

Niagara Falls, Canada/USA

The most famous waterfall is a breathtaking sight. How much greater love experience? Where 3,160 tons of water rush every second. It might not be the most original place for a honeymoon, but who cares when it comes to the heart.


With heart in its name and wine flowing in abundance, it remains an undiscovered hidden treasure in Europe. A region full of romantic adventures.

Hoi An, Vietnam

The famous lantern-lit streets are an idyllic place to stroll backed by well-preserved historic Vietnamese architecture that tells many stories.


Another world. You won’t find an atmosphere like this anywhere else on the planet. The quirky side of the capital Reykjavik is also quite romantic in itself.

Lake Malawi

One of Africa’s largest lakes, whose shores offer many romantic retreats. The heavenly Nkwichi Lodge stands out. it’s a secluded piece of peace in an amazing part of the world.

Paris, France

It cannot be missing from the list. The French capital exudes a romantic confidence that might convince you that love was first discovered here.


the key to understanding why the Maldives is so romantic involves nothing more than looking at it. Is there a more beautiful place on the planet? This is of course something subjective. But how can you resist dreamy seas and white sand?

Las Vegas, United States

What convinces people to get married in Las Vegas? Bright lights? The naïve romance that unlocks even the toughest hearts? The City of Lights turns into a dream when the sun goes down. There is much more to do than casinos. If getting married in Las Vegas sounds like the right thing to do, go for it. And you will discover the consequences the next morning.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia has made a whole tourism industry by being the only country with “love” in its name. Captivating place with narrow streets to walk hand in hand next to amazing architecture. The splendor of nearby Lake Bled almost speaks for itself. More romantic restaurants.

Hawaii, United States

The place where tropical dreams come true. A paradise on earth. Some of the most lush scenery one will ever encounter. From watching the sun rise over Haleakela to watching it set over Kauai.


Like Iceland, but green. Or like Iceland, but more… jelly. Greenland is one of the least populated places on earth and therefore carries an inherent air of authenticity. The atmosphere that brings people’s emotions to the surface. Shockingly beautiful, she constantly surprises you, but sometimes she is also difficult. Like love.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Peace, tranquility, beaches. The closest you can get…heaven. Couples visiting the island will think the whole world stopped there. Isolation, beauty, romance all year round.

Udaipur, India

Royal grace seems to shine from every corner and the combination of sparkling lakes and incredible food makes it a magnet for couples looking for something special. After all, what could be more special than love? With palaces, lakes, views and sunsets, Udaipur has everything you could want for the most wonderful romantic getaway.

Lisbon, Portugal

Awesome restaurants and attractions. A place that every couple wants to visit. A beautiful mix of history and culture that will leave lovers speechless. It may not look like Vienna or Amsterdam, but it’s those imperfections that set it apart. Just like in love.

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