6+1 beaches near Athens for first dives

6+1 beaches near Athens for first dives

A stone’s throw from Athens are incredible beaches to get away from it all and do your first dives.

The season has arrived when the first dives begin and in fact there are clean beaches, with crystal clear waters, a short distance from the center of Athens. Disorganized and organized, with clear blue waters, in beautiful landscapes, the beaches are the best way to combine them with a day escape enjoying the first dives of the season.

During this period, the beaches are not yet full of people, so if you do not like crowds, you will enjoy your swim in the cool waters in peace and you will not suffer until your final destination.

We have selected seven beaches with fantastic waters in beautiful natural landscapes, ideal for families with young children, but also for those who love water sports so that you can take the first dives of the season.

Incredible beaches near Athens

Pefkias – Xylokastro

Pefkias beach is located in Xylokastro, just 120 kilometers from Athens, and is surrounded by a pine forest. It’s a long beach in the Gulf of Corinth that has turquoise waters and pebbles, while most are without deckchairs or umbrellas.

An ideal beach for families with young children where you can combine it with a day trip or even a picnic in the green forest of Pefkia, one of the most beautiful forests in Greece.

Kalogerolimano – Sofiko

Crystal clear waters, pebbles in the sand and pine trees that reach the sea, you will encounter them as soon as you arrive at Kalogerolimano beach, located near Sofiko.

Kalogerolimano beach is about 1h30 from Athens, it is not so well known, so you can enjoy your swims in crystal clear waters in peace – it has nothing to envy to those of the islands.

It is not an organized beach, so you should bring essentials with you, such as water, food, and proper sun protection.


One hour from Athens is the beach of Alykes, in Chalkida – an ideal place for a day trip. Alykes is one of the most beautiful beaches with shallow blue waters which will be especially appreciated by small children.

Some parts of the beach are organized, with deckchairs and showers, and some parts are not, you can practice water sports, while up the road there are coffee and food shops.

Milling – Loutraki

Mylokopi beach is located in the municipality of Loutraki-Perachora-Agioi Theodoros and when arriving there you will be impressed by the crystal clear waters, while the whole landscape will remind you of being on an island.

Mylokopi is a “double” beach, which was created after an earthquake and all along the coast there is a pine forest, uniquely combining the mountain and the sea. One side of the double beach has dark sand and the other is more impressive with cracked broken slabs. Mylokopi is also not an organized beach, so you should have everything you need with you.

Erotospelia – Porto Rafti

One of the most famous beaches in the region, Erotospilia is only 40 minutes from the city center and is located at the end of the settlement of Agios Spyridon. You will leave your car on the road and take a very small path.

The dark blue waters of Erotospilia are clear, but they deepen sharply, which does not make it one of the favorite beaches for families. Of course, in some places there is no shortage of famous caves and bring people together during the summer months.

Legraina – Sounio

Legrain beach is only an hour from the city center and about half an hour from the southern suburbs where locals regularly go for the first baths of the season.

For many years the Legraini beach was something of a “hidden secret” and was known to those who lived or had their second homes in the vicinity, while today it attracts more and more visitors .

The crystal clear waters and the absence of loungers are best for those who want to spread out their towel and swim in beautiful waters. At the moment you don’t have a problem with overcrowding, but as the temperatures rise people will find an escape in Legraina.

Schinias – Marathon

Schinias beach is one of the best known and most popular in Attica, it is located in Marathon and is the ideal place for families with young children and water sports enthusiasts to enjoy their swim. Among the advantages we also include the unique landscape of the place, where there is a green forest along the long beach – indeed, it belongs to the Natura 2.000 network.

It is one of the largest beaches in Attica where there are places with deckchairs and umbrellas, while some are completely disorganized. The spot with beach bars gathers a large number of visitors, while it is considered the “paradise of water sports”.

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