A combination of craftsmanship and innovative inspiration

A combination of craftsmanship and innovative inspiration

The availability of the New DS 3 has started on the Greek market! The new model from DS Automobiles, faithful to the innovative and subversive style of the brand, made its first official appearance at the most important institution of haute couture, Paris Fashion Week, receiving rave reviews from the public and journalists.

The DS 3 CROSSBACK was first presented to the Greek public in 2018 where its innovative design, luxurious materials with their specialized processing techniques and technological innovationsdistinguished it from the competition, while two years later its purely electric version made it benchmark In Prime B SUV category.

THE New DS 3renews its exterior design, incorporates new technologies, upgrades the efficiency of its engines and achieves the brand’s main objective: offer its passengers a level of quality and luxury never before achieved in this segment.

Construction and quality of materials

THE New DS 3 relies on the latest generation CMP platform to offers optimum safety, driving pleasure and comfort. At the same time, this “multi-energy” platform can accept an entirely electric motorization, without loss of performance or compromise on cabin or boot space..

In the New DS 3 new design and assembly processes have been implemented, with the aim of maximize peace of mind indoors, while improving safety. New component welding technique provides 30% increased stiffness, while bolted components are increased by 10% and replace glued components, while special materials are used between joints to help minimize friction, which eliminates unwanted cabin noise. At the same time, it is the only car in its class standard rear side airbags (thorax), in addition to the roof airbags (head).

Finally, the use of innovative materials, such as very high-strength steel and aluminum composites associated with the use of compact and high-performance powertrains (known as “downsized”), make it possible to lighten the vehicle. As a result THE NOToh DS 3 it has a reduced environmental footprint, reduced fuel consumption and an improved aerodynamic coefficient (-5 to -8dm2) compared to its predecessor.

New exterior design

THE New DS 3 retains its bold design identity, while adopting clean lines that emphasize its exterior appearance and further highlight its clean silhouette reminiscent of a sculpture.

Its front part New DS 3 follows its new design identity DS Cars. The slim LED headlights, which are part of the vehicle’s standard equipment, as well as the daytime running lights, consisting of two vertical LED strips, are highlighted by the new DS design grille and the redesigned DS fenders. But at the same time as aesthetic perfection in its design New DS 3, the focus was on optimizing aerodynamics. In the lower part of the mask, the air ducts are flanked by two spoilers, which significantly improve the aerodynamic coefficient of the vehicle.

On the side of the vehicle, the retractable handles, fully integrated into the bodywork, also contribute to the optimal aerodynamics of the model and underline its design purity, while the shark fin on the rear doors remains a hallmark of the DS 3.

His signature stands out on the back of the vehicle DS AUTOMOBILES which adorns the tailgate. The technique for creating this new signature is familiar from the New DS 7, the letters are made of stainless steel then cut and placed one by one creating a textured effect.

Its outward appearance New DS 3 highlighting and complementing the 7 exterior colors available on the model, with the new exclusive Diva Red color. This exclusive new color triplecoating, it captivates the eye, as its hue changes depending on the lighting and viewing angle. It is also a testimony to the French know-how and the perseverance to achieve perfection that characterizes DS Automobiles, because to perfect the Diva Red color, the special paint team experimented with techniques and nuances for more than a year. decade.

Exterior design: Elegance and attention to detail

Its interior New DS 3, remains a benchmark for quality and attention to detail, with elements found in much larger car categories. Its seats New DS 3 (optionally heated with a massage function) “embraces” the passengers, providing them with a high level of comfort. The 6 interiors of New DS 3 generously use high quality materials to create a unique, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. High-quality fabrics, Claudia leather and Nappa leather are enhanced and distinguished through specialized processing techniques such as unique beaded stitching, “Clous de Paris” finishing technique found in high watchmaking and the treatment of leather with a “bracelet” pattern.

Technological superiority

THE NOToh DS 3is the first class B vehicle of the Stellantis group to integrate the new DS IRISSYSTEM, found on DS 4 and DS 7. The new intuitive infotainment system is fully customizable with widgets, offers 3D navigation and includes a personal assistant, IRIS, which recognizes natural speech. In addition, the new infotainment system offers wireless screen mirroring (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay).

The 10.3-inch high-resolution central touchscreen, standard across the entire model range, is split into 12 (2×6) cells (depending on vehicle equipment), while widget sizes vary from 1 8-cell, giving easy access to all essential riding components. functions. Below the screen, the center console retains its striking design, using touch controls designed in the recognizable style of the DS emblem, which have been modified to improve ergonomics.

At the same time, the 7” dashboard is divided into 2 zones and redesigned according to the brand’s new standards. Finally, his steering wheel NOTuh DS 3 it now incorporates controls for ADAS systems, paddle shifters and controls for key functions of the new infotainment system.

In addition to next-generation infotainment, NOToh DS 3 there are technological innovations, both in the basic equipment and in the options of the model, some of which are exclusive to the Premium B SUV category:

  • DS MATRIX LEDs VISION: The DS MATRIX LED VISION headlamps in New DS 3 are made up of 3 LED headlamps for low beam mode and a MATRIX BEAM headlamp for high beam mode, made up of 15 independent LED blocks. These units gradually turn on and off based on the environment and driving conditions, which are scanned by a camera mounted on top of the windshield.
  • DS CONDUCT HELP: The semi-autonomous DS DRIVE ASSIST system is a step closer to autonomous driving. This innovative equipment adjusts the speed and distance from the vehicle in front and places New DS 3 precisely in the lane chosen by the driver by acting on the steering wheel. Of course, this allows the driver to regain control of the car at any time.
  • KEYLESS ENTRY AND START SYSTEM: At a distance of 3 meters, the vehicle recognizes the driver’s key and the front lights come on. At a distance of 1.5 metres, the vehicle unlocks, the door handles are raised and the door mirrors open automatically. Finally, when the driver comes within 2 meters of the vehicle, the door handles and mirrors fold down and the vehicle locks automatically.
  • NEXT GENERATION ACTIVE LANE KEEPING AND BLIND SPOT MONITORING SYSTEM: Standard equipment across the entire model range ensuring safe driving and avoiding unintended lane changes. In addition, the new generation system fitted to New DS 3, unlike its competitors, keeps the vehicle in its lane or on the road, since it even works with a single strip or with partially “off” strips. At the same time, the blind spot monitoring system warns the driver that another vehicle is in the blind spot of the vehicle, if this vehicle poses a potential danger.

Motors: E-TENSE Technology

Since its creation DS Automobiles in 2014, electrification is an absolute priority for the brand, as evidenced by its participation in the Formula-E championship from the 2015-2016 season. All the know-how acquired during DS Automobiles’ participation in Formula-E has been used to create the NOTuh DS 3 ETENSE.

THE New DS 3 ETENSE is the first model of the Stellantis group to carry a new powerful battery, with a capacity of 54kWh (useful capacity 50.8kWh), with a new chemical composition which considerably improves the energy density (220 liters, record energy density). At the same time, the thermal management with liquid circulation and the heat pump, allows the battery to recharge quickly, to optimize its autonomy and to increase its lifespan. The new battery can be recharged from 0 to 80% in 25 minutes on a 100 kW DC fast charger, while on an 11 kW AC three-phase wallbox it can be fully charged in around 5 hours.

In addition, the placement of the new compact battery between the front and rear seats, under the central tunnel and the special construction of the rear axle, allow the New DS 3 ETense to retain all the advantages of combustion engine vehicles (comfortable space for rear passengers, large luggage compartment, driving position identical to combustion engine vehicles, etc.).

At the same time, the new HSM (Hybrid Synchronous Motor), manufactured in Trémery in France by the new joint venture between NIDEC and Stellantis, offers 115 kW (156 hp) of power and 260 Nm of torque, immediately available to the driver and guarantees ultimate driving pleasure without any emissions.

The new battery combined with aerodynamic optimization increases the vehicle’s range to 404 kilometers in the combined WLTP cycle, while its driver New DS 3 ETense has at his disposal up to 575 kilometers of autonomy in urban environments (WLTP).

The New DS 3 range is completed by the BlueHDi 130 engine with EAT8 automatic gearbox and two PureTech 100 petrol engines with 6-speed manual gearbox and PureTech 130 with EAT8 automatic gearbox.

Gear Levels

The New DS 3 is available in 5 trim levels depending on the engine. Specifically the Bastille, Rivoli, Opera, Performance Line and Performance Line + versions.

Exclusive DS Services

His clients New DS 3 they will be able to take advantage of the DS Assistance program which offers them 5 years of free roadside assistance. Moreover, in New DS 3 A 5 year factory warranty is provided.

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