Achilleas Beos: The truth about LNG and the “games” of speculators…

Achilleas Beos: The truth about LNG and the “games” of speculators…

Article – intervention of the mayor of Volos to the POST office concerning the investment

Last week, and a few others before, we witnessed, not all of them are true and I will explain below why, in a graphic attempt by certain circles, mainly partisans, to highlight the question of making an investment and more precisely this storage and transfer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Volos in a matter of life and survival of the city itself within the framework of the logic “If the reality does not agree with our views, too bad for reality”.

And the reality is one: this famous investment is “frozen” and why it seems that the intention and planning of the government are changing, but also why the investors themselves have doubts when now the international demand for natural gas is decreasing dramatically and these investments are likely to become unprofitable and loss-making.

An attempt was therefore made to form a front of representatives of the various self-proclaimed political and economic “elites”, self-proclaimed “gurus” of science and permanent elves of so-called ecology, all in all a heterogeneous oligarchy. group, in terms of the aspirations, motivations and interests of its members and which with the method of… the tin tried to attract the attention of society, which – there too – turned the back.

Undoubtedly, the issue of LNG is a very serious matter, which must be considered and studied thoroughly. There are economic and social benefits to an investment of this size, there are also serious reservations regarding issues of safety and public health and environmental protection. However, because this is such a serious and sensitive issue, it is obvious that it cannot be analyzed by all those who have presented themselves as combatants of the environment and protectors of citizens, without having information and information, like all of us, necessary to express full and informed view.

Thus, during a mock meeting of the city council, with the participation of minorities only, where personalities and names worthy of co-starring in the performances of the populist Markos Seferlis, but not in the local political and social life, have been exposed in a self-deification and attribution to themselves and reciprocal praise and admiration for their combativeness, their will and their determination to prevent an investment of which they confess not to know exactly what it is. They just heard something in Berlin…

Up close, fishing in troubled waters, straw men and vanguards of the “black” period, when the city sank and the citizens suffered, and who, having reduced lies and slander to… science, slander , shamelessly attempt to reclaim the fortunes, returning as… political zombies and of course not through the door but through the window.

The citizens of Volos, however, know from first-hand experience that I, as mayor, as well as the current municipal authority as a whole, do not give health and safety discounts public, and mainly in them. We act with caution, seriousness and transparency by examining every aspect of the matter so that we can intervene quickly and effectively anywhere and anytime. Without shouting, populism, hypocrisy and theatricality.

We have received criticism that we secretly brought in interested investors because we allegedly have dependencies and commitments! Yes, so secretly that the presentation of their plans took place in a hall of the town hall, with a live broadcast by almost all the media precisely so that every interested citizen was informed of the details. (They may remember past practices with beggars in their pockets by some “benefactors”, but.. we are not all the same)

They accuse us, through the new anecdote of the “informal itinerant prosecutor” (!) that we accept without reserve the realization of the investment at the same time that they themselves protest because none of the numerous special studies that the National Legislation and International Conventions require . From then on, we realize the seriousness and the value of their words.

As the first to say clearly that we are not going to make any investment unless the studies that will provide safeguards for public health and safety and the environment are submitted first, we are. But how to evaluate and judge on the basis of the recommendations of competent experts and institutions (and certainly not on the basis of the opinion of any resurrected beau or aspiring midwife in history) when haven’t been filed yet? ? Based on the conveniences of a small party? The childish ambitions of all the guys who’ve had their fill of money and are desperate for “glory”, even as a pawn? The scumbags of various graphics, who see themselves more and more marginalized every day and scream hysterically to get noticed?

They protest because we would not have expressed our opinion to the RAE and when we ask them if they have in mind a case where the expression of a contrary opinion other than the decision of the Regulatory Authority of Energy, they answer no, but… Monument of responsibility!

In conclusion: we, as the municipal authority of today and – with the help and support of the citizens – of tomorrow, will not accept anything that is reasonably deemed to be harmful and that poses the slightest threat to the city and the citizens. However, because we do not operate with attachments, ideologies and various types of daydreams, we continue to operate with seriousness and responsibility, we prioritize and deal with the real and urgent problems that life brings up every day and in any case we do not fight with shadows and windmills. Our only criterion is the satisfaction of the benevolent interests of the city and the citizens.

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