AI apps: Free AI tools everyone should have on Android and iOS

AI apps: Free AI tools everyone should have on Android and iOS

Artificial intelligence has already changed the way we work and communicate. But to fully familiarize yourself with its capabilities, it is important to use the right applications, not only on PC, but also on mobile. In the guide, we will see how we can have the best free AI apps everywhere with us on all Android and iOS devices.

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The best AI apps for smartphones / tablets

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is all around us, and there are free apps and tools that can not only familiarize us with new technology, but also make our lives easier.

So, with the right combination of apps, we can improve our productivity, increase our training with artificial intelligence, and increase our skills in many areas of work, and beyond.

Claudius – Android / iOS

With Claude, we don’t need to search and pay in Google and Apple Store for AI apps like ChatGPT. The reason is that we won’t find a similar free app that has Claude’s awesome capabilities in our language.

The free tool allows us to get help on any subject, but also to have a continuous dialogue with artificial intelligence.

As we analyzed in a previous guide, it is a human-centric AI model that runs on Google Cloud, communicates in our language, and is invested by Google.

FEATURED OpenAI Chatbots vs Claude A new approach to AI for our language - Comparison with Bing ChatGPT 2

The advanced AI language model can give us better answers than ChatGPT and Bing Chat, as well as more user-friendly and perfectly understandable formulations in Greek. In fact, in most cases, with nearly perfect Greek syntax and grammar.

1mk AI Apps

We can ask for anything from technical support that would take a long time to get through research, to market research and anything else we can imagine. Then, Claude will answer us almost instantly.

Claude is absolutely free if we add it as an app to Slack’s easy platform. According to Claude’s designers who are former senior OpenAI executives, Slack will remain free to use for ordinary users.

If you don’t already have a Slack account, click here to create a workspace for free.

From there we download the Slack app on Android from here and on iOS from here.

Once we have completed the process of registering, logging in and installing the application, we simply click here and add the Claude application to our Slack (Workspace) account.

Finally, after authorizing Claude, we open Slack and go to the section apps in the lower left corner. Then just click on Claudius to open the chat window for us (posts). That was all.


From there we can start our sessions and ask our questions and chat at any time. Of course, we can always invite new members to the workspace we have opened in Slack, as that is also its main purpose.

This way we can take advantage of Claude for group work and more. Thanks to the structure of Slack, all session history remains intact and visible, so that we can easily refer to any of our conversations. We can also export them to ZIP.

It is good to remember that when you finish a session with Claude, and you want to start a new subject, to type /reset then enter or click on the arrow to see it Forgot chat history.

This is necessary because we also help him in turn to avoid confusion and not delay his answers to our new topics.

If we also want Claude on PC, we can also download the 64-bit Slack app for Windows from the Microsoft store. Otherwise, Slack works without installation directly from the computer’s browser.


Poe was first released in February 2023 and is one of the free AI apps designed exclusively for iOS. It comes from the popular question-and-answer platform Quora.

The big advantage of the application is that it integrates all the advanced artificial intelligence language models, such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, etc. Also includes Claude but requires in-app payment.

We download Poe-Fast AI Chat for iOS from here.

Poe by Quora – Android

Poe can also be used on Android smartphones/tablets, as well as in our computer’s browser. All we have to do is click here to open the web version of the tool and open an account through our mobile phone.

Then all we have to do is add it as an app to the mobile home screen.

2 p.m. AI applications

From there, we can use the AI ​​tool by exploiting all the language models in turn. All our sessions will be saved.

As for iOS, Android and PC, there is a limitation on the best models. Specifically, with GPT-4 we have one conversation per day, while with Claude we have three sessions per day. ChatGPT and the rest are free.

Bing AI – Android / iOS

We’ve covered Bing AI extensively in a related guide where we analyze various tricks for Microsoft’s tool.

Without a doubt, the Bing – Your AI copilot app for Android and iOS is one of the AI ​​apps that can be especially useful on our mobile.

The chat assistant works the same way as on PC. The main advantage of Bing Chat over ChatGPT is that it can search the web for the latest information.

Perplexity – iOS / Android

Perplexity – Ask Anything is a new free AI tool that works just like Bing, but from personal experience we’ve found that it often gives even more up-to-date links and references to what we’re asking in our language.

It is certainly an excellent AI assistant which, unlike ChatGPT, uses the real-time Internet in the best possible way.

5mm AI applications

Moreover, it is powered by GPT-3.5 turbo (Fast – faster) and GPT-4 (Enhanced – slower), for relatively difficult questions with richer answers. This option is limited to 20 uses per day.

Perplexity is one of the free AI apps designed exclusively for iOS and we download it here. However, there is also a web version available for Android and PC which are equally excellent.

On the Android device, just tap here to access the tool page, open an account and then add it as an app to the mobile home screen.

4m AI apps

Also, in the lower section, Perplexity will tell us to get the Android app, where we simply press the corresponding indicator to join the waiting list and be notified when it is available.

Finally, all our sessions are stored in the Your discussions (Threads) that we will see at the top right. Perplexity also has a very handy extension for Chrome on PC.

Microsoft Math Solver – Android / iOS

The Microsoft Math Solver app for Android and iOS is fully powered by artificial intelligence. If we have already installed Bing on the mobile, we do not need to download it because it is integrated with the company’s AI tool.

Microsoft Math provides help for a variety of problems, including simple arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry. They even solve problems with logarithmic functions, statistics, and more.

The app uses an advanced AI-powered math solver, where we can write the math problem on the screen or use the camera to take a photo with the equation, etc.

From there, Microsoft Math immediately recognizes the problem and helps us solve it with step-by-step instructions.

If we don’t have Bing installed, we download the Microsoft Math Solver Android app from here, and accordingly the iOS app from here.

PhotoRoom Studio – Android / iOS

PhotoRoom Studio is rightly considered one of the best AI apps for automatic background removal – and not only – on Android and iOS. It comes with a simple Greek menu and impresses with its possibilities.

The app automatically removes the background with a single click, adding any other desired background, and more. The only negative point, if we could call it that, is that it displays its logo at the bottom right of the image.

AI apps 4maa

However, with the online object removal tools we discussed in a previous guide, that logo disappears with a click.

Of course, that’s not how we help developers pursue app development, and in general, we don’t recommend it. Therefore, it is at our discretion to decide.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to Android and iOS, the excellent app also has an online background removal tool for the PC browser, which does the same great job.

Are these AI tools useful on mobile?

If you have any questions about AI applications, you can write to us in the Questions section. Alternatively, if you want to share your opinion on the matter, you can write to us in the comments on the corresponding post of the article on our Facebook page.

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