Airbnb rooms: Their updated version

Airbnb rooms: Their updated version

THE Airbnb reintroduces Airbnb Rooms, the ability to stay in private rooms as well as more than 50 new features and improvements adopted after user feedback on its platform.

With the pandemic over and more than 300 million visitors expected to Airbnb properties this year, the platform this year launched its largest set of enhancements ever, starting with the introduction of Airbnb rooms,” a new approach to authentic Airbnb”. . At the same time, more than 50 new features and upgrades are introduced based on the best feedback. “With Airbnb Rooms, we are returning to the idea that started it all – the founding mindset of sharing,” said Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb. “Airbnb rooms are often more affordable than hotels and are the most authentic way to experience a city. It’s the soul of Airbnb.” With Airbnb initially as a way to stay in a room at someone else’s house, the original idea of ​​homesharing offers two unique benefits. First, it’s more affordable for guests with over 80% private rooms under $100/night and an average rate of $67/night Second, staying with a host is a great way for someone to experience the city like a local.

What’s coming soon?

The Host Passport, exclusive to Airbnb rooms, gives guests the ability to learn more about hosts, increasing their sense of security, before they book. Clicking on the host’s passport brings up a larger photo and details that hosts have shared, such as where they went to school, what they do for a living, and other information , are visible. The new Airbnb room category offers a curated collection of one million private rooms with details about shared spaces like a kitchen, living room, or courtyard. New filters to more easily separate by “space type” and switch between rooms, whole houses or other and improve the average price. New privacy features for bedrooms that clearly indicate if there is a lock on the bedroom, as well as if bathrooms are shared and if anyone other than the host will be in the house during the stay.

Over 50 new features and upgrades based on customer feedback

In anticipation of a record travel season, Airbnb is, he says, improving nearly every aspect of its service — and it’s doing so based on feedback from its community. “Millions of people have given us feedback on how to make Airbnb better. We listened,” said Brian Chesky. time. Our design-driven approach means we’re constantly improving Airbnb, and our 50+ new features and improvements are just the start. We will never stop improving Airbnb.”

7+1 of over 50 new features and upgrades starting to roll out today:

Show full price, clear payment instructions, improved maps, redesigned favourites, easier and more affordable monthly stays, priority customer service while traveling, instant booking credit over time. As part of the 50+ new features and upgrades, 25 enhancements are also rolling out for hosts, including new pricing tools to get competitive rates, weekly and monthly discounts, and compare their listing to similar deals in their region. Also included is a yearly calendar view, the ability to easily enter payment instructions, read receipts and new quick replies to messages, and more. The global rollout begins today.

Greek search trends in the first quarter of 2023

And in Greece, there are plenty of options in the private room category, offering visitors a sense of hospitality at affordable prices. Nights in private room listings in Greece increased by around 50% last year compared to 2021. The average room price is 81 euros, while it is 100 USD overall, with quality remaining high since 80% of reviews in a private room in Greece received the highest rating of five stars. Visitors to Greece are seeking sun, sights and hikes with the top five booking categories this summer including beach, iconic towns, seaside, Cycladic homes and national parks.

Trending domestic summer destinations – sought after by Greek visitors in Q1 2023

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Thassos Regional Unit

Trending international summer destinations – sought after by Greek visitors in the first quarter of 2023

Valletta, Malta
Vienna, Austria
Roma, Italy
Barcelona, ​​Spain
Madrid, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Paris, France
Milan, Italy
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Venice, Italy.

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