“Bombshell”: Taxisnet is over: it’s gone for good – Find out what will replace it

“Bombshell”: Taxisnet is over: it’s gone for good – Find out what will replace it

Taxinet: The new cabs will integrate artificial intelligence and data mining tools to fight tax evasion and beyond.

It should dominate in three important areas such as taxation, transparency and citizenship.

In taxis, the vast upgrade of the three tax information systems and the operational modernization of AADE, with a budget of 100 million euros, are now underway.

For example, artificial intelligence will allow tax authorities to immediately identify which tax declarations are true and which are false, or to intelligently track the movements of taxpayers in relation to the existence of hidden assets.

In particular, its system has the ability to pull data from a huge pool of information and data on income, real estate and movable property, expenses, transactions and bank movements.

Suspicious cases of tax evasion and smuggling will be detected in real time, while taxpayers will be categorized based on their behavior, such as “strategic defaulter”, “probability of tax evasion”.

AADE is already considering an application for mobile phones, with the aim of making life easier for citizens, by simplifying the processing of their tax obligations.

Citizens will be able to view their tax profile, pay their dues, and receive personalized updates and notifications of upcoming obligations.

The new application will act as a fiscal calendar.

The trader will receive updates on VAT return and payment reminder dates.

With the new information system starting in 2023, applicants for Greek citizenship will now be identified and submit their application via gov.gr with the aim of inconveniencing the applicant as little as possible.

The Transparency Project of the Next Decade will now rely on data rather than PDF documents, as well as GDPR-compliant AI tools to improve transparency and accessibility for citizens.

The conversion of pdf documents into simple data will allow their automatic processing and improve their search in Diageia, offering the citizen the possibility of obtaining aggregated data easily and quickly.

Taxisnet: Change your passwords instantly

In an extraordinary announcement, the tax office appealed to all taxpayers to change their passwords immediately. All developments on xristika.gr…

According to the Pitsili decision published in the Official Journal, all those who have issued and use Taxisnet codes “must update their electronic contact details, i.e. their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers (Mobile and Landline) “. This will be done in the “Registration and contact” option and in the “Contact details” section.

With the same decision, the institution of “Help to fulfill” the obligations is now established, for people who have their own codes but, for various reasons (such as the elderly, etc.) need the helping others to fulfill their tax obligations.

In particular, certified users of the Independent Revenue Authority’s electronic services must update their contact details for electronic communication, i.e. their e-mail addresses (e-mail) and telephone numbers ( Mobile and Fixed).

These data, at the option of the interested party, may be synchronized with the National Communications Register (RMN).

1. For electronic communication, the person dealing with AADE declares at least one of the following:
(a) “Personal Email”, such as an email address to which he has access. Notifications are sent to this address for display – notification of all acts, documents and information messages from the tax administration to the taxpayer’s account in the e-notifications application in myAADE, including those that may contain sensitive personal data, which does not relate to the citizen’s tax declarations or tax obligations.

(b) “Execution Wizard Email”. The e-mail address of the person who agrees to assist the declarant in fulfilling his tax or other obligations is declared as such.

Who can be an “execution assistant”
Any person who agrees to assist the declarant in fulfilling his tax or other obligations is declared an “Execution Assistant”.

The citizen himself is required to choose the characterization of his relationship with the enforcement assistant, from an exclusive list of roles such as, for information only:

  • an accountant
  • advise
  • relative
  • familiar face

Notifications are sent to the e-mail address of the completion assistant for the display of notifications on the taxpayer’s account in the e-notifications application in myAADE, acts, documents and information messages from the ADEA.

They may contain sensitive personal data resulting from or included in the citizen’s tax returns or tax obligations (for example, employment insurance returns, acts of correction or administrative determination). Subject to the consent of the taxpayer (checkbox), personal data (sensitive or not) may also be contained, which are not related to the tax obligations of the citizen towards the tax authorities (eg fines of vaccinated persons, notification payment notices and not tax obligations, such as traffic fines, obligations in favor of third parties, etc.).

In the event of non-consent, the notification is sent only to the “personal e-mail” or, if this has not been registered, the notification is made in accordance with the written provisions.

2. When filling in the mobile number, personal email and fulfillment assistant email, the details are confirmed by sending a 6-digit code (respectively to the telephone or e-mail) to the client, and for the latter, to the execution assistant.

3. Contact information should be updated whenever it changes. The taxpayer can only oppose the changes of contact details to AADE on the date of the update.

4. The processing assistant can digitally retrieve a list of customers who have filled in and confirmed their own email address as “processing assistant email”, subject to confirmation via a code that they will receive at the e-mail address indicated. address during recovery time.

After recovery, the Fulfillment Assistant may withdraw his email address from the client, provided that the latter has previously made a “Personal email” declaration.

As long as the contact details for electronic communication are not updated by the taxpayers, the e-mail addresses already declared in the AADE are deemed to correspond to the “Personal e-mail” option. If the taxpayer has already declared two e-mail addresses, the one declared in the field defined as “Mail” is considered as corresponding to the “Personal e-mail” option, while the one declared in the field defined as “Additional mail” is considered to match the “Order Fulfillment Assistant Email” option.

In this case, it is considered that the prescribed consent does not exist.

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