Completion of the artist hosting program in Tinos

Completion of the artist hosting program in Tinos

Final presentation\ Final presentation

The final event of the Legacy Land Lodging Program will take place on Sunday, 05/14/2023 at the Marble Crafts Museum at 3:30 p.m. and at the Ag Quarry. Eleftheriou 5:30 pm at the Tower of Tinos The accommodation program was implemented as part of the Fe26 project by NOMO Amke under the supervision of Christos Artemis.

A traditional pre-industrial quarry of Agios Eleftherios in Pyrgos in one of the stoniest parts of the island of Tinos was chosen by NOMO AmKe to organize the Inherited Land Accommodation Program with the participation of 13 creators from around the world entire. The welcome program was an ephemeral project of rehabitation of the quarry where the participants chose to bring together through visual, environmental, social projects/productions a territorial part of it with materials/techniques of yesterday and today they worked with the main objective of creating in situ research and artistic work in relation to the place and its tradition.

Participants: Emilia Sølvsten (Denmark), Maria Varela (Greece), Lily Clark (America), Marie Hervé – Elsa Martinez (France), Franek Wardyński (Poland), Zoi Tzika-Elias Casnovas (Greece-Spain), Vincent-Palazzi Mathias (France), Georgia Karydis (Greece), Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis (Greece), Miriam Isasi (Spain)

the inherited land began on April 30 with the welcome of the participants and the following days were divided into a series of opening activities which brought the participants in contact with the place and the tradition of marble and other arts . Visits to the surrounding quarries, guided tours of the Museum of Marble Crafts and the Professional Preparatory School of Fine Arts in Panormos Tinos, in the village of Pyrgos, speeches by notable scientists and experts, etc. Then, the participants created their works in and around the quarry and the field which will be presented during the closing evening scheduled for Sunday 05/14/2023. The IA painting workshop of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts under the direction of Tzimis Efthimiou took part in the action.

The final action of the inherited land starts at the Marble Museum of the Piraeus Group Cultural Foundation at 3:30 p.m. with a short presentation by the project team and the organization, in relation to the methodology of the fe2.6 project and the legacy earth philosophy and the challenges of using such a pre-industrial space in place of marble. Then there will be a brief presentation of the projects and their perspectives by the participants. And finally, the welcome program will end with a walk through Ag’s career. Eleftheriou where at 5:30 p.m. the works will be presented by the residents and the curator during a closing event.

A major role in the success of this project was played by the support of local experts and historians who embraced this effort, such as Alekos Florakis, Giorgos Vidos, Kostas Danousis, Ilias Tzavelopoulos, Yiannis Michael as well as the help from major institutions and organizations such as the Calon Preparatory Vocational School of Arts of Panormos Tinos and the Museum of Marble Crafts, as well as the Spiritual Center of Panormos Tinos Giannoulis Halepas.



Conceived as a collaborative research project by the NOMO AmKe team, the Fe26 project highlights the relationship between man and matter, bringing together an interdisciplinary/interdisciplinary group of people to exchange knowledge and practices around metal in as matter, material and object and that this implies for its place and its identity. From this point of view, the NOMO team imagined with the curator Christos Artemis the residence Fe26 “the inherited land”.


NOMO AmKe, through its action, aims to create a sustainability strategy, disseminate scientific knowledge, as well as network services, public and private entities through the promotion of cross-sectoral actions to address challenges generally linked to sustainable development and well-being. be.

detailed program

The inherited land in Tinos //Final presentation

The final talks inherited from the land /

Time 15:30-17:00

Place Museum of Marble Crafts

Presentations by /The Inherited Land Team/Christos Artemis/Emilia Sølvsten, Maria Varela, Lily Clark, Marie Hervé – Elsa Martinez, Franek Wardyński, Zoi Tzika-Elias Casanovas, Vincent-Palazzi Mathias, Georgia Karydis, Miriam Isasi

The Legacy Earth Final /

Time 17:30-19:00

Place career Ag. Eleftheriou /

project presentations / Christos Artemis / Emilia Sølvsten, Maria Varela, Lily Clark, Marie Hervé – Elsa Martinez, Franek Wardyński, Zoi Tzika-Elias Casanovas, Vincent-Palazzi Mathias, Georgia Karydis, Miriam Isasi


Ministry of Culture and Sports

National Technical University of Athens

School of Fine Arts


Basque Culture Institute

South Aegean region

Panormos Tinos Spiritual Center



inherited land


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117 42 Athens


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