Countdown to the Panhellenic Championships – The schedule and ranking changes

Countdown to the Panhellenic Championships – The schedule and ranking changes

When should bases be announced and when does the school year end?

One month left for the Panhellenic 2023 with students competing for 68,574 places in Greek universities.

In particular, the pan-Hellenic exams will begin on June 2 for general day and evening high schools (GEL) and a day earlier, on June 1, for professional day and evening high schools (EPAL).

No particular changes are planned for this year’s Pan-Hellenic exams, beyond changing the marking method for Modern and Ancient Greek language courses, but also delivering a computerized report in a single phase.

The program

The Hellenic exams will take place from June 2 to 12 for the GEL and from June 1 to 16 for the EPAL.

In more detail, the GEL exams will start on June 2, 2023 with the Modern Greek Language and Literature course (general education) and then will follow three days of exams for the orientation courses:

June 6: Ancient Greek (Orientation group in human sciences), Mathematics (OP of positive studies and economic and computer studies), Biology (OP of health studies)

June 8: Latin (Humanities orientation group), Chemistry (OP of positive studies and health studies), Computer science (OP of economic and computer studies)

June 12: History (Human Sciences Orientation Group), Physics (OP for Positive Studies and Health Studies), Economics (OP for Economic and Computer Studies)

As far as EPAL is concerned, the first day of the exams will also concern the general education course, the new Greek and the other seven in the specialty courses.

Rating Changes

For the General Education Modern Greek Language and Literature course, starting this year, the excellent for the first subject – i.e. the summary that candidates are asked to make – will receive 20 points out of 100, against 15 until last year.

In addition, in the Ancient Greek course, one of the two questions from the taught text was “cut”, which received 2 points out of 20. These points will be added to the translation of the unlearned, of which the excellent will now be be 10 out of 20 points, from 8 that were until last year.

Special courses

After the Orientation (GEL) and Specialization (EPAL) tests, the special stream tests will follow, from June 17 to 29.

Initially, on June 17 candidates will be tested in the English course and on June 19 in German. Then the freestyle and line art exams will take place (June 20 and 21 respectively).

Thereafter, exams for courses related to admission to music departments will take place: Harmony (June 22), Musical Auditory Skills Test (June 23), Music Perception and Knowledge (June 24), Performance music and interpretation (June 26).

The special course exams will be supplemented by French (June 27), Spanish (June 28) and Italian (June 29).

Results and submission of computerized paper

Course results (excluding special courses) should be announced at the end of June. Candidates will once again have the possibility of being informed of their results (and later, of the school and department in which they are admitted) via the corresponding electronic application of the Ministry of Education, but also by SMS on their cell phone.

Applicants will then be required to submit their computerized report electronically. As in the previous two years, it will also be possible to submit a double parallel computerized report for the public IEK. What will change this year is that the submission will not take place in two phases, but in one, based on data from previous years, a very high percentage of applicants (93% for 2022) are admitted into the 10 best schools of choice of the first phase.

With regard to the announcement of the results of the Pan-Hellenic examinations (i.e. the basis for admission), according to sources from the Ministry of Education, the same planning should be followed, on the basis of which they were first announced after years at the end of July. According to the same sources, the electoral procedures should not affect the specific programming.

End of courses and internal exams

It is recalled that classes for all secondary classes will end on May 18. Then the promotional and intra-school exams will take place. Specifically, the internal exams for Secondary 3 students will be held before the Pan-Hellenic exams, from May 23 to 30, while the exams for Secondary 1 and 2 students will be held from May 23 to June 15.

As for high schools, classes will end on May 30 and exams will take place between June 1 and 15.

Source: RES

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