Creation of a shipyard on the site of the former Papeterie?

Creation of a shipyard on the site of the former Papeterie?


The use of the facilities of the old paper mill of Aigiou, the main asset of the municipality of Aegialia, has often occupied the municipal authorities and “measures” have been taken which, due to the circumstances, have not been implemented. The site of the former TEI looks… to the left and only the Polycentre and its garden recall something of the former glory of the once mighty paper industry. A recent decision by the Board of Directors of the Municipal Port Fund has… shake things up a bit, creating the prospect of selling part of the space to an individual, for the creation of a shipyard!

Of course, the whole project and the possible decisions are still at a very early stage, because on the one hand the connection of the maritime tradition with the energy future, with the reference point of the Aegean port, creates great prospects , and on the other hand the study of the investment must meet certain conditions.


Therefore, the Municipal Port Fund has decided to carry out an open, oral and oral auction for the concession of an area of ​​10 acres, in the premises of the old paper mill of Aigio, with the aim of exploiting the area for the benefit of the Municipal Port Fund in accordance with the provisions of the law. Also, it was decided to grant at least one arpent in front of the site of the former Aegion Paper Mill within the Terrestrial Port Zone, for simple use in order to facilitate the lifting and launching of the tenderer’s boats. of the above process, which will be determined with a relevant topographical scheme for the bidder. In addition, it has been decided that in a more recent decision of the board of directors the terms of the auction, the duration of the concession, the use, the rent and others will be formulated and approved in accordance with the provisions of the law. .
The question one might ask is under what authority does the Port Municipal Fund make decisions regarding the paper mill.

The authority stems from a decision by the Aigios City Council in 2004 to grant the Municipal Port Fund the use of the ten-acre area of ​​the Paper Mill’s plot for the development of port activities.

The company concerned and its project

The company that filed the request – technical report is “Iliofos” represented by Andreas Apostolopoulos and active in the maritime sector. Specifically, it deals with the conversion of boats and boats to electric or hybrid boats.

Recently a new one has been added to its activities, that of the manufacture of wooden pleasure boats as well as traditional boats, using new technologies (electric propulsion). As part of the exercise of the above activity, he requested to establish the shipyard for these boats in the area of ​​Aegialia. In the technical report, the company talks about environmentally friendly operation, disclosing the installation of photovoltaic equipment for the production and self-consumption of the electricity produced. He also notes that he aims to highlight the area of ​​Aegialia as a center for the manufacture of luxury wooden boats, something that does not exist in all of Greece, while he also talks about the creation of jobs.

Route of hybrid boats for the route Aegio – Trizonia or Aegio – Ag. Nicolas

Specifically, as he points out, “Operating the business will result in the following benefits for the town of Aegion and the wider region: 1) In consultation with businesses in the maritime sector, we can help establish new businesses in the port of Aegion which will help in the creation of specialized repair shops for damage restoration and maintenance of large ships, now of course the boat building works which will be carried out by our company. 2) In the coming months, our intention is to launch, for our own benefit, and that of the Municipality as well as the Port Fund, a new hybrid technology, a 12 m long wooden boat that will operate on certain days and hours. from Aigios to Trizonia or Agios Nikolaos Doridos, so that citizens and tourists, during the summer months, have a transition route that combines traditional shipbuilding with the modern technology of boats powered by electric batteries or hydrogen, on the opposite bank of the Corinthian. 3) Our goal is to make the shipyard area open to the public on certain days and times.”

The company is asking for covered surfaces supplied with water of 3000 m². but also from open spaces of at least 7000 m². and underlines that the construction or repair of large ships requires the existence of a maritime space of sufficient depth for the ships to approach the land and that, therefore, certain works will be necessary in the port area terrestrial which, in any case, should be directly related to the field requested in the field of papermaking. It therefore requires an additional acre in the port area for the lifting and launching of boats.

Reservation by the Coast Guard

It should be noted that when considering the issue by the Board of Directors. of the Municipal Port Fund, the members present voted positively, with the exception of the director of the 3rd Port Department of Aegis Eleni Klagou, who recalled that before his opinion, a study had to be carried out on the legal framework in which the construction and operation of a shipyard falls, of which he was not aware of the terms. In fact, he said that the Central Coastguard Service should be informed because it is not a request for a concession for the simple use of space, but a concession that includes the construction of projects by the interested party for whom consent and authorizations from different Departments of the Ministry of Defense are essential. but also other departments. The decision was therefore taken by majority vote.

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