Crete: The first VAT refunds in May – What special status farmers need to know – Crete

Crete: The first VAT refunds in May – What special status farmers need to know – Crete

The new electronic submission system “promises” fortnightly payments, which came into effect on Tuesday May 2, via the special application on the myBusinessSupport platform and opened to welcome the first applications from farmers

During the current month, the first VAT refunds will be made to farmers under the special scheme, while, as promised by the Inland Revenue Authority, these payments will then be made fortnightly.

The President of the Heraklion Prefectural Tax Authority, Dimitris Christoforakis, invites via all farmers who may not know, to take all necessary measures by the end of the year, via TAXISnet codes, while informing them that for the first time this year, the electronic system is implemented in the process, in order to reduce the bureaucracy that existed. But it will also be the last year for those who continue to transmit their information to the Public Finance Service, through the agricultural agencies to which they are addressed.

A new digital VAT refund procedure for farmers with special status, which promises faster processing of applications and equally rapid crediting of amounts to the accounts of beneficiaries, is being implemented by the tax administration this year.

The new system came into effect on Tuesday, May 2, through the special application on the myBusinessSupport platform, which was opened to receive the first applications from farmers. As Dimitris Christoforakis, the president of the Heraklion Prefecture Tax Experts, told, “an effort is being made by AADE to put an end to paper bureaucracy. From now on, special regime farmers submit their VAT refund request electronically via the myBusinessSupport platform Each farmer, entering the platform, sees the data of the sales he has made from the mydada platform already uploaded and as long as he agrees with data that has been “uploaded” and no invoices are missing, all he has to do is accept the amount and press the “submit” button. downloaded, for this year and only for this year, he has the possibility to download the document he has in his hands, so that it can also be calculated, to submit the application afterwards. And in 15 days, on the basis of the announcement of the AADE, the amount is transferred to the accounts of the beneficiaries, with the exception of cases where the AADE deems that the physical file must be checked beforehand “…

At this point, Mr. Christoforakis clarifies: “This process can be done by anyone who can use the TAXISnet process. “they have TAXISnet codes. And from the agricultural-farmer consultant who previously did it with the manual process. But also from the accountant, who will have to collect the prescribed fees for this process”…

He however clarifies that “only for this year there remains the possibility of submitting the application, as it was done in previous years at the DOU. But it is a process and time-consuming until the data is collected and submitted to the DOU , while the return will obviously be delayed longer”…

Since AADE’s planning foresees the process of disbursement of reimbursements to be made every fortnight, the first disbursements should be expected within a month and, most likely, before the elections. It is also pointed out that in order to pay the reimbursement, it is necessary that the beneficiaries have declared the IBAN account they hold in the myAADE digital portal (, in the “Registration & Contact” option.

Detailed instructions for correctly completing the VAT refund application are provided in the corresponding manual issued by AADE. The process begins with the submission of the request via the homepage of the AADE website: Homepage / Applications / Companies / myBusinessSupport to farmers who have been subject to the special status of Article 41 of the Code VAT (N. 2859/2000).

Beneficiaries can submit their request from April 1 to December 15 of each year for the supply of agricultural products and the provision of agricultural services carried out during the previous tax year. Especially for the year 2023, the application is filed from May 2, 2023 to December 15, 2023. Within the same period, an application for reimbursement of an amending declaration is filed, as long as there are accounting data (documents) that have not not included in the initial or previous request, and which result in an additional amount to be reimbursed. The farmer-user of a particular scheme characterizes each line of the table according to the elements displayed. By selecting the “Participating” indicator at the end of the row, this row is added to the end of the table as the total value.

– If the beneficiary selects the mention “Does not participate”, this means that this document does not concern the sale of agricultural products or the provision of agricultural services.

– If the beneficiary selects “Unknown transaction”, this means that he has fewer documents in his possession.

– The last two cases of characterization do not contribute to the formation of the total value.

– Once item characterization is complete, the home screen is updated with the total value and refund amount.

The beneficiary then has the option of providing their tax details:

– Regarding payment orders or other legal documents issued for the payment of compensation to the farmer in the event of the withdrawal of agricultural products and which were issued during the year 2022. The request for reimbursement is accepted if the amount requested for reimbursement is a minimum of 5 euros.

Receive 6% on their sales – Until May 31 for contract farming

As Dimitris Christoforakis concludes, “farmers with special status receive 6% of their sales, in reimbursement of VAT, which corresponds to their expenses. The ratio is 6% of sales which they perceive as a fixed VAT rate corresponding to the VAT they would vote if they voted their expenses. While these repayments are offset by any debts due to the state, such as ENFIA. And you will see that this year, once the process is complete on December 15, there will be a lot more feedback.”

In the meantime, according to Dimitris Christoforakis, on 31/5/2023 the contracts signed by the farmers should have been “raised” in order to benefit from the tax reduction measure for Contract Farming. This reduction can in particular cases reach up to 70%, while the reduction starts from 50%.

“Only those who are primarily farmers are allowed to enter contract farming,” he said.

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