Do you have a Taxisnet account?  The codes you have to date are invalid – What’s added

Do you have a Taxisnet account? The codes you have to date are invalid – What’s added

Taxinet: AADE adopts an additional step to access the site, following the standards of online banking. See on how we will now enter the tax platform…

This changes the way citizens access the Taxis page, through which we submit our tax return, print statements, issue a range of other certificates and access a wealth of confidential information about our financial situation.

In essence, the Independent Public Revenue Authority has also adopted the model applied by banks for their customers’ access to e-banking.

That is, it will no longer suffice to type only username (username) and access code (password) like today, but one more step is added .

It will also be necessary to enter an additional code which will reach us by SMS on our mobile phone, which we will have registered with AADE. This change should take place in the first months of the new year.

Taxinet: This is the successor platform

The replacement of the famous Taxisnet by the new myAADE platform was announced today by the Independent Public Revenue Authority. overturns what we knew and brings new services. Everything you need to know about

The presentation of the new platform was made during an online press conference by the governor of AADE Giorgos Pitsilis, who, among other things, announced the date of dispatch of the “rabasaki” ENFIA.

myAADE, according to AADE, is a platform with a new user-friendly digital environment. Individuals and legal entities can now easily:

to have access to all AADE’s digital applications (tax declarations, regulations, real estate and automobile taxation, myDATA e-books, etc.), quickly finding

the service that interests everyone

to manage his account and contact details, to modify his professional contact details

view debts, payments and repayments and pay or settle their debts

to obtain a VAT number and a key number

submit their applications digitally to the competent AADE department (pilot mode)

to make a digital appointment with an employee of the competent AADE department (coming soon)

Thanks to myAADE, 250 transactions will be able to be carried out digitally, even the change of KAD and business details, saving – from all parties – more than 2 million hours per year.

As the Governor of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, Giorgos Pitsilis, said, “with our new digital portal, we combine digital intelligence and emotional intelligence, with the aim that our digital services are designed and offered to society as a whole, through the perspective of the citizen”. .

Taxinet: Incredible movement of the AADE – What does it ask of the citizens

The State is in despair in the face of tax evasion and the AADE turns to consumers asking them to start snoring (!) via a special application!

The AADE will soon offer consumers the possibility of declaring professionals who issue “monkey” receipts to the tax authorities, via a special application available on the Play Store and the App Store and which will be installed on smartphones.

For those who report cases where it will be proven that tax evasion is indeed concealed, a tax reduction bonus or participation in a lottery with large sums of money will be granted.

By decision of the AADE, a call for tenders will be launched for the construction of an application aimed at the application of digital control of retail tickets.

The app will incorporate the ability to scan the QR code, display the results and if there is an indication of a violation, allow the user to submit the relevant information to AADE

The app will be distributed through Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) online stores.

The functional characteristics of the application will be as follows:

Retail receipt QR code scanning mechanism.

Automatically send a query to the corresponding FHM database

Display the result in an understandable and simple way.

Possibility of photographing the paper receipt following the result with indications of infringement.

Sending the receipt (basic information, photo, result of the control in the database) and possibly the geographical location of the user (georeference) to the AADE information collection and management system

Possibility of submitting information, either after identification of the user (with taxisnet codes), or anonymously.

Ability to display informative messages

Operating environment in Greek and English.

Publish statistics to track app usage

Operation on Android and iOS operating system.

The common visual part of the application will be common to all platforms, so as not to create confusion, and will follow AADE’s visual identity guide (logo, colors, etc.).

Possibility of upgrades.

Improved usability. Clear and user-friendly navigation in the different sections of the application.

The following will be considered minimum possible indications of violation:

Received not sent

The receipt was transmitted with different details

FHM is not declared or is inactive

FHM is declared with other professional details (AFM, address).


Several stores already issue receipts with a QR code, which the consumer receiving the receipt will be able to scan the QR code using the AADE app.

The application will inform Taxisnet of the contents of the receipt, then check if the specific receipt is registered in the MyData of the entrepreneur-issuer of the receipt.

As long as it is also registered in MyData, the entrepreneur has no problem. However, if it turns out that there is no such receipt in MyData, it means that the particular entrepreneur issues receipts from a “parallel” mechanism or an illegal cash register and, of course, does not declare the entire turnover.

The contractor will automatically be added to the list of contractors under control and a team will be sent to carry out a preventive control on site.

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