Dragasakis with the furs, Nineta Fix and Herodos Attikou’s apartment, the return of Aegean and Della with the hajara

Dragasakis with the furs, Nineta Fix and Herodos Attikou’s apartment, the return of Aegean and Della with the hajara

Good morningimagine a Greece on Monday morning where Tsipras with Androulakis and Varoufakis, even with the tolerance of the KKE, will put in place a government of special courts! No what, no how, no why, just one government of losers with some 140 deputies (i.e. minority) to mount furries on the subject phones listening and defendant Mitsotakis. Can you imagine in what… beautiful atmosphere we will be? It will be something similar for the country and its economy like the earthquakes in Turkey. Personally, I can’t imagine it, but having listened carefully to Androulakis in the debate and Tsipras yesterday in the cross-channel debate, I confess that it never occurred to me anywhere categorically that the two do not don’t think about it and direct him outside. Because Tsipras yesterday was clear… it’s not my goal, but (come on, bro) it’s possible we’ll discuss it from Monday. In fact, some people in our place yesterday also found… Acting Prime Minister with Furs who is none other than Yannis Dragasakis. Biting passports…

From Nineta to Nina, 18 million routes

-The topic of discussion that goes around (good) Athens is 320 m² apartment. in Herodos Atticus which was bought for 18 million euros by the Swiss billionaire and boss of the aircraft leasing company Thomas Flora. But you already know all that, so what the column can add is that the seller of the apartment was Fix by Nineta, third wife of the late Charles Fix. As for the reason for buying the apartment, it is to house his daughter Nina with him. Philip Glixburg, son of the late King Constantine. What can I say now; That these children made good marriages? That they have him as a prince? That they obviously bought it for a second home because I don’t see them being comfortable in 320 m²?

Double energy accord with Mytilene

– Two development movements in the energy sector seem to be preparing according to information from the Mytileneou group. One is the agreement that the group prepares in North America and which Evag was talking about yesterday. Mytileneos speaking to Bloomberg. The information indicates that the specific agreement will relate to RES in Canada. The second agreement seems to concern the internal market and relevant ads are a matter of time.

Found (?) the Golden Section of the Baltic Aegean Bank

-The bad side of very rich people is that they change their minds easily. And when they change, they hardly revise their opinion. In his case Baltic Aegean Bank the buyer is one (Telis Mystakidis) and the sellers are three (Aftonidis-Kustas-Tsakos). At the last moment the 3rd member of the group changed his mind, he doesn’t want to sell. However, Telis Mystakidis does not want to invest its money without having an absolute majority in the shares and in the management. After all, found (?) the golden ratio: The shipowner Tsakos will not sell its shares but will grant the right to vote attributable to the new investor. The agreement provides that in very specific critical matters, Mr. Tsakos will retain the right of appeal. In this way, Telis Mystakidis will initially obtain an absolute majority, paying less money. A will take place immediately after increase in capital for ABB to enter the new season.

Marijuana forward (from the end of the year)

– Towards the end of the year it is estimated that they will appear on the Greek market first medicinal cannabis preparations. The distribution of prescription preparations was undertaken by Lavipharm and Pharmaserve – Lilly. The two companies will distribute Tikun products (of the Corinth unit) which will bear the mark of each pharmacy. Lavipharm is already training staff to support sales while expecting a significant increase in volumes as medicinal cannabis formulations have large profit margins.

The current abandoned EYATH

-THE Thessaloniki water supply and sewerage company on the stock exchange is worth 120 million euros. Its balance sheet shows equity of 177.42 million, cash of 71.48 million and zero debt. The book value of EYATH is close to 4.9 euros, but on the stock exchange it is barely close to 3.5 euros. The Company announced financial results for 2022 with a drop in turnover to 71 million euros (against 73.6 million) – due to a drop in household consumption – and a very low cost of sales. strong increase of 66.3 million (against 50.5). The obvious result: Losses 4.2 million on profits 15.7 million after taxes on the end result (net) losses 3.99 on profits 11.3 million bear the costs of the listed company. Furthermore, the administration made investments of 14.7 out of 9.2 million (increased by 60%). In the meantime, the investing public responds to these numbers with abstinence. Minimal board transactions and no investment interests.

Meeting of two worlds at the Chantiers Navals

-Tomorrow, at the shipyards of Elefsina, there will be a meeting of two worlds. THE ONEX sign with her American Cisco the agreement on the digital transformation of shipyards while Attica Metal Association And union of shipbuilders have announced for tomorrow to hit as Rizospastis informs us “for health and safety at work, the application of the local CCT, wages and the right to work”.

Aegean returned to pre-covid levels in AH

-The 8 euros that Aegean received yesterday at closing (for the second time since last April) bring the stock back to pre-coronavirus levels. Fueled by strong first-quarter results, though traditionally the weakest seasonally, the company’s stock is now up +51% year-to-date. In addition to the significant reduction in post-tax losses (14.4 million, compared to 38.5 million in the first quarter of 2022 and 35.2 million in the first quarter of 2019), it is very important that in the first quarter of 2023 the Aegean recorded a net cash flow (138.6 million), also due to high pre-sales for the summer season. You understand what happens in Greece in the summer.

Fourlis results and the new CEO

-On Monday (the day before yesterday), he officially took office and announced the results of the first quarter on Tuesday, the new CEO of Fourlis AE Participations Dimitris Valachis. Valachis came to Fourlis after a long marine experience with Andromeda Seafood Ltd which had absorbed SELONTA and NIREA. The market is still asking questions about them reasons for the departure of Apostolos Petalas after 17 years as CEO of Fourlis.

HelleniQ Energy and refining margins

– THE quarterly results that HelleniQ Energy will announce tomorrow are to be compared with the particularly mediocre results of last year of… ELPE for the first quarter of 2022 which left a a small profit of around 4 million euros. This year, the start is very strong, the profitability exceeds 230 million euros and is mainly explained by refining margins since domestic fuel oil consumption was rather reduced this year, because of the warm winter.

Get covered: Della de Vodafone… Vgale a la hajara

– The great novelty in European telecoms is of course the staff reductions announced by Margherita Della Valle, CEO of Vodafone Group, as part of the actions undertaken for the recovery of the group. The Italian CEO announced that around 11,000 jobs will be cut across the group over the next three years, the largest in the history of Vodafone which currently employs around 90,000 people. These announcements were made in the context of the publication of the Group’s financial results yesterday which remained under pressure due to the underperformance of Germany and the increase in energy costs. These are not the first cuts made in the group after Della Valle took office at the start of the year (she has been part of the group for almost 30 years, starting with the marketing of Vodafone Italia), the previous cuts having operated at group headquarters, while the target of €1 billion in cost reductions by 2026 remains unchanged. She herself spoke of a extensive reorganization plan which initially focuses on improving the image in Germany (Vodafone’s largest market), while the partial or total sale of activities in Spain is envisaged. There was no mention of Greece, while the company claims here that the Greek subsidiary is not affected (the SS column believes that the subsidiary in Greece is currently saved by its small size). Della Valle says she will focus on the strengths of the group but also the strong brand of the business, but speaking to analysts she made it clear that Vodafone needed to change but the business would take time. The main problem is how telecommunications currently has among the lowest return on capital ratios in Europe, when very large investments are needed (5G, fiber optics, etc.) and all this in an environment of high inflation and fierce competition between market players.

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