Due to the fault of the municipal authority of Phaistos, the blue flag was lost in Kalamaki

Due to the fault of the municipal authority of Phaistos, the blue flag was lost in Kalamaki

The strong dissatisfaction of tourist entrepreneurs operating in Kalamaki in the municipality of Phaistos after the announcement that the beach for this season has lost the blue flag, an international mark of recognition of quality and high level of service delivery, has been transmitted to the city council on May 22 by the leader of the great opposition, Yiannis Nikolakakis.

The questions he raised express in part anxiety, reflection and outrage of those who are active in Kalamaki, who will also suffer the effects, perhaps, of such an unpleasant development, since previous years, Kalamaki beach had won the blue flag, a fact that gave added value to the tourism product and that was an added advantage for foreigners in choosing a tourist destination.

But what happened this year and that comparative advantage was lost and who is to blame for this ugly turn are some of the issues raised during the city council by Mr. Nikolakaki and ds Georges Stathorakisas well as why the problem was not revealed earlier but was kept as an “unsealed” secret since the results had already been announced last January and the problem was highlighted in paragraph five, in mid-May and following an announcement by the competent body and not of course that of the municipality.

The answers provided by the competent vice-mayors, Yiannis Fasomytakis and Antonis Konstantoulakis to the persistent questions from the opposition were confused and unclear and focused on two parameters: “The Blue Flag was lost because of the road and the encroachments that were made.”

Who paved the way and how?

According to what was said to the Municipal Council by the vice-mayors and are recorded on video on “apopsilive.gr” the body that collects all the required supporting documents and finally approves and grants the “Blue Flag” does not examine a single question, but verifies a series of environmental parameters, setting certain conditions, beyond the question of “waters clean” and beach infrastructure, as Deputy Mayor Konstantoulakis said.

So this year the road has acted as a big “thorn” for the Blue Flagas he confessed and admitted Deputy Mayor M. Fasomytakis except that he did not specify exactly which road he was talking about – although he was insistently asked by the ds Mr. Stathorakis – neither how it was opened nor why it got in the way and led to the negative decision, avoiding revealing the “fine print” on the matter.

For the sake of history, however, and since it is “known to everyone”, this is the road from Afrathia to Kalamaki, a dirt road about 6 meters wide which is “in charge” exclusively of the current Deputy Mayor, Mr. Yiannis Fasomytakis, who without a second thought at the beginning of the current municipal mandate, took a bulldozer and proceeded to open the road. A illegal street, without any permit, without any study, of a road that has become impassable and dangerous in many parts of it, as it cannot be subsidized and funded for any type of maintenance, as it is illegal.

And it can serve the union of the two beaches of Kalamaki and Afrathia to some extent, shortening the mileage distance, however it has no legalizing document and it is a flagrant arbitrariness of the municipal authority which was the reason for the withdrawal of the “blue flag” from Kalamaki this year. Of course, whether it is correct to pay and “punish” a tourist development area due to the arbitrariness of the Municipality remains a question to be asked and everyone is able to draw their own conclusions. No more than the dilemma posed by the deputy mayor Mr. Fasomytakis in the form of a question “finally, tell us what you want, should we keep it or silence it? addressing the House and accepting that he opened the particular way.

On whether the ‘well-wishers’ who took photos and informed the relevant committee of the ‘orgy’ of abuse in Kalamaki are to blame – as he said the other Deputy Mayor, Mr Konstantoulakis, in order to to release himself, without success, from any responsibility on his partfor better or for worse, when a municipal authority acts arbitrarily and without the consent, approval and acceptance of its actions by the Municipal Council, from now on everything can be expected!

The abuses, the “alleged” intruders and the “performance” of the deputy mayor

The fact that in the coastal settlement of Kalamaki there is arbitrariness and many problems with the property system is not exclusively a current phenomenon. It dates back decades and came to the fore with the implementation of land registration in the municipality of Phaistos.

The question of encroachments-if they really exist- and the so-called intruders according to the Vice-Mayor Mr. Fasomytakis in order to be properly approached cannot focus on an exclusive case, like the one who ostentatiously publicized Vice-Mayor Phaistos, setting off “fireworks” and creating impressions by turning the interest of the council and public opinion in another direction.

“By the way, it’s worth asking,” as he characteristically pointed out the leader and candidate for mayor of Phaistos, Yiannis Mathioudakis, respond to the calumnies that the deputy mayor has spread, “What happened to the list of 13 names, which Mr. Fasomytakis had previously presented as a subject for discussion at the Municipal Council and then withdrew. Of these names of the alleged intruders of the property of the Municipality according to Mr. Fasomytakis, is there ultimately only one man to blame? Refers to a person who does not appear on the ballot of the “Faistos-Alliance Progrès” combination as a candidate and whose “accusation” is an act of targeting and slandering an entire municipal faction and tarnishing its leader , act that conceals a deception and for this reason it will initiate the procedures, so that the competent legal bodies are taken care of”as Mr. Mathioudakis said.

Was the choice of the specific name at that time a coincidence? that at least the deputy mayor, Mr. Fasomytakis, is in a position to know that there is an ongoing legal dispute between the municipality and the specific citizen and the “alleged intruder” according to the deputy mayor, with Has the Municipality requested and obtained repeated postponements?

The standing position of the opposition of the Municipality of Phaistos is that the Municipality neither infringes nor is infringed”, as argued by ds Achilleas Robogiannakis placing himself on the subject, also adding that the opposition has been asking for 4 years for the delivery of the cadastre, the only way to secure and secure municipal property.

In addition, the fact that the decision to reject the “blue flag” reached the offices of the municipality in January – as revealed by ds Yiannis Nikolakakis and until May, when the official announcement of the organization been made, there was not a single hint of the municipal authority on this unpleasant result.

End of the key question raised by Mr. Nikolakakis “what measures has the municipal authority taken, even after vacation and if it is possible not to lose this season, but to reassess the case of Kalamakis” the answer given by the deputy mayor in charge, Mr. Konstantoulakis, was rather general and vague, since as he pointed out, all the updated documents and the answers requested by the body concerning the actions of the Municipality concerning the route and the interruption of its traffic has been sent and a reassessment is expected, but it is not known when. Would it be good to include in these actions the proposal wisely formulated by ds Stelios Karandinos for the demarcation of the road in its true administrative limits within the DE Tympakio? If that happens, then maybe Kalamaki will win the blue flag it deserves!

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