Edge Image Lock, Android 13 Video Compression, Photoshop Image Tint

Edge Image Lock, Android 13 Video Compression, Photoshop Image Tint

This week we find our Account ID and use Steam Views. We see notification history, compress videos and change the appearance of the Google widget in Android 13. We block the display of images in Microsoft Edge. We add color to black and white photos with Photoshop.

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What are Steam Views and how do I use them?

Although we can expand the Steam window to fill the entire screen, we do not have the option of reducing it as much as we want. Valve has set a specific limit on the smallest possible customer size to prevent content from displaying incorrectly.

QuickSteps #276 - Block images in Edge, compress videos in Android 13, color images in Photoshop

However, the company has added three different views to the client. The default is “Normal View”, which we see in the image above. The other two views are “Minimized” and “Big Picture Mode”.

In reduced form, we can only see the collection of games. This view retains the client’s menu bar and just below it displays the search box and a context menu of options.

Below these two elements there is the main panel in which we can see the content related to the section of Steam that we have selected.

In terms of Big Picture mode, this view is the exact opposite of Minimized. When we set the client to this view, it takes up the entire screen and the app environment changes drastically, more reminiscent of the console UI for games.

This type of display is great for smart TVs or when playing with a controller on the PC.

To change the view of Steam we click on “View” and choose the view we like.

Finally, to close the Big Picture mode in the desktop client, we must press “A” on the controller or “Alt + Enter” on the keyboard.

How do I find my Steam Account ID?

Each Steam user has a unique 17-digit ID, which is used to identify the user when performing various processes, such as logging in the account to services other than Valve.

Find PC Client ID

First we run Steam, click on the arrow next to our name and press “Account Details”.

The app will open our account page and under the name will be the Steam ID.

Identity detection via the Steam mobile app

First, we download the Steam application from the Play Store, run it and log into our account.

Then we press on the profile picture.

Next, tap on the “View Profile” button.

Next, tap on the “Edit Profile” button.

Among the information available we will see “CUSTOM URL”, both in the box and at the end of the link there will be our Steam ID.

How to View Notification History on Android 13

Notifications are a very important feature of any operating system. However, especially in the case of mobile, we can receive quite a large volume of notifications and in order to focus on the most important ones, we can delete most of them.

Fortunately, Android 13 has the ability to save all notifications and then access them through settings. But, for the operating system to do it, we will have to activate the corresponding parameter.

First, pull down the notification bar and tap “Notification settings”.

Next, tap the arrow at the top left.

Next, locate and tap “Advanced Settings”.

Then, we go into “History of notifications” and we activate the only switch present on the screen.

Now, to see all the notifications we have received, we go to the settings, in the search type “Notification history”, and press on the first result.

How to Compress Video on Android Phone or Tablet 13

Technology has advanced a lot and now we can record high resolution videos with our mobile phone or tablet. However, the files resulting from the recording of such videos are particularly large. As a result, the storage space of the device fills up relatively quickly.

In this QuickSteps, we will see how to compress a video with a mobile or a tablet running Android 13 to free up storage space. First, we install the “Video Compressor-Video to MP4” application.

Next, launch the app and tap “Compress”.

In the box that opens, press “Accept”, so that Video Compressor-Video to MP4 can read the files that we have on the device and save the compressed files that it creates.

Then we select the video that we want to compress.

Then we choose the quality we want the compressed video to have and press “SAVE”.

In the input of each scan, we can see how much the video size will be reduced and the possible size of the final file.

How to Change Appearance of Google Widget in Android 13

Perhaps one of the most important features of Android 13 is that it allows us to customize the user interface according to our personal tastes. This applies to both the operating system environment and the apps we install on our device.

The Google application is usually preinstalled on most ROMs based on Android 13. Through this application we can add a widget to the mobile home screen that allows us to carry out immediate searches.

If we don’t like the default look of the widget, which we see in the image above, we can change it through the Google app settings.

First, we run the application, press the image at the top right and enter “Settings”.

Then we press the “Search Widget”.

Then we select “Customize widget”.

Finally, make the desired changes and press “Save”.

How to block image display in Microsoft Edge?

Now, most websites use images to enrich the content of their posts. But this creates a major problem. Images are the main cause of slow loading websites.

With the exception of guides like the ones we post on PCsteps, we generally ignore item photos. So there is no reason to let the browser load them.

Blocking images will reduce the loading time of web pages and the RAM used by the browser. In this QuickSteps, we’ll cover how to block images in Microsoft Edge.

First, we click on the points at the top right and enter “Settings”.

Next, click on “Cookies and site permissions”.

Then locate and click on “Pictures”.

Finally, turn off the switch next to “Show all (recommended)”.

How to add color to black and white photos with Photoshop?

In order to add color to a black and white photo, we need to be very familiar with an image editing program. Moreover, we need to spend enough time to complete this process.

On the other hand, we have the possibility of turning to a professional, who will take care of coloring the photos for us, against the corresponding sum of money.

However, with the help of various AI tools and new Photoshop features, we can add color to any black and white image we want easily, quickly, and for free.

Adobe has added Neural Filters to Photoshop which, with the help of machine learning, can perform sophisticated tasks in minimal time. One of these new filters makes it easy to colorize images.

First, we open the photo to which we want to add color, click on “Filter”, then click on “Neural filters”.

Next, locate the “COLOR” category and enable the switch next to “Colorize”.

If we want, we can adjust the colors using the different parameters provided by Photoshop. In any case, the program will apply the changes by repeatedly coloring the photo in black and white so that we can see the final result.

The time it takes to complete the colorization process depends on the size of the file, as well as the complexity of the photo and the power of our system.

Once we are satisfied with the result, we select “New layer” in “Output” and click “OK”. In this way, the program will create a new layer with the colored image, keeping the layer with the original photo in black and white.

In the following image you can see the black and white photo that we used for the purposes of the guide and the final color image created by Photoshop.

QuickSteps #276 - Block images in Edge, compress videos in Android 13, color images in Photoshop

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