Emotional Predictions 12/5 – Pillowfights.gr

Emotional Predictions 12/5 – Pillowfights.gr

Mercury’s retrograde sextile from Taurus to Saturn in Pisces gives life solutions to earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). The need to resolve outstanding issues that may be bothering us financially and emotionally is intense. We believe that the condition is the best possible to close the funds and reap the greatest possible profits. Partnerships and financial agreements that have not been concluded in the last period can be launched in an ideal way in order to close past situations that weigh on our psychology.


You are going through a very constructive period, dear Aries, which will very quickly reward you even more. Today, however, it would be good to avoid any comments or opinions that would upset you and show confidence in your abilities. Emotionally, you can have a great time with your partner and do things together that both of you enjoy. Don’t complain about the details, because you’ll ruin the evening for no good reason. If you are single, let your personality work its love miracle. Your business is doing very well and all your projects are starting to materialize. Beware of partnerships or agreements that come up and require a lot of thought.


Dear Taurus, some negative things you hear today will spoil your mood. Better to ignore everything that comes your way, because with so much energy and skill, nothing can really harm you. Prefer today to arm yourself with optimism and positive thinking, to succeed in your obligations and get rid of everything that was holding you back. You must also curb your tendency to become opinionated and absolute. In your personal life, certain situations make you unhappy. Find the opportunity today, when luck is on your side, to take matters into your own hands and ensure that you have the perfect relationship. If, on the contrary, you have not found something permanent in your life, fight your boredom and get out, even by force, because the day favors acquaintances.


Dear Gemini, today is a very positive day for you and you will understand this very soon, because the optimism on some problems that were stagnating comes back and lifts your spirits. Your program will be full of developments that will give you complete satisfaction. You have many open fronts and now you don’t know what to do first. Organize yourself and arm yourself with patience, in order to settle your obligations one by one and relieve yourself. Try today to change your behavior towards your partner and stop overwhelming him with complaints and complaints, which cause damage and misery in your relationship. Put the problems aside and bring out the tenderness you hide inside and you will have a relaxed and pleasant day. If you’re on your own, accept suggestions for outings from your friends to lift your spirits and relax.


Do not make excessive movements today, because of the pleasant and optimistic mood that lives in you, dear Gemini. Also try not to act hastily and say things you don’t believe because you will irritate some of your collaborators. Today will be the culmination of the pressure you have. You’ve been taking it for a while and now you’re way over your endurance limits, so you can’t take it. Take some distance from the situations unfolding around you and talk to people close to you who you know can help you and you will put everything in order. It’s time to set things straight in your relationship, because lately the situation has been quite complicated. It will help you and your partner relax and bond. If you are single, tonight is conducive to knowledge, so take the opportunity to renew yourself.


Dear Leo, some events today will surprise you and cause you to lose your mind. Do not succumb to these unexpected developments and exercise your composure. Use your diplomatic skills to manipulate them and turn events in your favor. You finish with a few last things to do and you’ll be fine. Today you will see from another angle and clearly more clearly the real dimensions of the situations and intentions of those around you. It will help you reorganize your life and be completely sure of your opinions and actions. The larger pressure you face in your life has a direct impact on your relationship, causing tension and grumbling between you and your partner. Change your attitude and bring out your happier side so you can redeem yourself. If loneliness has overwhelmed you, get ready to get rid of it today, because new acquaintances will come to bring your romance to life.


Today your mood is very good and you have no intention of letting anything spoil it. Otherwise, the planetary framework pushes you to make decisions on important professional matters, which are pending. Today the conditions are ideal to find time and talk to each other. This will help you evaluate your methods and actions, so that in the future you can correct mistakes and achieve your goals more easily. Today you will have the opportunity to do things with your partner that you both enjoy, which will greatly renew your relationship. If you’re having trouble getting rid of your loneliness, someone from your workplace will approach you with other intentions. Act intelligently, so that this knowledge has the result you want. Find time to reflect on certain things, without necessarily getting depressed.


Dear Zyge, today you can calm down, because it seems that your problems have settled down and everything is developing as you wish. You can move forward with your plans and you will see that even some obstacles that were holding you back are now overcome without much effort. Finally, your hard work and considerable effort pays off and you are rewarded accordingly. It makes you particularly happy and morally satisfying. Now all your dreams and aspirations have come true. But don’t rest and keep enjoying every prospect of further development that comes your way. Today, you will be asked to manage several problematic situations in your relationship. It would be good to be more communicative, so that with a mature and calm conversation you can dispel all the dark clouds. If you are not attached, stop despairing and everything will happen on its own and over time.


Dear Scorpio, Friday today will be a day full of good news for you. You can approach people with whom you have recently been misunderstood and resolve your differences through calm conversations. Lately you have been confused, but today that completely changes and you will have clarity in your life. You have a bad habit of keeping your emotional problems to yourself and therefore not finding a solution. Correct this, because not only does it lead to nothing, but on the contrary it harms your psychology and your relationship. Talk openly with your partner about anything that’s bothering you so you can see exactly what’s going on and get relief. If you are single, regain your lost self-confidence and with a positive thought you will soon find what you are looking for.


Today’s Friday will give you solutions to various problems that have remained stagnant so far. Know that you can accomplish a lot, if you control the pressure that gets you down a bit and act according to what your logic tells you. Some unexpected developments will make you lose your schedule. Do not panic and try to calmly understand what is happening. Arm yourself with patience and strength, and you will soon see that you will be in tune with the new data. Never fail to discuss what is bothering you with your partner, as even certain details play an important role. If, on the other hand, you have nothing permanent in your life, your current charm will attract a lot of attention and cause a lot of flirting, which will boost your self-confidence. You may not find true love but you will have a great time looking for it.


Dear Capricorn, today you will have good news and you will be able to move forward with some projects that you have in mind, because the developments are in your favor. Just be careful not to get carried away with your enthusiasm and take a misstep. You have put aside many unresolved cases from the past, as a result of which they appear again and again in front of you and stress you out. So find the strength today and decide to put things in order. In your relationship, there are certain situations that do not satisfy you. So do not remain inactive and dare to claim what you want, so that you can make things your own and be happy. If you walk lonely paths, a new person who will enter your life will fascinate you and you will enter into new love affairs with him.


Dear Aquarius, today is good to regroup and think seriously about what you need to do. Leave postponements and take advantage of the potential that offers you today, to solve your problems. This day is particularly favorable to you, with pleasant developments in all areas of your life. But do not rest, because negligence can lead you to make mistakes and lose everything. Regarding your personal life, it would be good today to find the time to talk to your loved one and clarify complicated situations. You will find the solutions you want, provided you are calm and talkative. If, on the contrary, your loneliness has overwhelmed you, prepare to get rid of it soon, and its place will be taken by the excitement of a new acquaintance, which has many chances to turn into something more permanent.


Today you have a very positive mood and a dynamic attitude, which will make you take matters into your own hands and solve the problems that will arise and which will even require immediate decisions. Today will be extremely stressful and your schedule very busy. However, the astrological aspects seem to favor you so much that you can manage all your obligations immediately. As for your personal life, today you can spend an unforgettable evening with your partner, as long as you do not start conversations about your problems that will result in an atmosphere of misery. Forget everything and have fun, you need it. If you are single, do not despair, because soon everything you dream of will come true.


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