Free “Médée d’Ilia” who poisoned her pregnant unmarried daughter to wash away the shame

Free “Médée d’Ilia” who poisoned her pregnant unmarried daughter to wash away the shame

“The Medea of ​​Ilia”. This characterization has stigmatized her to this day Panagiota figuresthe then 47-year-old mother who in January 1997 poisoned her His 21 year old daughter to wash away the shame of the family because of her illegitimate pregnancy.

Panagiota Tsifrika from his Kakotari Ilias mother of 4 other children, she did not “fold” easily in front of her heinous crime and insisted that her daughter committed suicide. The court found her guilty of manslaughter and forced termination of pregnancy, sentenced her to prison 10 years and 6 monthswhile she was recognized with the mitigating factor of previous honest life.

Twenty-six years after her crime, Panagiota Tsifrika, according to information from, was released from prison and returned to her village, Ilia’s Kakotari. She lives near the rest of her children, in the house where she had poison her child.

The inhabitants of the village, as they say on, have accepted the child killer into their small society without this meaning that they have forgotten the martyrdom of young Kostoula. Panagiota Tsifrika is now very old and, as they say, when they meet her, the inhabitants avoid asking her questions about the crime of her child.

Kostoula’s unwanted pregnancy

Since the death of her husband, Panagiota Tsifrika, 48, was to be both mother and father of her five children. He worked from morning to night in the fields to make ends meet. The eldest of his three daughters helped him with the sheep Kostoula, 22 years old. A nice but closed girl, without many contacts and friendships, who recently showed that something was bothering her. And that “something” was her unwanted pregnancy!

Kakotari’s neighbours, a mountain village of Ilia with 200 inhabitants, she was often seen working out while carrying heavy bags and putting them on her stomach, but they couldn’t imagine the reason. The girl realized that she was pregnant and tried in every way to “get rid” of the baby. He also felt that approaching shame and embarrassment, because of the unwritten law of the Greek province.

“She died in her sister’s arms”

At some point, she couldn’t hide her pregnancy anymore. Her mother noticed her belly, which the more it swelled, the more her shame grew. His evening January 19, 1997 he made a decision. She got her hands on the poison that the municipality provided free to the villagers to exterminate the foxes that raided the chicken coops, filled a small bottle and kept it in the oven. She cooked lentils for her children and called them to eat.

He filled their plates, poisoned Kostoulas and served. Within minutes, the 22-year-old had “bent over” in pain. He went out into the yard, vomited and went back to bed. Her younger sister went to her side and held her hand to give her courage, not realizing that her sister was bleeding. At some point he fell asleep.

In the early morning, their brother returned from the wedding of a villager to which he had been invited and realized that something had happened in Kostoula. He tried to wake her, but she was already dead. The children’s voices woke the mother and scenes from an ancient tragedy followed.

THE Death of Kostoula was attributed to suicide because its toxicology labs patras confirmed ingestion of a toxic substance. However, the police were forced to conduct their own investigation. Depositions at the Ancient Olympia Police Department have begun to unravel the picture of the circumstances of the unfortunate girl’s death.

The villagers talked about Kostoula’s closed character and unwanted pregnancy, her mother’s tepidness and behavior, but also for the marriage which he did not approve with a guy who had asked her out years ago. It was the same man who was getting married that fateful night, with Kostoula’s older brother as his guest.

“Spoiled Me”

The police called her for a statement Panagiota figures. The 48-year-old woman fell into contradictions and finally confessed to pouring poison into the little girl’s lentils. “I have two other daughters, how could I marry them after such a shame?” she says and unfolds everything that led her to kill her child: “We’ve been fighting a lot lately. When I found out she was pregnant, it was too late to let it go. He wouldn’t tell me the father of the child either. I was widowed at 37 years old and I raised five children working day and night, I didn’t want others to take the wrong path of Kostoula and become depraved. I apologize to God and to my children…”.

The 48-year-old woman was taken before the prosecutor with serious charges and with summary proceedings she was temporarily detained, heading to Korydallos prisons. His trial took place in November 1997, before the mixed court of Zakynthos. In her apology, she changed her line of defense and maintained that she had not poisoned her daughter. When the president reminded her that she had made a full confession at the preliminary examination stage, she claimed that her confession was following pressure from the policewho “wrote all this without his will”.

Despite the prosecutor’s suggestion to sentence her to 20 years for manslaughter and an additional 10 years for forced termination of pregnancy, the court took a different view. With a marginal majority of 4 to 3, he sentenced her to 10 years and six months in prison, acknowledging the mitigating factor of an honest past life. In fact, he also gave a suspensive nature to the appeal she made and left her free until the judgment of the case in second instance.

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