Harari vs Yann LeCun: The new era of… Enlightenment is coming

Harari vs Yann LeCun: The new era of… Enlightenment is coming

Yann LeCun against. Yuval Noé Harari . One is… researcher, the other… historian. The first one he sees no reason to be alarmed by the emergence of artificial intelligence (IA) while the second it is feared, supposedly, that this will lead to the collapse of our civilization and suggests, indirectly but not clearly, a universal principle to define it!!!

Yann LeCun is a professor at New York University and head of artificial intelligence at Meta (Life in Virtual Reality)!!! Harari signed the open letter launched by the think tank The future of life along with almost 30,000 others, calling for a six-month break in the development of tools such as GPT-4 (SS. ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an artificial intelligence application that enables dialogue and responses (chatbot)), the language model that accelerated the adoption of ChatGPT in record time, while LeCun called this alarm ridiculous.

The French magazine Point suggested a conference call . That of new York and the other of Jerusalem argued their views on the promises, risks and future of artificial intelligence, revealing truths but not the Truth!

Point broke the ice with a basic question: what is your definition of intelligence?

For Yann LeCun intelligence means being able to perceive a situation, plan a response and act to achieve a goal, that is, being able to pursue a situation and plan a course of action.

And for him Yuval Noé Harariis intelligence and problem-solving ability. “Machines can also be intelligent and solve problems without emotions”, explain.

“Not yet, but it will come” LeCun interrupted, and the real conversation began.

“I have no doubt that we will have machines at least as intelligent as humans. And if they have the ability to plan and set goals, they will also have the equivalent of emotions, because very often emotions are nothing more than an anticipation of results.” he underlined.

Harari was quick to react: “It’s possible, but not inevitable.”

“Is ChatGPT dangerous for our democracy and our beliefs?”asked youLe Poit both.

“I don’t think it’s dangerous right now, but the reason there’s fear is that people still can’t understand it and researchers can’t look at it. In my opinion, the way to follow with the big language models is to extend them. And today you see various efforts in the world to produce open source tests”, said researcher Meta.

Optimistic, he invites Hariri to join his club (ps Of course, Harari is in his club! A club people call “The Good Cop and the Bad Cop”): People should not feel threatened. In the same way that your car is more powerful than you, imagine a future in which everyone has a team of intelligent machines to make them more efficient, productive or creative. So I think it will bring a new Renaissance, basically a new Enlightenment (ps And what about robotic security forces???? Artificial intelligence administrative units??? Will they act in favor of the people ???)”.

Israeli historian and government interlocutor Mitsotakis said: “The question is in whose hands is it?” This could potentially be a wonderful thing, but in the wrong hands, it could destroy democracy (ps Harari will be the one to suggest, among other things, the…ideal hands for AI).

Harari explained that democracy is a conversation between people and if the conversation between humans is hacked or hacked, which AI is now quite capable of doing, it will destroy the foundations of the democratic system.


THE Yann LeCun de Meta emphasized once again that the security of AI will lie in the fact that the technology is not owned by a single company. (ps Yes, but companies are merging these days with the possible consequence of merging them into a single management center that will have control).

But Harari warned, or rather revealed, that artificial intelligence is the first tool that can potentially replace us in decision-making and will lead to the creation of new digital dictatorships that could be even more extreme than the Soviet Union.

THE LeCun believe otherwise. For him, new technologies will improve human intelligence and allow a new renaissance that it will be driven by an acceleration of scientific, technical, medical and social progress thanks to artificial intelligence.

“I don’t think a slowdown or a pause in AI research is helpful because I don’t think there’s any real risk,” he persisted, calling any fear ridiculous!!!

Harari, on the other hand, assures that thit is necessary to slow down the AI ​​so that society can identify the dangers and decide what to do about them.

Who is right??? None of them, because the truth may be a combination of the two positions they analyzed, without of course revealing what is actually coming (HERE).

The good and the obedient may appreciate the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the upgrade it will give them through implants in their bodies. However, no one guarantees them that something good awaits them at the end of the trip!!!

Others will potentially face the dark side of AI because they don’t comply.

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