In Chania and Rethymno two of the most beautiful “natural pools” in the country

In Chania and Rethymno two of the most beautiful “natural pools” in the country

Wonderful creations made by the engineer called “Nature”

Long sandy shores, pebble beaches, shores suitable for water sports, shallow seas suitable for families, headlands offering magnificent views and unique sunsets: the Greek coastline has it all. There are also places where nature seems to have become an “engineer” and has created places that compare (and probably surpass) the best swimming pools of the best luxury resorts.

Here some of them are featured and our criteria for choosing them was swimming and navy. Crete certainly could not be missing from this list, as two beautiful and well-known beaches stood out, in Chania and Rethymno:

Ports of Seitan, Chania

At a distance of more than 20 kilometers from the city of Chania, east of Akrotiri, there are three small bays that received their name during the Turkish occupation due to the strong underground currents in the area. Ports Seitan means cursed/evil ports.

To get here and after leaving your car on the road, you will have to cross a very difficult path – in many cases you will have to lean on the rocks or the pole of your umbrella if you have brought one with you. Especially in July and August it gets crowded here so the earlier you come the better. Our time at this beach was worth every second.

In addition to the marvelous waters, the more daring will also find the right place to dive from high cliffs. Two additional tips: photograph the breathtaking view from above before starting the journey on foot. And take with you as little as possible – the absolute essentials. The descent and the return are quite a tiring experience.

Calypso, Rethymno

To the south of Rethymnon, one encounters this marvelous creation of nature. The sea practically “perforated” the land. You’ll arrive here via the Kalypso Cretan Village hotel, but you don’t need to be a guest to enjoy the crystal clear waters, with the variety of colors. In one place it is dark blue, in another blue, in another green, depending on the depth of the bottom. The waters of Calypso are deep, a man of average height walks in very few places.

You will find yourself in the water from the pool ladder that has been placed, a good place for snorkeling. Karavos Bay, in which Calypso is located, is also known to locals as the “Pirate Fjord” as it was a haven for pirates in Byzantine times.

Sarakiniko, Milos

There is no sea water on the Moon, but in a sea of ​​Milos there is a lunar landscape. Most likely, even if you have never been to the island, you have seen photos of Sarakinikos, either on social networks or at one of the many fashion shoots that took place there. What draws the camera and visitors from all over the world is the eerie landscape created by the smooth white rocks and the contrast they create with the blue sea and a half-excavated shipwreck.

You can spread your towel on the small sandy beach or the rocks, or before swimming explore the caves created on the shore by the erosion of the waves. Access to the beach is easy – by car or bus – but be sure to bring water and sunscreen with you. The reflection of the sun on the white rocks, especially at noon, makes the sunshine here more intense.

Gala, Ano Koufonisi

Koufonisia beaches are now known worldwide for their special beauty. In a destination of such marine beauty, Gala stands out.

The beach is a special geological phenomenon. The sea passes under a large rock and, foaming, emerges on the other side where there is a small beach. Its waters resemble milk froth and this element gave the beach its name. Their color is probably due to the color of the calcium that the gravel leaves in the water.

Access is on foot. If you start from Pori, one of the famous beaches of Koufonisi, it will take you 10-15 minutes to walk to Gala by a path. If you don’t want to walk, you can also reach Gala by sea, with one of the boats that go around the island. Definitely worth the visit, the waters will compensate you even more. Just because the place is really very small, you better not come here with a big group.

Pools, Ano Koufonissi

The beauty and uniqueness of Galaktos is matched only by Pisina. This marvelous place was created by the erosion of porolites by sea water. The pool joins the Aegean waters with a small underwater passage. If your accommodation is in Chora of Ano Koufonisi, it will take you about 45 minutes on foot to get there.

Most likely, of course, you will visit the famous Italida beach at least once, so it is worth walking about 10 minutes from there to find yourself in a very different – but equally charming – environment from the beaches of golden sands which are the hallmark of the island.

Giola, Thassos

Among the most photographed beaches in Greece, Giola is certainly the most impressive beach on Thassos, an island with a lot of competition in this area.

Giola is a natural pool made by rocks. To get here you will have to drive on a dirt road for 3-4 kilometers, followed by a short but quite difficult walk. It should also be noted that Giola is not the most suitable place for families with young children due to the steep and uneven terrain of the rocks.

But all that shouldn’t put you off coming here, because just photographing this otherworldly landscape is worth the effort. Swimming at one of the most special beaches in Greece is even more worthwhile. It is no coincidence that the mythological explanation for its creation is that Zeus wanted to build a natural pool for the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, to bathe in.

Pool, Murtos

The islet of Mourtos, just opposite Sivota in Thesprotia, is probably unknown to most Greeks. But here is a natural pool, name and thing. Its crystal clear turquoise waters are surrounded by a coast of white sand and pebbles as well as lush vegetation that provides natural shade.

You will swim among fish accustomed to human presence. Throughout the summer, sailboats, inflatables and other types of boats stop here with people from all over the world, because Murtos Pool is the wonderful “shared secret” of those who choose this type of vacation.


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