Interview: How Qualco is “building” the digital future of couriers

Interview: How Qualco is “building” the digital future of couriers

In an interview on, Mr. Yannis Maniadakis (VP, New Ventures), Ms. Sissy Serafimidis (Micrologistics Manager) and Mr. Vassilis Davilas (Micrologistics Business Development Manager) from Qualco.

Qualco executives focus on its strengths Solution deliveredwhich is an integrated platform that fully supports the operations of any courier company, regardless of size.

Among other things, Deliverd facilitates the planning of deliveries, provides their complete history and allows the management of station network and coverage area data, billing conditions and the calculation of commissions.

Interview with Fotis Fotinos

-Is digitization a priority for the courier industry?

– The growing demands of consumers, the continuous development of e-commerce and the complexity of distribution networks, make the digital transformation of couriers a one-way street.

Companies in the sector are invited to optimize their end-to-end operations, offering innovative services that will enable them to face the competitive environment and keep their costs low.

Mr. Giannis Maniadakis (VP, New Ventures)

Thanks to digitization, courier companies can track the journey of each shipment, achieving optimal management of their resources and partner networks.

Growing consumer demands, the continued growth of e-commerce and the complexity of distribution networks make the digital transformation of couriers a one-way street

At the same time, communication between customer and consumer is facilitated, while new services become available, such as contactless deliveries, point-of-sale payments, selection of a collection and delivery point, communication with the recipient and the possibility of modifying the time and place of delivery.

Technology is therefore key to providing flexibility to the consumer in a way that is sustainable for the business.

-What should professionals in the field keep in mind when implementing digitization projects?

-When formulating and implementing a new technological solution, professionals in the field must ensure that it fits the operational function of the organization.

In other words, being able to interface with existing tools of the company or its customers, but also with third-party service providers, to integrate new services, resulting in the creation of a distinct and unequaled experience for the end consumer.

Ms. Sissy Serafimidis (Micrologistics Manager)

At the same time, the technological solution must be user-friendly, making it easier to carry out daily tasks.

Finally, to ensure the proper functioning of the system, the supplier company must have the necessary know-how and experience in the design, construction and delivery of major projects.

At the same time, he must be able to train and support customers during the implementation and operation of the solution.

-What is the solution proposed by QUALCO?

-At QUALCO, we provide comprehensive and innovative technology solutions that help large organizations in more than 35 countries deliver optimal customer experiences.

Our company, realizing the growing needs of courier companies and end recipients in time, is strategically investing in the industry, shaping the shipping management platform Book.

This integrated platform automates and improves transport services, simplify each step of an order, from recording to execution.

Mr. Vassilis Davilas (head of business development in micrologistics)

Deliverd facilitates the planning of deliveries by providing their complete history and allows the management of station network and coverage area data, billing conditions and commission calculation.

Through process automation, Deliverd ensures minimization of errors, increased productivity and easy tracking of any phase of the shipment

At the same time, it simplifies the routing process by automating the assignment of pickups and deliveries to drivers.

THE the platform also optimizes cash on delivery management, offering guarantees to avoid errors, but also offering the possibility of mass processing of documents and monitoring of the accounting balance of customers.

Finally, through the use of artificial intelligence, Deliverd enables easy configuration of the delivery schedule and routes, taking into account live and historical data.

At the same time, through the creation of valid and timely reports, it improves the experience of the end consumer as well as the immediate taking of your business decisions.

-What are the competitive advantages of the “Deliverd” solution offered by QUALCO?

-Deliverd is a comprehensive platform that supports the global operations of any courier company, regardless of size.

More specifically, our solution covers all stages of shipping, from the creation of the collection order to delivery to the final recipient and its invoicing.

Thanks to the platform, all the departments concerned, as well as external partners, have the possibility of obtaining unified information in real time.

At the same time, thanks to the automation of processes, Deliverd ensures the minimization of errors, the increase in productivity and the easy monitoring of any phase of the shipment.

The platform is simple to use and flexible in terms of configuration and process creation, and it can also operate through cloud infrastructure. At the same time, it facilitates the creation and follow-up of online orders, via the interface with electronic shops (e-shops).

With a range of features such as smart alerts, delivery assessment capabilities and data analysis and presentation, Deliverd gives couriers a competitive edge, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

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