It also happened in Greece: you don’t have the money to buy an iPhone?  You can rent it monthly!

It also happened in Greece: you don’t have the money to buy an iPhone? You can rent it monthly!

iPhone: Of course you will have heard of the possibility of short-term car rental or leasing. Now, however, in Greece we can do the same to get an iPhone!

Since Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone at an event in 2007, Apple has released at least 34 iPhone models.

With over 1.2 billion active iPhones in the world today, it is perhaps one of the most sought-after devices in the world.

Although the price of the iPhone has become prohibitive for the monthly budget of many people, there is no longer a need to obtain it in installments through a loan or a credit agreement and to going into debt, or paying several hundred euros in advance to get an iPhone.

And that’s because we can now acquire it by leasing.

Until now, leasing was quite common in the automotive industry, and the reason that made it popular around the world was similar to what made leasing for electronics famous: it is not necessary to spend an initial capital or take out a consumer loan to buy the car.

The leasing possibility has recently expanded to other areas as well, giving us the chance to acquire even one of the latest iPhone models for just a small amount of money each month, with prices starting at less than 25 euros.

This possibility is offered by finloup, the startup known for its Buy Now Pay Later service, which recently introduced the leasing of electronic devices in our country.

In this way, it has given the best alternative solution to those who cannot or do not want to allocate a large sum to acquire technological products either because of a limited budget or because they do not wish to pay the installments by through a consumer credit/loan.

Currently in Greece, only 13% of Greeks over the age of 25 have a credit card and one of the reasons is certainly that it is a big and stressful commitment.

They don’t want to be burdened with stressful debt, which they will have to pay until they run out – and when they finally manage to pay it off, their cell phone will look rather old and outdated!

With leasing, you only pay for your device as long as you use it, you don’t have interest and you don’t have trouble with the banks, and you can stop it whenever you want .

iPhone: If you have these signs, then a virus has been infected

iPhone: Something is wrong with your iPhone and you wonder what happened?

In case you were wondering, yes, it is very easy for your cell phone to catch a virus, just like computers.

What usually happens on a mobile phone is that the virus targets weak points and applications that do not handle your personal information properly.

  • Increased use of data

If there is an undetected virus, it will increase your overall data usage.

  • Apps crashing

While there are a number of reasons why this can happen, if you have lots of storage (and not countless apps) but you see them crashing, you might have a virus.

It’s normal if it happens here and there, but frequent overheating can mean that malware is eating up RAM quickly.

It’s like spam. If you get complaints from friends that you send them dangerous links, you should probably check it out.

what you have to do

  • Clear your history through settings.
  • Go to Settings, go to Apple ID, then iCloud. Select the most recent backup.
  • Go to Settings, select General, then Reset and erase all content. A factory reset is a last resort.

iPhone: what the button does that few people know

Millions of people own iPhones but few know about the existence of a secret button.

Thanks to a video that has gone viral on social media, iPhone owners have discovered that their device has a “secret button” that allows them to use various features on their phone that can make their lives easier.

“You’re not using your iPhone properly if the secret button on the back of your phone isn’t used,” says TikToker “ellyawesometech,” which dedicates its videos to uncovering unknown features on various tech devices.

In this particular video, the TikToker talks about the “Touch Back” feature on the iPhone, which is available on any device that “runs” at least the Ios 14 operating system.

This feature allows iPhone owners to simply touch the back of their phone, near where the Apple logo is, and have their smartphone launch any app they have programmed through the menu. parameters.

For example, you can set the “secret button” (Touch Back) to open the camera, take a screenshot, turn on the flashlight or even turn the volume up and down.

In his video, the TikToker uses the “Touch Back” feature to easily open the Shazam app to find the currently playing song or melody.

To activate the feature, you need to go to “Settings”, scroll down and tap on “Accessibility”, then click on “Touch”.

Then scroll down to “Reading” again. You will have the option to activate either “Double tap” or “Triple tap”, depending on whether you want a double or triple tap.

Click to see the features you can control by double or triple tapping the back of your iPhone.

iPhone: How do you know you’re being followed?

Big Brother watches everything. Every page you visit, every video, every conversation.

How you can completely erase your tracks. See in six simple steps. All the details on

Each of us has left a small or large footprint on the Internet, which means that a stranger from anywhere in the world can access our personal information.

Is there a way to erase personal data from the Internet so that it is not available to various companies?

Essentially, no, but there are ways to reduce your digital footprint and therefore reduce the risk of your personal data being leaked.

In any case, reducing your digital footprint comes at a price: it can affect your career prospects by making it harder for you to communicate with potential new employers.

Delete or deactivate your account on shopping platforms, social networks and online services

Consider which networks require creating an account.

Beyond the most obvious (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), there are others, such as Reddit or some e-commerce platforms. All of these accounts collect personal information.

They can be deleted or disabled through the security or privacy settings of your computer or mobile phone.

Disabling certain accounts sometimes requires more steps, which you can review online for each situation.

But if you find an account that cannot be deleted, put something wrong or completely random in the details.

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