Itudis was “wounded” but… Ataman is sitting on “hot” coals!  (video)

Itudis was “wounded” but… Ataman is sitting on “hot” coals! (video)

With his official statement, Dimitris Giannakopoulos commented on OAKA’s concession to KAE Panathinaikos, while making promises for the future of the club.

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After the historic signing of the concession contract for the OAKA indoor basketball court to KAE Panathinaikos, Dimitris Giannakopoulos made the following statement:

“OAKA’s concession contract has been signed. It’s a fact now. There are things that are said but not done, and things that are done but not said,” Konstantinos Karamanlis once said. However, there are things that are both said and done. All you need is the will and the passion. And above all, do not accept defeat. The goal of Panathinaikos, the best team in the Greek sports history, having your own house was a personal bet. It was one of the things I was committed to from the first moment and there was no way it wouldn’t happen. Not only for the greatness and the history of the Club, but for justice And he who has with him the warriors called just and true, never loses.

Panathinaikos now has its own house. THE OAKA. “PAULOS GIANNAKOPOULOS”. Here where history was written. Here where history is written and will be written. In gold letters. As this team knows.

For this to happen, we have been through a lot and heard more. We have overcome all obstacles. Whatever they put on us. Through legitimate and illegitimate means. Enemies and…friends. They missed. Because they had lies and injustice with them. They were and are dwarfs before the size of Panathinaikos…

Ideally, the whole Association would be co-located in Botanikos, but even so, seeing that this plan is progressing, I feel satisfied to have laid down my small stone, as President of the Amateur.

Panathinaikos now has its own house. And that means a lot. Both in terms of outlook and OEM value. An already excellent brand becomes not only attractive, but the most attractive in all of Europe. Somewhere here, I want to thank the Government and especially the Prime Minister for the happy outcome of this affair. Because in Greece even the obvious takes years of effort to implement and the OAKA concession should have happened… a few governments ago.

The road, however, to turning positive outlook into reality is not easy. The OAKA today is loss-making, it carries contracts in force, as well as free concessions, such as hosting the EEC for example. To get to the level we want, it takes time and money. Many large investments are needed.

Panathinaikos now has its own house. And the most important thing is that we have reached our objective without retreating a millimeter on the principles and above all without mortgaging our History.

And from his home, he will launch the counterattack, so he can get back to where he belongs competitively. At the top of Greece and Europe. Basketball is changing, the Euroleague is changing… We have paid a heavy price for our revolution, our fight for justice at all levels. In money and earnings. We sent Bertomeu home… Some spoke of justification. Is not. It would be if we got back the victories that were denied to us, the qualifications and possibly the trophies… And of course the money from the merciless hunt, because I called the truth. The fines imposed for the recent incidents at Real-Partizan – and not only – now prove the empathy and the real objectives of the Bertomeu regime towards me: I had to be silent or be exterminated. Neither succeeded.

With the new administration, I feel there is a will to do justice. And because blood and water do not exist, with coach Ataman, the most successful coach in Europe in recent years, I am sure that Panathinaikos will get what they have been deprived of, double and the triple. We will defeat anyone who stands in our way in Greece and Europe. And we’ll send home anyone who thinks they’re wronging us…

Everyone hear this. Enemies and friends. In Greece and Europe. That’s enough.

Panathinaikos now has its own house…

However, he no longer has a ceiling in his dreams. You will see it soon. Enemies and friends…

I hope OAKA will have the respect of all of us. The people of Panathinaikos will treat it as their home. It’s our house now. The home of our Panathinaikos.

In the next period, we will be able to present with the company which will ensure the configuration and the management of the stadium the detailed plan of the future of OAKA, as well as the stages of its renovation in pictures”.

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