KKE(ml): Announcement of the results of the elections of May 21, 2023 – The Press Project

KKE(ml): Announcement of the results of the elections of May 21, 2023 – The Press Project

The results of the legislative elections of May 21 reflect the data of the social and political situation, such as it had been throughout the previous period. They are captured, however, based on the given negative political association. The “gap” between what the people need and what is reflected in the ballot box is glaring, but it cannot be blamed on the people alone! This “gap”, i.e. the class gap that separates workers and young people from the politics and forces of the system, not only does not “suppress” these results, but is and will be present and a factor key in the evolutions of the next period” indicates the announcement of the KKE (ml).

“ND emerges as a dominant and almost “exclusive” party in the system that can take over government management. Undertake the escalation of the anti-people offensive, in the service of the demands of the imperialist bosses in all matters. With this line of “clean” defense and guarantor of this “normality”, it claimed and obtained its great electoral victory. By extorting this “normality” and the given political and class correlation, it succeeded in imposing this line of the ruling class as the only real and existing perspective. The choice of new polls in a month aims to ensure with an even heavier parliamentary association the continuation and depth of the barbaric policy demanded by the imperialist centers, foreign and local capital. it completes:

“SYRIZA’s electoral collapse is a crushing failure of the attempt to present itself as ‘change’ and ‘progressive governance’ in the service of the politics of the system. ‘Change’ guaranteed by imperialist bosses in the United States and the EU, and “progressive governance” framed by the cadres of the parties of the “old” political system. In addition, however, the electoral defeat of SYRIZA reveals the impasses of the system of dependency and exploitation, which cannot constitute a political “alternative.” Based on this critical political need of the system, what may be “the future of SYRIZA” is already being sought.

The strengthening of PASOK under the “young and indestructible Androulakis”, who is an experienced and proven force in the service of the system, has been supported by centers of power, but it is far from establishing itself as a second political pillar of the system. The strengthening of the extreme right of Velopoulos, the orderly promotion of the “NIKI” formation, but also the multiple supports of the centers towards the “Pleisi” of Konstantopoulos are clear manifestations of both the reactionary right-wing course and the preparation reservations of all kinds in view of the crazy developments that await us”.

“In the given pre-electoral political context and under the weight of the attack of previous years, important sections of workers and young people have sought answers at the ballot box”, emphasizes the KKE(ml) and adds:

“The KKE’s electoral boost was mainly based on this electoral research because it emerged as the party ‘out’ and ‘against’ the government scenarios that will serve the new waves of attack. However, both its respect for the system politics in all previous years that the parliamentary and mainly right-wing opposition line to system politics, confirm that in reality the policy of the KKE leadership is outside and against the demands of the struggle of the classes for the people and the youth.

The KKE(ml) recorded a significant electoral boost. A reinforcement that only reflects a part of its initiatives and its fight among the people and the youth throughout the previous period. This support was claimed and won by a demanding electoral battle that the members, executives and friends of the Organization waged under conditions of silence and exclusion from our voice and our propaganda.

We believe that this good electoral result has a broader political significance. Because it expresses real research and processes in broad sections of workers and young people who realize and share that TO LIVE WE MUST FIGHT, who share the need for RESISTANCE and ORGANIZATION of the masses against poverty, exploitation , repression, dependence, imperialism, war .

Furthermore, we believe that many other tens of thousands of workers and young people who have chosen another electoral position (blank, draw, abstain) or supported other ballots of the extra-parliamentary left, seek an outcome in the same direction. This is why we will insist more resolutely in the direction of the formation of a Front of RESISTANCE and DEFENSE, in line with the Coordination and the Joint Action of the forces and the collectives which will be used for the development of the mass struggle “.

The KKE (ml) concludes that “the ‘criticisms’ of the forces of the system and of the forces designated on the left for ‘the people’s conservative turn’ have only one real purpose: To burden the people and the youth with their own dead ends. To “accuse” them of their own responsibilities for the resignation and compromise that have characterized them for years towards the politics of the system. People and young people are here and they need to live and work with rights. They need of the formation of the conditions which will shape the revolutionary perspective for INDEPENDENCE and SOCIALISM. The KKE(ml) with its line, its struggle and the initiatives in the movement, will serve this need, this direction even more decisively!”

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