Mars in Leo from 5/20/2023, how it affects your sign.

Mars in Leo from 5/20/2023, how it affects your sign.

Between May 20 and July 10, 2023, with Mars in the sign of Leo, you set goals, pursue them with perseverance and method. In terms of pressure, devaluation or non-acceptance, your attitude will be reactive, you will find it difficult to convince of your value. Impressive and self-promotion are in the foreground, prominent personalities take bold steps, your goal will be to earn impressions. Competitive atmospheres will appear, communicating characters will have to watch their comments. Financial openings are coming, pursue improvement and development, luck will be on the side of the bold. In affective matters, some will dare to fall in love, others will turn strongly to reconnection.


My Aries friends, your master Mars will be in the sign of Leo, you will be endowed with dynamism, determination and fighting spirit. This is a very good period to bring out your leadership skills, you will be able to prevail in professional competitions, your abilities will help you secure and advance your career. In your affective sector, you who are in a stable bond claim commitments or changes, you will know how to convince and influence, the reins will be in your hands.


My Taurus friends, the arrival of Mars in Leo will help you get out of stagnation, now you will have the opportunity to change facts that do not satisfy you. New professional proposals will appear, you will be involved in negotiations and financial agreements, you will be able to enter the process of buying and selling. You are reassessing relationships and personalities, now you are going to change your attitude towards certain family or friendly people. In your emotional sector, with a dynamic and renewed mood, you move into movements of commitment, if there is a separation, the distance ends in a reconnection.


Gemini friends, the arrival of Mars in Leo will strengthen your social moods, your behavior towards others will be questionable, generous and friendly. A path of new acquaintances opens, your circle expands, you will receive acceptance, appreciation and trust. In business, your attitude will be hardworking and responsible, you will avoid postponements and delays. In your emotional realm, a new person opens the door to a new relationship, now you will have the opportunity to forget the old and seek a new and different future.


My Cancer friends, events, new opportunities and circumstances are going to be activating you and indeed at an intense pace. In your career, seize the opportunity of a promotion or a salary increase, the more decisively you act, the faster and more immediate the result will be. Mars calls you to take initiatives, to face realities, the openings that will arise will help you to develop and prove your abilities. The new acquaintance that will present itself will excite you, you will do very well and move on to direct proposals.


My dear Leos, the arrival of Mars in your sign will boost your confidence, your leadership qualities will come to the surface. Your attitude will be dynamic and creative, new opportunities and your use of them will help you to develop, improve and complete yourself. Financial agreements and negotiations will have a positive outcome, you will manage to impress with your intellectual and practical abilities. In your emotional sector comes the opening of constraining movements and decisions. A favorable ground will be created for formalizations. For you singles, a new acquaintance is coming


My Virgo friends, throughout this period your conversations will be revealing and perhaps even quite subversive, avoid negative comments and hidden or conspiratorial conversations. Beware of competitors or people who are hostile to you. Emotional mood swings can create a need to distance yourself from situations that stress or confuse you. Positive and pleasant developments are coming in your emotional sector, it is possible that new love will appear.


My Libra friends, with Mars entering Leo, your mood for social contacts and activities will be heightened, you will want to network and project your personality. You will have new opportunities in your professional field, you will manage new openings with ability. Your financial management will be methodical, your purchases will be contained. The sums of money that will fall into your hands, even if at first you will be tempted to spend them, you will however pay very close attention to what you are going to buy and for what reason.


My Scorpio friends, with Mars entering Leo, your attitude will be combative and perhaps a little competitive, you are heading for bold professional openings, combining logic and instinct, you will manage to achieve your goals. In your emotional sector, you oppose insecurities, put an end to doubts, your main objective will be emotional cleansing. You separated people will seek reunification and you will succeed in reconnecting, the problem that led to your separation will now be dealt with directly, you give a substantial solution, you move on to a second start.


My Sagittarian friends, with the arrival of Mars in the sign of Leo, you are making radical decisions that will affect your present and your future. In your emotional sector some of you will turn the page, you start a new relationship with a whole new person. There will also be changes in your family environment, relations with parents or siblings now enter a different context, your treatment will be somewhat revolutionary. Be careful in managing your finances, avoid impulsive desires, be sure to settle your obligations. Displacements, trips and various escapes are favored.


My dear Capricorns, with the arrival of Mars in Leo you are invited to keep control of yourself, negativity and tensions in your workplace will have an impact on the development of your future partnerships. Your interest will be a balanced climate and not tense situations. You will feel ready to take risks, your attitude will be bold and decisive. In your affective sector, thoughts of commitment will arise, your desire will be to stabilize the partner you love next to you, your decisions will be dynamic and direct.


Aquarius friends, Mars in Leo will bring out your dynamism, your passion, your need to impress and impose. Your decisions will be bold, your goal will be to change negative data, redefine relationships and partnerships. Your innovative thinking will create new plans, you envision, you plan, now you will speak with confidence and confidence. Beware of conflicts and persistent dichotomies, it would be good to exercise restraint. In your affective sector, a new love or the prospect of a reunion will open up a new beginning for you.


Pisces friends, your attitude will be dynamic, your words will be based on rationality, both professionally and emotionally, inhibiting thoughts will fade, you will now be able to dare and take risks. You take initiatives, responsibility and immediacy will characterize you. You will manage the sums of money you receive wisely, yes there will be impressive embellishments or purchases, but your main priority will be to settle your debts and obligations.

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