Mobile: If You Have Any of These Apps, Remove It Immediately – Detailed Solution

Mobile: If You Have Any of These Apps, Remove It Immediately – Detailed Solution

Mobile: A number of applications can cause a lot of trouble on our mobile phone.

It’s not uncommon for security companies to warn about Android apps that are dangerous to users and their devices.

The reasons can be many, ranging from simple theft of minor data to interception of bank accounts, and more, as reported by techies.

This time we have two lists containing a total of 53 apps that use Joker spyware, Autolycos malware, Harly Trojan, contain BlackRock and ERMAC viruses, and more.

It’s not really important to go into the details of what each does. Most importantly, take a look at the list below and immediately remove the apps from it.

Details of all malicious application components can be found in SOURCES and THROUGH at the end of the article.

Vlog Star Video Editor
Creative 3D Launcher
Wow, beauty camera
Emoji Keyboard
Instant heart rate at any time
delicate messenger
Simple note scanner
Universal PDF scanner
Private messenger
Premium SMS
blood pressure checker
Nice keyboard
painting art
color message
Gamehub and Box price
Hope Camera-Image Recording
Same launcher and live wallpaper
amazing wallpaper
Cool Emoji Editor and Sticker
Logo Design Creator
Funny Emoji Keyboard
Animal doodle drawing
Painting Paper
Dexterity QR Scanner
heart rate monitor
Fun painting and coloring
beauty christmas songs
Epica game box and hub
AI magic face
love sticker
HD Screen Mirroring
Phone on TV
Photo Voice Translator
effect voice changer
Fast PDF scanner
Easy voice change
Quick Language Translator
Perfect face swap
Effect photo editor
Super Emoji Editor & Sticker
blue voice changer
cool screen mirror
Phone Cleaner Lite
Digital clock – Always display
Live Wallpaper – HD 3D/4D
Grape photo camera and editor
blood glucose recorder
Clever Clean – Battery Saver
Album Live Wallpaper & Theme
Shortcut screen mirroring
Mental message – Joker
Advanced broadcast screen
Coloring Painting

Mobile phones: what to do if your mobile phone is stolen?

The National Commission for Telecommunications and Posts advises on the use and safety of mobile telephones during the summer holidays.

EETT’s recommendations focus on how to connect to the Internet, device protection, roaming service, as well as mobile use in emergency situations.

I am careful how I connect to the Internet

1. I choose to connect to the Internet via the available public Wi-Fi with free data consumption or via my company’s network with the data consumption of my plan.

2. I am aware that in case I consume 80% and 100% of the talk time/SMS/data volume of my plan, my company is obliged to inform me by SMS.

3. When using shared WiFi networks, I avoid sending personal information (eg passwords), performing financial transactions, or downloading files and applications.

I protect my device

4. I regularly “download” updates to improve the security level of my device and protect it from viruses.

5. I put a password on my device.

6. I store in a safe place the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), ie the unique number that identifies my device, in order to be able to block it in the event of theft. I find the IMEI:

✓ By pressing the keys: *#06#.

✓ In the device packaging.

I talk and surf without worries when I travel

7. When traveling within the European Union-EU (as well as Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway), I am billed as in Greece (Roam Like at Home) for calls, texts and data usage. data, always according to my schedule.

8. For non-EU countries, I contact my company before traveling to find out the cost of calls, SMS and data consumption and to choose the appropriate roaming plan according to my needs.

9. When I arrive in a destination country outside the EU, I am informed of the local networks available from the device settings and I choose the one that seems most convenient for me to connect.

10. In border areas, I turn off automatic network search and “lock” my device to my company network to avoid unwanted roaming charges.

What should I know in an emergency?

11. I always have emergency messages activated on my mobile phone.

12. I call the European emergency number 112 free of charge, from Greece or any EU country (without additional area code) and at any time, even if my mobile phone does not have:

✓ Signal (if there is a signal from another mobile company in the area).

✓ Units.

✓ SIM card.

Mobile telephony: Everyone now… the same charger!

At the same time, the European Parliament and the Member States (Council) today reached a provisional political agreement to introduce in the EU, by autumn 2024, a general universal charger for all portable electronic devices small and medium size.

According to the agreement reached, by autumn 2024, USB Type-C will become the common charging port in the EU for all mobile phones, tablets, portable video game consoles, headphones, portable speakers , digital cameras, etc. , regardless of their manufacturer.

For laptops, the regulation will apply in a second phase, up to 40 months after its entry into force.

The introduction of a single charger for certain electronic devices should reduce electronic waste and make life easier for consumers who are forced to source incompatible chargers for their different devices.

Consumers will receive clear information about the charging characteristics of new devices, making it easier for them to see if their existing chargers are compatible.

Buyers will also be able to choose whether they want to buy new electronic equipment with or without a charger.

These new obligations will lead to greater reuse of chargers and help consumers save up to €250 million per year in unnecessary charger purchases.

Discarded and unused chargers are estimated to account for approximately 11,000 tons of electronic waste per year.

“We have waited ten years for progress to be made on this file,” said Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, adding that this is an important agreement for both consumers and the environment.

European Parliament rapporteur, Maltese socialist ‘Alex’ Agus Saliba, has said that European consumers will now be able to use one charger for all portable electronic devices.

“We are proud to have also added provisions on wireless charging which is the next evolution in charging technology and to improve information and labeling for consumers,” he said.

As wireless charging technology becomes more widespread, the European Commission will be empowered to develop so-called delegated acts on the interoperability of charging solutions.

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