Mysterious Antarctic Gate Discovered via Google Earth Creates Tsunami of Rumors About Secret Nazi Base

Photo from Google Earth purportedly depicting the portal leading to the hidden base Source Facebook

Google Maps users claim to have stumbled across a possible Nazi hideout after discovering a mysterious door hidden in Antarctica.

As reported in a Jerusalem Post article

The sighting reignited the popular online conspiracy theory that survivors of the Nazis sought refuge in a military base on the frozen continent after World War II.

The discovery of this “door” was first shared by an observant Facebook user on July 30 and quickly went viral. The image reveals a dark, square-shaped mark that looks like a hidden entrance on the eastern side of the massive ice sheet.

Conspiracy theorists have since speculated about the purpose of this door, with many suggesting it could lead to a secret US government base or, as previously mentioned, a Nazi bunker.

How the rumors started

The basis of this conspiracy theory is partly based on truth. In 1938, Hitler sent a German expedition to Antarctica to procure whale oil. Since 1947, this mission has sparked debate among conspiracy researchers, some of whom suggest the possibility that war criminals built a vast military base under the ice during their month-long visit, where they argue that elites Nazis could have survived after the war. finished.

Although no concrete evidence supports this theory, the sighting of German submarines in Argentina after the Nazi surrender in 1945 fueled rumors of Hitler’s survival and escape. The fate of the German dictator remains one of the most enduring mysteries in modern history.

A body believed to be his remains has been kept in Russia (former Soviet Union) since the end of the war. However, he endured a tumultuous journey – cremation, secret burials, exhumations, reburials by the KGB and almost complete destruction. As a result, many doubt its authenticity.

It’s not the only conspiracy theory

Over the years, a myriad of conspiracy theories have emerged, ranging from unfounded to semi-plausible. Some claim that Hitler did not commit suicide but died heroically on the battlefield, while others are convinced that he managed to escape, living under a false identity in Argentina or Brazil. Some even think that Hitler took refuge on the Moon or in the depths of the Earth.

However, French scientists have challenged these theories by examining preserved fragments of Hitler’s skull and teeth and comparing them to wartime autopsy reports, conclusively proving his death in 1945. They claim: “He did not there is no doubt.

We have proven that he died at 45 years old. He didn’t run away or hide, he died. We can put an end to all conspiracy theories. He didn’t flee to Argentina, hide in a secret base in Antarctica, or stay on the far side of the Moon.”

Other theories about the… door

So if the secret door didn’t lead to Hitler’s hideout, what could it be? Some users have suggested that it could be an entrance to the home of legendary creatures such as snowmen or giants, given its size. Others compared the Antarctic entrance to a mysterious photo of an alien gateway on Mars in May 2022, which NASA later clarified was just a rock.

The photo of the Antarctic entrance was shared on social media with the caption “Opening on the ice”, garnering thousands of likes, comments and shares.

While some commentators playfully speculated about a secret Nazi base, a Fourth Reich institution or illegal experiments, others remained skeptical, suggesting that the so-called “opening” was just a hole in the ice.

Marine geologist and oceanographer Colin Summerhayes rejects the idea of ​​a secret Nazi base in Antarctica, pointing out that rumors of such a base arose from the Nazis’ brief foray into archeology and experimental rocket and ship projects. planes during the war.

These rumors continued, suggesting that these projects continued after the war, including the development and testing of so-called flying saucers. The technology is believed to have fled to safety in the Arctic, South America and Antarctica after Germany’s surrender in 1945. This led to an abundance of UFO sightings and the belief in a presence Nazi hidden in remote and inaccessible areas of the world.

In conclusion, while the discovery of a mysterious door in Antarctica has fueled speculation about a secret Nazi base, there is no concrete evidence to support this theory. Theories surrounding Hitler’s escape and survival have been disproven by scientific analysis. The mystery of the secret door remains, with some considering the possibility of mythical creatures while others attribute it to natural formations. As for the Nazi base conspiracy, it appears to be just that: a conspiracy born out of the Third Reich’s enduring history of technological efforts.

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