Panhellenic 2023: What are the “New Type” subjects – The new material in Physics

Panhellenic 2023: What are the “New Type” subjects – The new material in Physics

In recent years, the philosophy of the subjects of the Panhellenic examinations has changed considerably in its quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

By Dimitris Takopoulos,

Chemist, Managing Director of Elix Trainings

Following international trends in education, we move from the memorization and mechanistic reproduction of methodologies, to problems of understanding concepts and to problems linked to daily life and linked to real life. Now, the weight of the exam rests more on the candidate’s ability to think critically, his ability to understand the theory and combine the various knowledge he has been taught to compose the answer.

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With regard to the quantitative part, the changes are related to the material examined and have a dual nature. On the one hand, the material of the 3rd Lyceum has increased in most subjects, and on the other hand, this material has been associated with the knowledge of the previous years. The greater breadth of the material allows for the emergence of combined themes from its various points, unlike the very specific and in-depth themes we have seen in previous years.

“New type” problems in Panhellenic

All of the above makes us speak of “new type” national exams, which require not only a different approach from students, but also a substantial change in the way of teaching from us teachers.

Typical examples of courses where “new type” subjects are found in Pan-Hellenic examinations are Biology, Modern Greek Language and Literature, Ancient Greek, Latin and Chemistry. In the physics course, although some changes have been implemented, the most important have taken place in this school year 2022-2023. Electromagnetism was established and developed and we had the introduction (for the first time) of quantum mechanics. In this way, an attempt is made to connect high school physics with the real and modern world, where electromagnetism and quantum mechanics find permanent and daily application. The course material has increased considerably, so that the preparation time is limited for an in-depth and detailed treatment, but sufficient for the engagement of candidates in increasingly modern scientific fields.

We could describe this year’s Panhellenic candidates as the luckiest of recent years in our country. It is of course impossible for someone to immerse themselves in Quantum Mechanics within the framework of the 3rd High School, but in itself this first contact of young people with this enchanting world will not fail to create many more questions for them than answers that they will get. . Thus, we hope that many young people will be ignited by the spark of research and the search for answers in a very dynamic and growing branch of physics. Also, these first stimuli in secondary school are very likely to turn the interest of candidates towards their studies in the Physics departments of higher education. An event that will certainly be positive for our country.

Of course, if these encouraging changes are not properly and qualitatively supported by both teachers and exam subjects, they are likely to be undone and a critical opportunity will be lost. We are used to the subjects of Panhelladics in Physics examining unnatural layouts with unrealistic scenarios in the context of blockbusters. These exercises forced the teachers to “train” their students well to be able to deal with them, to the detriment of course both of the students and of the course itself. Physics has become a nightmare for high school students, who avoid it at all costs.

We therefore encourage essential changes in Physics and look to the future with optimism, in expectation of better Physics education, which the young people of our country surely deserve.-

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