Pleasure: The production unit of the confectionery chain changes hands

Pleasure: The production unit of the confectionery chain changes hands

The confectionery line production unit changed hands and Catering “Pleasure” which came out earlier today in auction. In comparison, the unit came out with a rush doValue and with a first auction price of 548,954 euros, while it was awarded 4 euros more at 548,600 euros.

It is the confectionery chain, with a history of 40 years, which continues to write its own history either with its main store, on the ground floor of the emblematic property where the hotel is housed. Palace of Electra on Aristotle Square, or with the other businesses that operate in all the populated areas, from Toumpa and Charilaou to Kalamaria.

The inspiration and creator of “Plaisir” is Aris Papaoikonomou, one of the popular restaurant businessmen that those who know him characterize him as innovative, but also “obsessed” with the quality of the products in his chain.

The great adventure

Even once in a while “sweet” road, however, there are also bitter moments. One of them is the current one where Mr. Papaoikonomos’ company has faced auctions for its production unit.

This autonomous production unit was a necessary step to meet the needs of stores, catering and export.

The bold project began in 1999 and in 2001 the model private production facilities were inaugurated, in the VI.PE of Nea Raidesto, at the Matzarides farm.

The large investment gave “wings” to the company, but it may also have been one of the causes, in combination with the drop in turnover due to the successive crises, which carried the current adventure…

So the hammer of Pleasure’s productive “heart” struck today and, as a result, it passed into other hands.

The auction was directed against Plaisir Production-Confiserie-Restauration SA. and concerns a 4.5 acre plot on which a two-storey industrial building has been erected, consisting of a ground floor, with a total area of ​​533.83 m². which includes two rooms and two toilets and one floor, with a total area of ​​193,835 m², with offices, warehouse, file, guard room, etc.

At autopsy, it was found that the land is fenced with concrete elements and a metal railing and the uncovered area paved. The building is of conventional construction, in good exterior condition, but, as noted, appears to be considerably larger than described in the bailiff’s motion. Thus, it is estimated that it has a coverage area of ​​around 1,300 m². while there are also metal sheds, with a total area of ​​about 500 m².

The property is laden with footnotes from the past, while the lockdown took place on September 20, 2022 for 150,000 euros (part of a total debt of 1.27 million euros).

It should be noted that four other auctions took place in March, three of which resulted in the acquisition of the properties of the subsidiary “Confectionery Anthi SA”. This company, according to the decision of the General Meeting of shareholders of 22/03/2023, has been placed in the procedure of dissolution and liquidation.

The blow of the pandemic

What is certain is that apart from other causes, the company has suffered a severe blow from the long financial crisis, but also of the pandemic. Thus, while in the 2012-13 season turnover reached 3.9 million euros, it was on a downward trajectory with net results for several years in deficit.
During the 2015-16 period, turnover had fallen to 2.8 million euros, then even lower, to around 2.5 million euros.

During the fiscal year from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020, i.e. after the pandemic also occurred, turnover fell to 1.76 million euros resulting in losses of 396,000 euros, while the next day the turnover fell to 1.4 million euros with losses reaching 372,000 euros.

However, during the last financial year (1/07/2021 to 30/06/2022) turnover recovered to 2.25 million euros with losses limited to 88,646 euros.

The starting point and the “stations”

Native Coriander from Pieria A. Papaoikonomou grew up in Thessaloniki, where his family was active in the cheese trade.
However, the confectionery had conquered him from an early age. Thus, from an early age, after primary school, he did his apprenticeship in the workshop of the emblematic “Achillion” café-patisserie, one of the most famous haunts of Nikis beach avenue.
There he learned several “secrets” of the art, but was involved in the family business until the end of his military service. At the same time, he made frequent trips abroad, broadening his horizons and his knowledge. He quickly wanted to spread his own wings.

This first step was taken in 1976 with the “Anthéon” café. an innovative shop for the time because it combined coffee, confectionery and foodwhich soon made it a meeting point for the inhabitants of Thessaloniki.

The PLEASURE unit in N. Raidesto

His love for sweets was so strong that despite the success of “Anthéon”, after 8 years, in 1984, opened the first Plaisir store on rue Sofouli in Depo “with the aim of creating new innovative flavors in the field of desserts based on fresh ingredients and the quality of raw materials”. This store has written its own success story in the city, “magnetizing” young and old alike, but also opening up horizons for the future.
This is how the chain began to be built, with the following stores in Panorama, Perea, Triumvirate etc In 1990, the company goes beyond the limits of the usual pastry shop, starting to operate in the catering field, with particular success.

2012 was a landmark year for Plaisir because opened the shop on Aristotelous and Mitropoleos combining the world of confectionery with delicatessen, while in 2015 the brand had 15 stores, including 8 corporate and 7 franchised. Since then, there have been reorganizations in the network, but even in 2021 the last opening was impressive, with a modern two-storey store on Adrianoupoleos Street in Kalamaria that set new standards for the market.

Today the chain has 8 points, which include two of the well-known malls, Florida and Mediterranean Cosmos.

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