Signatures ‘fell’ for projects in school buildings in Peristeri and Neo Heraklion

Signatures ‘fell’ for projects in school buildings in Peristeri and Neo Heraklion

Another milestone was achieved by accelerating the construction of a new wing at the 4th Primary School in Heraklion, Attica and facilities at the 10th Primary School in Peristeri. Yesterday, in the presence of the regional governor of Attica G. Patoulis and the mayors of Peristeri A. Pachatouridis and N. Heraklion N. Bambalou, they signed in the offices of KtYp SA the contract for the construction of a wing in the 4th Municipal District of Heraklion, with a budget of 4.4 million euros, and the contract for the preparation of studies for the 10th GEL of Peristeri, with a budget of 479,249 euros.

In total, the Attica Region finances more than 81 actions of school projects and studies with more than 115 million euros and the beneficiary is Building Infrastructure SA.

The relevant decisions were signed by the Regional Governor of Attica G. Patoulis, Managing Director of KtYp SA. Th. Giannari, the mayors of Peristeri A. Pachatouridis and N. Heraklion N. Babalos and representatives of entrepreneurs. Also present at the signing were Chairman of Construction Infrastructure (Ktyp SA) T. Katsipos, Deputy Governors of Northern Sector L. Kefalogianni and Western Sector of Athens A. Leotsakos, Head of Administrative Authority of the region D. Drosis, the deputy mayor of Peristeri A. Theodorakos, the general director of strategic planning and ESDPT Th. Kyriazopoulos, the president of the Association of parents and guardians of the 4th primary school of Heraklion S. Hatzivasiloglou and officials.

During the meeting, both the executives of Ktyp SA and the mayors expressed their sincere thanks for the essential help of the Governor of the Region G. Patoulis and of all the executives of the Region, in the immediate inclusion and the financing of real estate infrastructure that contributes significantly to addressing the deficiencies recorded in Attica.

When signing the contracts, the following declarations were made:

Regional Governor of Attica G. Patoulis:

Once again we are in the reception area of ​​Building Infrastructure to confirm that Attica is changing for the benefit of citizens, our children and development. Modern schools mean promoting learning and improving skills. Today we are pleased to be present during the contract signing process for “New Heraklion 4th Primary School Addition – Construction Works and IT Facilities”. Initial budget of the project: 4.4 M€ with funding from Priority Axis 11 of the PEP Attique 2014-2020, as well as the “Preparation of Studies, Required Authorizations and Issue of a Building Permit for the 10th GEL of Peristeri “with a study tender budget: €479,249 with funding from Priority Axis 11 of PEP Attica 2014-2020. To date, we have included in the PEP Attica 2014-2020 81 Actions for the construction and improvement of educational infrastructure with a total budget of €115,723,500.27. Our contribution will continue in the new CRSN 2021-2027 with additional funding for the energy modernization of primary schools, the improvement of accessibility to existing school infrastructure and modern educational equipment so that all students in the region of Attica can benefit from valuable educational services. Using the resources of the NSRF, we improve the Attica every day. I want to thank both the General Manager and the President of KtYp, while pointing out that the local government that I have served for years employs elite executives. Today, among us are very elite executives, such as Andreas Pachaturidis and Nikos Babalos. I would also like to thank our Managing Authority, Mr. Drosis, Regional Deputy Governors L. Kefalogiannis and A. Leotsakos, and all staff in the Region.

Mayor of Peristeri A. Pachatouridis

As you know, I was mayor for 20 consecutive years. All these years I worked with OSK and KtYp. I must point out that with the new direction of building infrastructure, I have seen another speed in solving education problems. I warmly thank both the Regional Governor G. Patoulis who contributes constantly and with constant steps to the improvement of the infrastructures of our cities, as well as the executives of KtYp SA and the District for their help in the modernization of our buildings. school. As Mayors, we are close to the citizens and neighborhoods of our cities on a daily basis. It is particularly important to receive the satisfaction of the citizens as a representative of a better Greece, a better municipality. As I say to my fellow citizens, the best Peristeri is not me the mayor, but our children, your children for whom we must all give the best of ourselves.

Mayor of the prefecture of Heraklion, Attica

Today is an important day for Heraklion because after the great earthquake of Parnitha in 1999, in addition to enormous human losses, we also suffered enormous damage to almost all buildings. One such public building that ran into problems was the 4th Primary School in Heraklion. It has taken us so many years to be happy to announce to our fellow citizens that we are starting the construction of a new wing, and you know that this did not happen by chance. Since 2014 when I had the honor of representing our city, one of the first things my colleagues and I have done is see what we could do better with our schools and honestly until 2019 I have found closed doors everywhere. I would like to thank G. Patoulis because for the second time in this mandate the help of the Region has been decisive. In addition to funding the addition of the new wing of the Fourth Elementary School after the new 2019 earthquake when I requested the District’s assistance with a request for $1.5 million for damage repair, the District answered me positively noting that “children come first”. I would also like to thank the managing director and the president of KtYp, as well as the executives of the services. I really feel that for the first time someone has seriously tackled the problem of the 4th primary school in our city.

CEO of KtYp SA Th. Giannaris

We continue to implement, in excellent cooperation with the Region of Attica – with the Regional Governor Mr. Patoulis, the ambitious program of construction of dozens of new school units throughout Attica, to which the Ministry has largely contributed . Infrastructure and transport. Today, thanks to funding from the Region of Attica, the contract for the execution of the project “Addition of a wing to the 4th primary school of Neo Heraklion, Prefecture of Attica”, as well as the contract for the preparation of the study for the 10th GEL of Peristeri, with the significant contribution of the two effective mayors, Mr. Bambalou and Mr. Pachatouridis. For us, Building Infrastructure SA, our concern is the children, the future of the country. We have the obligation and the duty to contribute effectively to the strengthening of educational infrastructures.

Subsequently, Regional Council President T. Katsipos, Regional Deputy Governor B. Toema L. Kefalogianni and Regional Deputy Governor A. Leotsakos spoke of the close collaboration that has developed with the mayors as well as with the executives of the Administrative Authority and the Regional Council SA in order to set up important school infrastructures. Accordingly, the Deputy Mayor of Peristeri, Mr. Theodorakos, also mentioned the close cooperation, while the President of the Association of Parents and Guardians of the 4th Primary School of Heraklion, Ms. Hatzivasiloglou, thanked the regional mayor, the mayor, the Ministry of Education and the staff of their services for their contribution in order to acquire modern infrastructures for the pupils of the school.

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