Telecommuting: 10 giants are hiring employees to work remotely – Financial Post

Telecommuting: 10 giants are hiring employees to work remotely – Financial Post

Multinational giants like Airbnb and Pinterest are firmly in favor of remote or hybrid working, despite a reversal of the trend of remote working from the pandemic years in favor of a return to the office.

Telecommuting: Amazon, Meta and Disney call workers back to the office

As a large number of workers still prefer to work remotely, companies have good reason to favor teleworking or the hybrid model, hoping to attract new talent.

In the United States, technology, marketing and healthcare are the industries with the highest number of telecommuting jobs. And since many multinational giants are headquartered in the transatlantic superpower, some career opportunities are open to people who live hundreds of miles from the physical headquarters of the companies in question, in various locations around the world, including Greece.


Industry: HubSpot is an industry company.

Remote work plans: HubSpot employees have two flexible work options: 1) flex, which means going to the office 2 days or less per week, or 2) home, which means 100% telecommuting. The plan, which began in 2021, also allows employees to switch options once a year.

Recent Remote Jobs: Product Designer


Industry: Social media

Employees have the freedom to work wherever they want, with options for office work.

Recent Remote Jobs: Director of Business Partnerships and Metrics, Director of Design


Industry: Music, streaming

Remote work plans: Spotify’s Work From Anywhere program, launched in February 2021, offers remote, custom and hybrid options for employees, as well as more flexible living options if an employee wishes to relocate.

Recent remote jobs: international development manager, partnership manager


Industry: Travel

Remote work plans: As part of Airbnb’s “live and work anywhere” model, launched in April 2022, employees can work remotely or from one of Airbnb’s offices. Employees also have the opportunity to work up to three months per year in more than 170 countries.

Recent Remote Jobs: Legal Advisor

drop box

Industry: Technology

Remote work plans: Dropbox’s “virtual first” program, launched in April 2021, expects employees to work at least 90% of the time remotely and are only invited to come into the office for occasional team meetings, such as happy hours and special training sessions. .

Recent Remote Jobs: Associated with Strategic Resources

Allstate Insurance

Industry: Insurance

Remote working plans: A flexible working regime in effect from the beginning of 2020.

Recent Remote Jobs: Marketing Analytics Manager


Sector: Social networks

Remote work plans: Pinterest employees can work in all 50 U.S. states or in the country/region of Pinterest’s local office under the company’s “PinFlex” model, which was introduced in April 2022.

All employees are required to visit a Pinterest office at least once a year for “culture-building” activities, according to the company’s website.

Additionally, all full-time employees who have worked at Pinterest for at least six months can work outside of their country of employment for up to nine months per year (three months per country). Employees with less than six months of service can do so for up to 30 days in total.

Recent Remote Jobs: Product Analyst, Data Scientist


Industry: Technology

Remote work plans: Instacart’s “Flex First” model, announced in May 2022, allows more than 70% of its corporate employees to choose between working from home, from the office, or a combination of both. Workers can live anywhere in the country where they have a work permit, with some exceptions.

Recent remote job offers: business consultant


Industry: Technology

Remote work plans: allowing employees to work up to 90 days per calendar year from another location (state or city) in their country of employment.

Recent Remote Jobs: User Operations Associate, Partner Account Manager


Industry: oInternet, telecommunications

Remote work plans: Verizon’s Work Forward program, launched in February 2021, allows employees to choose between working from home, onsite, or in a hybrid setting. There is no company-wide mandate as to when or how often hybrid workers must be in the office.

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