The 10 largest rail tunnels in the country will become “smart” – Find out where they stand

The 10 largest rail tunnels in the country will become “smart” – Find out where they stand

The 10 largest rail tunnels will become ‘smart’ with the help of the Recovery Fund. By decision of the Ministry of Finance, the upgrade of the safety infrastructure of the 10 largest railway tunnels in the OSE using IoT intelligent systems has been included in the financing program of the fund.

In total, the project budget amounts to 38.57 million euros and is part of the Action “upgrading the rail network with a PPP project” with a total value of 130 million euros. The implementing body of the project is the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).

The aim of this project is, through the installation of intelligent systems, to provide a solution to the urgent safety problems of tunnels concerning the lack of fire detection – fire safety, the lack of lighting as well as the lack of monitoring of critical parameters of their health structure. The project includes all the necessary services (Pilot Operation, Production Operation, Training, hardware and application warranty) to ensure its inefficient transition to production operation.

What are the 10 longest railway tunnels in the country

But what are the 10 largest railway tunnels in the country? Below has secured for you the first ten railway tunnels made or built by ERGOSE, and which have a length of 2.2 to 9.2 km:

1. Kallidromou Tunnel: 9.0 km-Twin tunnel in Tithorea-Lianokladi section-Incoming traffic


2. Othryos tunnel: 6.4 km – Twin tunnel in the Lianokladi – Domokos section – In circulation

3. Tempo Tunnel: 5.0 km – Unique two-way tunnel on the Larissa-Thessaloniki section – In circulation

4. Panagopoula Tunnel: 4.4 km – Twin tunnel in the Aigio – Patras section – Construction completed – Commissioning expected in 2026

5. Perama tunnel: 3.5 km – Single track tunnel on the Iconio-Thriasio section – In circulation

6. Aigio Tunnel: 3.5 km – Single two-way tunnel on the Kiato – Aigio section – In circulation

7. Platanou tunnel: 2.7 km – Single two-way tunnel on the Kiato-Aegio section – In circulation


8. Platamonas Tunnel: 2.6 km – Unique two-way tunnel on the Larissa-Thessaloniki section – In circulation

9. Kakia Skala Tunnel: 2.4 km – Only two-way tunnel in the Athens-Corinth section – Inbound traffic

10. Bank Tunnel: 2.2 km – Single two-way tunnel on the Aegio section – Construction completed – Expected operation 2026

How he joined the Recovery Fund

As stated in the decision, after the tragic accident at Tempe, the significant and urgent need to cover all safety issues on the OSE rail network has been realized, with the aim of avoiding future accidents and ensuring the operation safe railway in accordance with European safety standards.

Regarding the security issues of the OSCE rail tunnels, they were found to have shortcomings in the basic security infrastructure, such as:
– The lack or insufficiency of infrastructures of modern and functional fire detection and safety systems
– Lack of lighting and marking of emergency exits
– The absence of a mechanism for inspection, maintenance and monitoring of the critical parameters of the structural health of these tunnels

The project will be implemented in 2 sub-projects, the following:

– Upgrading the safety infrastructure of the OSE’s 10 largest rail tunnels using IoT smart systems
– Support mechanism for the effective implementation of the project


The object of the project is to upgrade the security infrastructure in the next 10 largest OSE tunnels with a total length of 64.94 km using modern smart IoT systems. Specifically, the following interventions will be carried out:
1. Development of integrated intelligent fire detection systems for fire safety, through the installation of IoT smoke and fire detection sensors, which
transmit their status in real time to a central control panel
2. Development of smart tunnels to monitor their structural response in real time through modern IoT systems and methodologies
instrumental monitoring of structural health (Real Time Structural Health Monitoring – RTSHM)
3. Installation and operation of intelligent tunnel lighting and, in accordance with the law, photo-signalling of emergency exits with a remote management system

The project also includes the operation of a support mechanism for the effective support of the project. The object of the support mechanism is the correct and timely execution of the project, i.e. the provision of specialized technical support consultancy services, in order to ensure the effective implementation of the sub-project. principal in terms of consistency over time, quality and results in general. .

For the implementation of the above project, the memorandum of cooperation of 05/10/2023 (attached) was signed between the Ministry of Digital Governance and the TEE and decision n°146542/9.5.2023 of the Vice-Minister of Infrastructure and Transport has been published (AD: PSOVA465XTHX-YPSB). In order to make the 10 largest railway tunnels “smart”, a relevant competition will be organized.

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