The 28 year old Pakistani Sweeps – He came to Crete and learned Mandinades – Lasithi

The 28 year old Pakistani Sweeps – He came to Crete and learned Mandinades – Lasithi

Kamar, 28, fell in love with Crete. He worked in Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos and Ierapetra in various jobs, but ended up in Gra Lygia, where he works in the production and packaging of tomatoes.

  • Qatar from Pakistan, singing Cretan and folk songs, working in the greenhouse
  • He has been waiting for 6 years to obtain a residence and work permit in Greece.

Qamar, a 28-year-old Pakistani, has been living like thousands of his compatriots without a residence and work permit in our country for six years, waiting for immigration to change. The policy of Greece is to obtain the right to work legally when he has completed 7 years of residence in our country.

Is of those who love Greece and the Greeks. From those who do not want to leave for Italy, as thousands of their compatriots have done, because there they were promised rapid legalization, safe work and good wages.

THE Kamar, 28, fell in love with Crete. He worked in Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos and Ierapetra in various jobs, but ended up in the greenhouse of Matthias Skordilis and Fotini Koutroulis in Gra Lygia, where he works in the production and packaging of acorn type tomatoes, which he likes it a lot, because in addition to the fact that he considers the work easy and pleasant, he has the possibility, in collaboration with his bosses, of he learns Cretan songs and mandinades which they sing while working, as well as folk songs which he says express the suffering of workers and the insane as well as Pakistani songs with which he grew up.

We met him in the oak plantation of Matthaios Skordilis who worked singing Cretan songs with passion and in obviously broken Greek.

“My name is Kamar and I am 28 years old. I have been in Greece for 6 years and I have been working for 5 years in Ierapetra as an undocumented agricultural worker… From Pakistan I arrived via Iran until in Turkey and from there, after several days of hiking, I found a man who knew the paths and paying him with 3,000 euros, he put me from Turkey to Greece.

“I arrived in Greece at the age of 22, leaving my family to work. I am waiting to finish the seven years to have the right to stay and work legally. We are several thousand Pakistanis who remain undocumented in Greece and who know that the agricultural primary sector and the hotel and construction sectors need us immediately, because there are not enough workers. I don’t want to go to Italy where most of my compatriots go. I really like Ierapetra. My bosses are really nice guys. I have a great time with them working, singing and having fun with Cretan and folk songs. They teach me to speak and to I sing Greek and I like it very much. Cretan culture is very interesting”, Kamar, who rose to fame on social media through his videos of Cretan and folk songs, told us in broken Greek, while working in the greenhouse or in the warehouse where he packs sweet cherry tomatoes in plastic cups.

Kamar happily spends his day in the greenhouse with his employers, but they also have fun with him… working.

“The day passes pleasantly when you work with Kamar. Our worker has fun with the Cretan songs as well as the folk songs that we sing during work, but we also have fun with him, because he tries to imitate us by repeating the verse and melody in the broken Greek he knows.He is very fond of Cretan music and good Greek folk songs.

With him and with his other patriots whom we take from time to time in our work, we try to meet the great demands of a dear and very demanding culture, in order to be able to meet our obligations which, as you know, are very many .

Unfortunately, the state and all the political parties that are now asking for our vote have yet to convince us that they have a strategic plan that will help, if followed, to guarantee the sufficient number of workers whose tourism industry needs today. , construction and the primary sector. We are painfully approaching the end of the 2022-2023 growing season, but I don’t know what will happen next September when the new growing season begins, and all those Pakistani workers with their good and their bad – why don’t they are all impeccable – they will have left for Italy where they promise to deliver their residence and work papers to them in a few hours,” he told the neakriti.GR, Mr Mattheos Skordilis.

Even during the pre-election period, the question that parliamentary candidates are asked to answer, namely how the parties that will govern us, will ensure a sufficient number of workers, so that other development opportunities are not lost, has not not received a precise and honest answer.

“I am very disappointed with the level of political dialogue that is heard by the media when, among other things, the specific question is put to the candidates, since none of the major parties have to give us a tangible answer. tired of hearing big round words without content on issues related to the development of Ierapetra.

Enough is enough… We’ve had enough of words and promises… Let’s finally do something for rural Ierapetra which finds itself without university schools, without state public services, without hospitals, without museums and without agricultural workers”, added Mrs. Fotini Koutroulis.

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