The best and weirdest gadgets of the month – May 2023

The best and weirdest gadgets of the month – May 2023

In the most special gadgets for May we have a desk lamp that we place on the computer screen, a pair of sunglasses with integrated wireless headphones and a portable breathalyzer. Plus, in this month’s column, we have a portable electric pump, a small smart phone projector, and a power strip that doubles as a charger.

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Desk lamp that is placed on the computer screen

The Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar is a very useful accessory for computer users. It has a wireless remote control and has a total length of 52 cm.

The best and weirdest gadgets of the month - May 2023

In addition, it offers soft lighting that avoids glare on the screen and protects the eyes, as its lighting quality has received Ra95 certification. We can place the lamp on the computer screen and adjust the intensity of the light according to our needs.

The Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar Lamp is ideal for the office, home or any workplace. It works by connecting to a power bank or other sources with a USB Type-C port, or with two AAA batteries, and costs €40.02.

Hummer type off-road RC vehicle

The JJRC Q121 H1 HURTLE is a 1/12 scale off-road RC vehicle that looks like a Hummer. It has a unique and functional design and features full analog control and a 2.4 GHz wireless remote.

In addition, it has specially designed tires to respond to any type of surface, a 650 mAh battery, which offers up to 30 minutes of continuous use, and fully recharges in 150 minutes.

In addition, its construction is extremely durable and resists shocks and drops. The JJRC Q121 H1 HURTLE is available on the Banggood international online store for €80.37.

Portable LED lamp that recharges with solar energy

XMUND 2 is a lamp with an integrated solar panel that charges its 4800 mAh battery that offers up to 48 hours of continuous use. It has three lighting modes and we can use it as a flashlight or a lamp.

In addition, it has a hook for hanging or holding it, and it supports the function of charging devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Its price on Banggood is €6.36.

Sunglasses with built-in wireless headphones

The Lenovo Lecoo C8 is a smart combination of sunglasses and headphones. It is the ideal gadget for us who love sports or outdoor activities.

Their battery has a capacity of 120 mAh and gives the headphones up to 6 hours of autonomy, while they can be fully charged in 2 hours. Plus, they’re waterproof, have an anti-reflective coating, and support voice commands. Finally, they weigh only 32 grams and cost €20.01.

portable breathalyzer

The A20 portable breathalyzer is a portable breathalyzer that we can use to measure the level of alcohol in our breath. So we’re pretty sure we haven’t had too much alcohol and are safe to drive.

It features an easy-to-read HD display to view results, performs measurements with high sensitivity and accuracy, and supports an auto-off feature to save power.

The battery of the A20 portable alcohol tester has a capacity of 200 mAh and we can charge it through the USB Type-C port it has. Its price in the Banggood international online store is € 10.91.

Electric portable pump with LCD screen for all types of tires, and more

A pump can be useful in many cases. The portable electric pump in the photo is suitable for inflating car, motorcycle or bicycle tires. It also helps to inflate balls, inflatable pools and other related items.

In addition, it has an LCD screen to show tire pressure, air pressure and battery charge level. Finally, it has a battery with a capacity of 2,000 mAh, recharges via a USB Type-C port, and costs €33.11.

Cable with LED display that shows the charging power

BlitzWolf BW-TC23 is a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable that we can use to transfer data and charge devices with power up to 100W.

The cable supports PD3.0, PPS, QC4.0+ and QC3.0 technologies, is 1 meter long and is made of quality materials for durability and longevity. The built-in LED display allows real-time charging power monitoring. The BlitzWolf BW-TC23 costs €6.54.

Small smartphone projector

Bakeey VP2 Mini Projector is a portable smartphone projector and can project videos from the smartphone onto any surface. The projection resolution is 320P and the brightness is 150 Lux.

In addition to viewing videos, the mobile viewer allows mirroring of any content displayed on the mobile screen. Moreover, it has stereo speakers for better sound performance. Its price in the Banggood international online store is €24.56.

Powerful electric water gun

The KROAK 500W is a self-contained portable cleaning system with a high pressure water spray pump. It has a power of 500W and the maximum spray pressure is 50Bar. Its battery has a capacity of 12,000 mAh and offers 30 minutes of continuous operation.

This is an easy-to-use electric water gun that can be used to clean your car, windows, outdoor floors, etc.

In its box there are various accessories, such as spray nozzles and a special tool for cleaning the car. We can get it at Banggood for €83.04.

Power strip and device charger with 2500 W power

The BlitzWolf BW-PC1 is a power strip with three mains sockets and three USB ports. In addition, it can charge multiple devices at the same time, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and others, offering a total power of up to 2500W.

The best and weirdest gadgets of the month - May 2023

The USB Type-C port provides up to 20W charging power, while the two USB Type-A ports can charge devices with power up to 18W using QC3.0 technology.

AC outlets act as conventional outlets and provide overload and short circuit protection to keep our devices safe. The BlitzWolf BW-PC1 costs €14.73.

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