The bubble of everything turns into an absolute collapse – “Harakiri” at 95% of assets

The bubble of everything turns into an absolute collapse – “Harakiri” at 95% of assets

Perhaps a step before Harakiri… says Gold Switzerland

A recent report from Gold Switzerland…
In particular, as reported by the Swiss investment house,
most investors are completely unaware of the purpose or historical significance of gold.
“Gold is the only… store of value that has survived, but almost no one knows this vital information.
This is why only 0.5% of global financial assets are invested in gold.
On the other hand, most people trust fiat currencies…”.
This ignorance leads to losses…
For example, if investors had put their money into gold at the start of this century, today they would have seen their investment multiply by 7x or more, depending on their base currency.
And yes, gold has risen dramatically over the past two decades.
What else is going on?
Should investors have poured their money into stocks, bonds and real estate to such an extent that it turned into an unprecedented bubble?
Well, the emphatic answer to that is obviously NO.
Since governments and central banks are the biggest supporters of gold, owning gold is SINE QUA NON.
“The everything bubble will degenerate into the ultimate meltdown, with all bubble assets falling between 75% and 95% in real terms,” Gold Switzerland claims.
The biggest meltdown will, of course, be in the $300 trillion debt market.
But before this debt meltdown, Western governments and central banks will have stifled financial markets through what is called “quantitative easing”.
So far, because of this bad policy, four banks have been “murdered”… One Swiss, Credit Suisse, and 3 Americans, Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic.
After the 2008 banking crisis, the authorities assured that there would be no more bailouts.
These are brave words that we know will not be implemented.
Rumors – and only – that depositors were withdrawing hundreds of millions or billions from Credit Suisse or Silicon Valley Bank meant that central banks had hours to bail out the banking system.

“Bank run”

Bank runs are no longer caused by depositors queuing at bank doors, but by news spreading within minutes via social media.
To keep the system from collapsing, central bankers had to shut everything down.
So we come back to the bailouts.
And what we’ve seen so far is just the very beginning.
The system is rotten and broken (hence the bankruptcy of BANCA ROTTA).
The more than $2 trillion in global derivatives outstanding is highly susceptible to turning into debt if counterparties default.
Then real money printing will start.
But global risks are mounting: from Ukraine and the threat of nuclear war to the possibility of another debt crisis.
Since Western governments and central banks know that the system is about to collapse, they do everything they can to control the people.
Covid vaccines, lockdowns, global warming were just the start. Then come the CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies).
This will be the perfect way for governments to control their people by having full control over their money.

Mitigate risk

Obviously, very few can escape what’s to come, but anyone who can should really explore all alternatives, says Gold Switzerland.
“What most people can do with their savings is their own physical gold and some silver
Because it is certain that paper money in the next phase will reach its intrinsic value, i.e. ZERO. as Voltaire said.
What will happen to the dollar, euro, pound or yen?
Their value will decrease by 50% or maybe even 100%.
Given that all currencies have lost 97-99% against gold since 1971, we are likely to experience at least the same decline over the next 5 years…
And for anyone who thinks the stock market will protect them from the impending collapse of the financial system, the news is bad:
“The Dow-gold ratio, currently at 17, should reach at least the 1980 level of 1:1.
That would mean a 94% decline in stocks versus gold from current levels.
But I think it could easily hit the 0.5:1 trendline, which means the Dow would be down 97% against gold,” the Swiss house analyst concludes.

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