The Cyclades, an exotic destination for Greeks

The Cyclades, an exotic destination for Greeks

The Cyclades, an exotic destination for Greeks

The increased demand from abroad for holidays in Greece, combined with the limited supply of accommodation, is causing prices to rise sharply. “Half of the accommodation available was 100 euros per night, grandmother and grandfather’s room,” said “K” a private employee who was looking for a room for the summer. [SHUTTERSTOCK]

“In March, my friends and I started looking bedroom In Patmos. Accustomed to times that now seem like a distant past, years when we booked a room on the islands two weeks before and a month before the vacation, I thought it was too soon. Besides, we will be going on vacation in August, five months after having started looking for the coveted room. After all, we were already late. I started calling you rooms for rent in Chora of the island. After dozens of phone calls, it became clear they were all booked. There was not a single room available for early August. A friend was looking in other areas of the island but either it was too far and not convenient prices were also very expensive accommodation In poor condition. Finally we found one Airbnb, small but very beautiful, close to Chora, at full price of course. Before booking, we searched a bit to see if we could find something cheaper on other islands. We have telephones in Schinoussa, in Lipsi, nothing, everything is full. In March. After closing the house, we started the investigation at boat tickets. Was it worth having a car or renting it? A friend of the group started getting calls for cars in Patmos. We only found one available for the August days we were interested in. In March!”. The experience of M., who tell today in “K”is familiar to many, especially in recent summers.

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This year, however, it looks like things have gotten even worse in terms of finding rooms on the islands and rising prices for accommodation and ferry tickets, as we say in “K” future vacationers. A month ago, the businessman Hector Seilopoulos started looking for a triple room at Sifnos, the last weekend of July. “We can’t find”, said to “K”, “or you can find very expensive single rooms with more or some crappy stuff, which again are considered expensive, the price is around 150 euros per night”. He picked up phones in rooms and hotels, searched Airbnb, but still nothing. “All this puts pressure on me,” he says, pointing out that it is impossible not to go to the island on these days because he is invited to a wedding, “and this is the first time that I have bothers to find accommodation on an island so many months ago.”

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They have been looking since March to book a room in August – Ferry tickets are also expensive – Typical “K” testimonials.

The private employee says the same thing Mika Germanou. For several years, Ms. Germanou has been spending her summers at Anafi. “4-5 years ago”, refers to “K”, “I found a very economical room at Anafi, the same day”. This year he started looking two weeks ago – “which for me is early”, he notes – and again for August, both in Anafi as in Donoussa, he finds nothing. Prices had gone up since last year at Anafi, where he says the room costs 65-70 euros. “Prices and reservations have gone up,” she says, adding that she took more than 20 phone calls, looked into the reservation and Airbnb, asked her acquaintances for a room.

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“If we don’t find it, either I’ll stay in a tent or we’ll have to change our destination and go to a big island,” he says. However, it wasn’t just the prices that changed her idea of ​​a holiday. “It’s been a mess for the past 2-3 years, which I can’t remember before,” she says, pointing out that while on vacation last year, she had to close all the restaurants she went to eat while she was in Teno, three weeks before his departure. “You can’t do anything spontaneous” explain to “K”. She is also a private employee. Athina Katsari tells “K” how to go on vacation Spetses in July, he booked a room in February. “Even for the beginning of June where he was looking, 80% were reserved”, he says, pointing out that there too he noticed a big increase in prices compared to the last time he was on the island, in 2020. “Half of the available accommodation was 100 euros a night, grandma and grandpa’s room – again I’m giving the 150 to get it up front,” he notes. made everything too expensive, it shows everywhere now, I didn’t learn during these holidays,” he says.

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And on the other hand, some have taken stock of the new data and have decided that this year they will not go to the islands. “I just looked at room and cruise prices and didn’t even get into the process.” said the head of the family to “K”., who did not want to be named. After a quick search, he realized that a family of four with a regular car needed 780 euros to get to Apple All Back. “With a rough estimate, it takes two and a half thousand euros for a week,” he says. “I’m afraid that soon,” said to “K”“we will see them Cyclades only on the map”.

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