The five women of the interim government

The five women of the interim government

Five women are among its members service governmentwhich was formed under Prime Minister John Sharmato lead the country to June 25, 2023 elections.

Here are the ministers:

  • of Development and Investments, Eleni Louri,
  • Labor and Social Affairs, Patrina Paparrigopoulou,
  • Health, Anastasia Kotanidou,
  • Interiors, Kalliopi Spanou,
  • of Tourism, Ioanna Dretta.

Eleni Louri: The biography of the Minister of Development

Eleni Louri-Dendrinou was born in Athens. He studied at Athens University of Economics (Department of Economics degree), London School of Economics (M.Sc.Econ) and Oxford University (D.Phil. Economy).

His research interests focus on the areas of industrial organization and market dynamics, foreign direct investment and international economic, financial and banking strategy. Since 2001, she has been a professor in the Department of Economics at the OPA and since November 2015 chair of the Department.


She has worked as an assistant and associate professor in the same department and has been a visiting professor at Oxford University and the London School of Economics where she remains a research partner. He has participated in many conferences and has taught and given seminars and presentations in many European universities and central banks. In October 2015, he gave a series of lectures at universities in the United States and Canada such as Simon Fraser, Berkeley, Yale, Fordham, Sacramento, Georgetown, American, Brookings and Peterson Institute and the World Bank with a scholarship from the US Onassis Foundation.

He has worked in research projects of international organizations such as the OECD, the World Bank, the CEPR and the European Commission. He was also an alternate member of the Hellenic Competition Commission.

He has published numerous articles in international academic journals such as Oxford Economic Papers, Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, International Review of Financial Analysis, Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, Review of Industrial Organization, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, International Journal of Production Economics, Urban Studies, Finance Research Letters, Review of Financial Economics, Bulletin of Economic Research and International Journal of Finance and Economics and served as reviewer for many of them.

From June 2008 to June 2014, he was Deputy Governor of the Bank of Greece, responsible for monetary policy, banking consolidation, currency, cash management and statistics. At the same time, he was Chairman of the Deposit and Investment Guarantee Fund and a member of the International Relations Commission of the European Central Bank.

He is a member of the board of directors. of IOBE and the Advisory Council of the Hellenic Observatory (LSE) and Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Cultural Center of the Bank of Greece, which includes the historical archives, collections, publications and the educational museum of the bank. Since 2016, he has been a member of the Board of Appeal of the European Banking Resolution Mechanism in Brussels.

Patrina Paparrigopoulou: The biography of the Minister of Labor

Patrina Paparrigopoulou-Pehlivanidis is a professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Athens in public law with a specialization in social protection law. He is a member of the DSA, a lawyer at the Supreme Court since 1997 and practices mainly in matters of public law and insurance and health law.

Patrina Paparrigopoulou. INTIMATE Photo/ VLASSOPOULOU ISMINI

He has been a legal adviser to social security organizations and companies. She was: adviser to the Deputy Minister of Social Security in 2002-2003, deputy mediator, responsible for social protection issues, in the period 2003-2008, member of the EKPA professors’ committee for legal and technical draft law which was later adopted under reference N. 3029/2002, member of the Committee of experts and social partners for the reform of insurance (law 3863/2010), alternate member of the Security Council (SKA) (2012-2014), alternate member of the National Authority for Medically Assisted Procreation (2014-2016), member of the Central Legislative Committee of Greece (2016-2019), member of the working group for reform supplementary insurance (2019), the committee for the reform of family law at the Ministry of Justice (2020). He has also worked as an expert for ESC and ESB and MISSOC. He is a member of the Committee of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs for the acceleration of the granting of pensions.

He has a rich written work which includes the books Social Security Law, 3 ed. Law Library, 2019, The Public Law of Health, ed. Law Library, 2nd ed. 2016, The Evolution of Social Security Law, More Market and More State, ed. Ant. N. Sakkoula, 2004, “Ancillary social security in European competition law”, ed.Ant. N. Sakkoula, 2002, and numerous articles.

Anastasia Kotanidou: The biography of the Minister of Health

Anastasia Kotanidou is a doctor, professor of intensive care, EKPA. During the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece, he was a member of the ministry’s expert committee and chairman of the committee for the design of new intensive care unit beds.


Anastasia Kotanidou was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated from medical school in Sofia and in the 1980s he went to Greece. He first took the specialty of Pulmonology at the Athens General Hospital for Infectious Diseases and in 1994 acquired the specialty of Intensive Care. In 2009, she became Associate Professor of Pulmonology-Intensive Care at the University of Athens. He works as an intensivist at Evangelismos Hospital.

Kalliopi Spanou: The biography of the Minister of the Interior

Kalliopi Spanou is Professor of Administrative Sciences at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens. He studied public law and political science and did graduate studies (University of Picardie) in France (DEA Sciences Administratives) where he received the title of Doctor of State in Political Sciences specializing in Administrative Sciences (Very Honorable Mention ). During her studies, she received scholarships from the Stasinopoulos Foundation and the Ministry of National Economy (NATO). His thesis received a publication grant from the French State.


He has been teaching at the PEDD Department of EKPA since 1989, while he has also taught at the University of Amiens, the University of Paris II and the University of Versailles. He was a CNRS/EIE scholarship holder at the Center des Recherches Administratives, visiting professor at the Government Department of the LSE and at Nuffield College (Oxford). In February-July 2016, she was invited as a “Schuman Fellow” at the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies, European University of Florence and in July 2018, guest researcher at the Fondation de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (Paris ).

In May 2011, he was elected Ombudsman by the Conference of Speakers of the Chamber, a position he left in October 2015. From 2003 to 2011, he also served as Deputy Ombudsman.

She was Director of the State and Public Policy Graduate Program, Academic Advisor at the National Center for Public Administration and taught for many years at the National School of Public Administration. He was scientific advisor to the Ministry of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization and participated in various expert committees. He works as a consultant to the OECD on public administration issues.

He was President of the Hellenic Society of Political Science and member of the Steering Committee of the European Group of Public Administration, IISA.

His research interests focus on public administration and public policy issues (administration-citizen relations, administration-democracy, administrative reforms, environmental policies, social policy, administrative dimensions of Europeanization, etc.). She participates in European research networks and has carried out three European programs as scientific manager for Greece, as well as a series of research programs in Greece.

Ioanna Dretta: The biography of the Minister of Tourism

Ioanna Dretta is CEO of Marketing Greece, a company of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) with the aim of promoting Greece internationally. During her 20-year career, she has held positions of responsibility in the private and public sector in different sectors of economic activity, taking charge of the management of complex environments and achieving positive results. He graduated in Civil Engineering from NTUA, with postgraduate degrees from Imperial College London (MSc) and Harvard Kennedy School (Masters in Public Administration).


The composition of the interim government

The new ministers of the interim government are:

State of Vassilis Skouris,
Finance Theodoros Pelagidis,
of Development and Investment Eleni Louri,
Vassilis Kaskarelis of Foreign Affairs,
of National Defense Alcibiades Stefanis,
education and religion Christos Kittas,
Labor and Social Affairs Patrina Paparrigopoulou,
Health Anastasia Kotanidou,
Environment and Energy Pantelis Kapros,
Protection of Citizen Charalambos Lalousis,
of Culture and Sports Giorgos Koumentakis,
Judge Philippos Spyropoulos,
Interiors Kalliopi Spanou,
of Immigration and Asylum Daniel Esdras,
digital government Sokratis Katsikas,
Infrastructure and Transport Yannis Golias,
Maritime and Island Policy Theodoros Kliaris,
Rural Development and Food Giorgos Tsakiris,
Tourism Ioanna Dretta,
Climate crisis and civil protection Evangelos Tournas
The government representative is Ilias Siakandaris.

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