The Habit That Helps You Manage Your Emotions

The Habit That Helps You Manage Your Emotions

The Habit That Helps You Manage Your Emotions

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It often happens that most of us feel the stress overwhelming us. A strict deadline at work, family obligations, an intense daily life risk exhausting us emotionally. Maybe they even scare us.

So we tend to say “I’m stressed/I’m angry/I’m upset/I can’t concentrate……”. It’s something very normal to feel here and there.
But what if we spend every day this way?

If we don’t do anything to control the influence that emotions have on us, here’s what happens: we create patterns and we get used to feeling depressed, nervous and angry. Over time, we see them as something normal. Even more, we take for granted that these feelings are an integral part of our character.

What is a habit that can help us recognize and manage our emotions?


When we listen loggingobviously our mind also goes to the era of childhood and adolescent diaries, which is not far from the modern version, only here we are talking about our adult reality which is printed on the paperwith all our feelings and thoughts.

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What are the benefits of journaling?

Although it seems such a simple practice that it makes you wonder if you have anything to gain from recording your thoughts and feelings, the benefits are manifold.

Journaling helps you see any situation more clearly objectively, even if it’s your own feelings.

  • It helps you clarify exactly how you feel when you are confused or when there are too many thoughts in your mind.
  • Writing something down on paper – a thought, a feeling, a situation that bothers you – is easier to explore itexamine it, even question it.
  • When everything in your head can be chaotic and it feels like nothing is in your control or reach, putting it all on paper will allow you to catch your breath. to clear your mindgain a new perspective on things
  • It is also the ideal way to to fix objectives in the most honest and authentic way. Writing down your goals is the most effective way to achieve them, as visualizing them is a powerful tool recommended by mental health experts.

However, don’t keep in mind that every time you journal, you have to come to a conclusion. Even the simple act of writing down your thoughts or feelings can relieve you of negative emotions, such as anxiety, sadness, “overwhelm” (being overwhelmed by strong emotions that you cannot handle and that keep you immobilized often).

You can choose to write about a specific topic that concerns you or write what comes to mind without trying to put things in order. The choice is yours.

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How is it possible?

The beauty of recording everything in a diary is knowing how there is no right or wrong way, to do it. Just put this practice into your life and try what works best for you.

Some days your entries will be long, like the reports we used to write in school, and others you’ll just write down the inspiration and goals you set for yourself with bullet points. (The list of supermarkets is best kept off this calendar).

How to start:

Journaling is something completely personal, so that each of us can write on the subject of our choice, whenever we want. There are no rules. The journal is a safe place where you can express yourself however you want. A personal and quiet space that will help you to more easily listen to your soul, mind and body. Even one line per dayit will surely benefit you.

At first it may seem a bit strange and chaotic. Maybe you don’t know what to write, or you don’t feel comfortable with yourself or your thoughts. But along the way, it will be easier to express yourself.

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You can start from:

  • Record the dreams you saw in your sleep
  • Today’s Events
  • The first thought you have in the morning
  • Plans and goals for the day ahead
  • Financial and professional goals
  • Details of family, friendship and love relationships, events, feelings and desires
  • Your feelings in the moment, honestly
  • Scenario of the ideal day or the ideal life
  • Things we would change in our daily lives to achieve our emotional, mental, physical, materialistic and spiritual goals
  • Memories that come to mind
  • Letter to someone you’d like to talk honestly about and get everything you have about them (without having to give it to that person)

The timing doesn’t have to be perfect. Neither externally nor internally. But because we tend to be drawn to beautiful things, we tend to use something extra when we like it aesthetically. There are dedicated diaries for journaling, but also simple notebooks that you can use for this purpose. Try it and see the difference!

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