The health benefits of bathing in the cold sea

The health benefits of bathing in the cold sea

Even if the water temperature is still low, enjoy it and don’t hesitate to swim. Read below and you will see the reasons why it is worth trying.

I am not brave. In the past, the first summer bath for me was in August, when the water had warmed up for good. And even then it took me about 1 quarter to make up my mind and take the first dive. I belong, you see, to the category of “coolies” and I think I find a lot of supporters in the group. This was the case until a few years ago, when reading a research on cold water and the beneficial properties it gives to our health, I made the decision to try to take the first baths in was much earlier.

I admit it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve done, but each time I entered the cold sea, I felt like the habit was getting more passable day by day. If you think about it, you can start by taking cold showers to get used to the idea, but certainly bathing in the sea (and even with cold water) is at least refreshing. As difficult as it may seem, learn how cold water “therapy” offers many health benefits.

The benefits of bathing in the cold sea
Cardiovascular system: Cold water is very good for the heart, as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. This was confirmed by a 2005 study in which a group of young men were immersed in cold water at 14 degrees Celsius, where it was observed that adrenaline levels increased by 530%, dopamine by 250 %, while there was a decrease in heart of 5%, systolic pressure of 7% and diastolic pressure of 8%. On the other hand, the reduction in cortisol levels – the stress hormone – was noticeable. At the same time, according to another study, a decrease in triglyceride and homocysteine ​​levels was observed. However, it is important to note that immersion in cold water can be dangerous for people with heart disease, as it increases the risk of arrhythmia.

Immune system: And even if you’re worried about catching a cold from cold water, the truth is, it could improve your immune function. According to a 2016 study conducted in the Netherlands, 3018 participants took a hot shower followed by a cold shower for 30, 60 and 120 seconds. Some of them didn’t have to be in the cold shower group, so there’s a comparison. In more detail, this “habit” continued for about 3 months. In particular, the results showed that cold showers could reduce days missed from work due to the flu by 29%. But what was observed is that the duration of exposure did not play a role in the results, because in fact the benefits of cold water appear from the first seconds.

Inflammation : Many athletes, dancers and singers, after a demanding training or competition respectively, enter baths with cold water or ice cubes. This helps soothe sore muscles, essentially reducing temperature and swelling caused by reduced blood flow to that area.

Mental Health: It is no coincidence that cold water is often used in the treatment of mental health problems. Specifically, there are many cold receptors in the skin, so when the brain is exposed to cold water, it feels like it’s being bombarded with electrical impulses, releasing beta-endorphins and norepinephrine. that help the symptoms of depression. In fact, a case has been recorded in which a 24-year-old woman with severe symptoms of depression failed to respond to treatment with pills. However, after a year of regular swimming in the cold sea, her depression improved and she was completely free from her previous treatment.

Weightloss: According to experts, bathing in cold water can help the weight loss process, perhaps by speeding up the metabolic rate. After all, it is no coincidence that this rate was higher among people who swim frequently in cold water. Specifically, according to science, exposure to cold water can increase the number of brown fat cells, which helps you burn more calories.

In any case, if you know you have a disease or in your history there are incidents of cardiovascular disease, you should ask your doctor if a cold bath is a good idea. If there is no problem, I suggest you try it and put it in your life, since I did it, so did you (as former president of the cryuliari group).

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