The key to EBITDA is the mean

The key to EBITDA is the mean

Candidates with an average of less than 14.5 cannot declare all the sections in their computer file, because they do not exceed the limit of the minimum basis for admission (EBA). For some departments, this makes no sense in practice, since they are based on more than 17,000 points, with the consequence that whether or not an applicant declares them, he will not be admitted to these departments.

There are, however, 156 departments in which vacancies were left due to EBE, 34.51% of departments, which had vacancies because interested candidates did not cross the EBE threshold to qualify. to declare them. Do not rush to think that these are departments located in remote areas where demand is low, due to limited interest from candidates.

2,060 student places remained vacant in Athens and Thessaloniki. Some of these departments, with vacancies, are very worthy. 12 departments at the University of Athens, 13 departments at the University of Thessaloniki and 1 department each at Metsovio, Panteio, the University of Macedonia. Of course, we also had many vacancies in the Universities of the Region: 12 Departments of the University of Patras, 7 Departments of the University of Crete, 4 Departments of the University of Ioannina, 7 Departments of the Democritus and the list goes on. We also had vacancies at the Ewelpid School, the Sea Cadet School, and the Permanent Army Non-Commissioned Officer School.

The subjects of study are very varied: philology, history and archaeology, philosophy, architects, electrical and computer engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, mathematics, physics, physiotherapy, nursing, business administration, accounting and finance, masters and engineers of the merchant navy. and of course the military we mentioned above. These are schools with full professional rights.

In the table you can see in detail the 64 departments that had an EBE above 10 and had 3,619 vacancies. In some of these sections of the list, special courses are required for admission, so there is also the EBE of special courses, which make admission difficult, such as foreign philologies and architecture.

Of the 156 departments in the list of departments with vacancies, 64 require an average of more than 10 for the candidate to apply. If a candidate overcomes the scope of the EBE and manages to declare one of the departments that had vacancies, he will definitely pass, because there are vacancies. Of course, these are last year’s figures, but this year the situation should be the same for the candidates.

What can a candidate do who expects a score below 14.5 on average, so that he cannot declare any of the departments he wants that had vacancies last year? But pay attention to the average of the 4 courses, since it is the criterion for crossing the EBE barrier. The mean is affected by the extremes. A very poor performance in a course lowers the cumulative grade point average. On the contrary, a very good performance in a course can raise the average dramatically. Therefore, try in the remaining time to focus on the course or courses that can more easily give you a lot of credits. It takes a lot of effort to improve your math score by 3 points. It’s easier to do it in Economics, for example.

So we read all the lessons and, based on our goals, we put our weight where it needs to be. If we try to exceed the EBE limit, we read the courses that can increase our average. If we target some of the sought after schools, we try to fill in the gaps in the courses that we are not so good at, so that we can also take a lot of credits from those courses in order to accumulate as many credits as possible. Here we must note the different weight of each course, which can give us more points in certain sections.

This varies from department to department, even within departments of the same subject. In the departments of law, for example, in Athens and Komotini, the four courses are equal, while in Thessaloniki, the modern Greek language and the ancient Greek have a coefficient of 30%, against 20% for the other two courses. It therefore does not make sense to study certain subjects more than others in order to take advantage of the additional credits that we could obtain if we aim for the law. Something similar happens with medicine. Only the section of Patras differentiates the coefficients. In all other respects, the 4 courses are equal. So, let’s remove the coefficients of gravity from the molecular equation so as not to complicate things.

Panhellenic 2022: Departments with EBITDA>10 and vacancies
Name Institution Field EBITDA Empty
of Agronomists and Surveying Engineers – Geoinformatics Engineers (Athens) NTU 2 2:25 p.m. 20
of Aerospace Science and Technology (Psachna Evia) EKPA 2 10.68 34
Use of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering (Athens) agricultural university 2&3 11.87 19
of Architectural Engineering (Patras) Pan. patras 2 3:33 p.m. 65
Balkan Slavs. and Oriental Studies (Thessaloniki) Pan. maced. 1&4 12.54 44
of Biomedical Sciences (Thessaloniki) International University. Greece 3 2:43 p.m. 14
of Geology and Geoenvironment (Athens) EKPA 2 11.28 34
of Geology (Patras) Pan. patras 2 10.09 61
Graphic and visual communication (Aigaleo) Pan. West Attica 2&4 11.15 51
ports and maritime management (Psachna Evia) EKPA 4 10:45 a.m. 9
of Business Administration (Egaleo) Pan. West Attica 4 12.54 43
organizations, marketing and tourism management (Thessaloniki) International University. Greece 4 11.5 98
of the Tourism Administration (Aigaleo) Pan. West Attica 4 11.04 12
Pedagogical Mechanical Engineers (Maroussi) RELAX 2 10.09 12
Pedagogical Civil Engineers (Maroussi) RELAX 2 10.09 50
of Nutrition and Dietetic Sciences (Thessaloniki) International University. Greece 3 2:43 p.m. 11
Evelpidon (SSE) – Weapon Series Gen. Army Schools 2 2:25 p.m. 139
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Xanthi) DPTH 2 2:25 p.m. 72
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Kozani) Pan. West Macé. 2 2:25 p.m. 127
Electrical and Computer Engineering (Chania) Pol. Crete 2 2:25 p.m. 3
of theatrical studies (Patras) Pan. patras 1 10.1 68
of History and Archeology (Thessaloniki) AUTH 1 13.62 59
of history and archeology (Ioannina) Pan. Ioannina 1 10.22 111
of social and educational policy (Corinth) Pan. Pel/island 1 10.78 56
accounting and information systems (Thessaloniki) International University. Greece 4 11.5 27
Speech therapy (Patras) Pan. patras 3 13.83 39
of Mathematics (Athens) EKPA 2 2:25 p.m. 30
of mathematics (Thessaloniki) AUTH 2 2:25 p.m. 37
of Mathematics (Ioannina) Pan. Ioannina 2 12:47 174
of Computer and Computer Engineering (Ioannina) Pan. Ioannina 2 2:25 p.m. 162
of Computer and Computer Engineering (Patra) Pan. patras 2 2:25 p.m. 66
of Production and Management Engineering (Chania) Pol. Crete 2&4 12.54 18
Mechanical Engineering (Aigaleo) Pan. West Attica 2 13.18 26
Mechanical Engineering (Kozani) Pan. West Mace. 2 2:25 p.m. 34
Permanent Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) – Arms Series Gen. Army Schools 2 11.87 42
of musical studies (Athens) EKPA 1&2&3&4 10.59 22
of musical studies (Thessaloniki) AUTH 1&2&3&4 10.59 20
Sea Cadets (SND) Combat Gen. Series Army Schools 2 2:25 p.m. 16
shipping and business services (Chios) Pan. Aegean 4 10:45 a.m. 102
Nursing (Egaleo) Pan. West Attica 3 13.23 72
Nursing (Didymoteicho) International University. Greece 3 12.03 109
Nursing (Tripoli) Pan. Pel/island 3 10.83 71
Economic and Regional Development (Athens) Pantheon 4 12.54 28
of economy (Patras) Pan. patras 4 12.54 54
of economy (Rethymno) Pan. Crete 4 11.5 105
economy (Tripoli) Pan. Pel/island 4 10:45 a.m. 6
Kindergarten Pedagogy (Florina) Pan. West Mace. 1&2&3&4 10:45 a.m. 3
IT (Kavala) International University. Greece 2&4 11.5 77
of political science and international relations (Corinth) Pan. Pel/island 1 11.92 68
of Civil Engineering (Patras) Pan. patras 2 2:25 p.m. 8
Turkish Studies and Modern Asian Studies (Athens) EKPA 1 11:35 a.m. 66
of philology (Kalamata) Pan. Pel/island 1 10.22 87
of Philology (Athens) EKPA 1 13.62 97
of Philology (Thessaloniki) AUTH 1 13.62 95
of Philology (Ioannina) Pan. Ioannina 1 10.22 65
of Philology (Patras) Pan. patras 1 11:35 a.m. 32
of Philosophy – Pedagogy (Thessaloniki) AUTH 1 13.62 103
of Philosophy (Athens) EKPA 1 12:49 56
Physics (Heraklion) Pan. Crete 2 12:47 66
Physics (Thessaloniki) AUTH 2 2:25 p.m. 29
Physics (Ioannina) Pan. Ioannina 2 12:47 148
Physics (Patras) Pan. patras 2 11.87 56
Physiotherapy (Lamia) Pan. Thessaly 3 2:43 p.m. 49
chemical engineering (Kozani) Pan. West Mace. 2 2:25 p.m. 42
Total 3619
Study: Stratos Stratigakis

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