The new Renault Master professional ready for delivery

The new Renault Master professional ready for delivery

It has been 43 years since Renault presented the Master. Since then, the utility vehicle has undergone many changes and improvements, and today’s light truck is nothing like its predecessors. Of course, Renault has even greater experience in the field of trucks since its history begins 120 years ago. Since then till today, it has improved the quality according to buyers’ demands as well as ever-changing conditions.

Today, the Renault group’s light trucks benefit from the same design, the same manufacturing quality and the same connectivity as passenger cars. In order to meet the new needs of customers, the new Master is enriched both in terms of design and equipment and technologically, with an imposing design, a new Twin Turbo diesel engine, possibilities for customizing the cabin, unequaled robustness, driving comfort and a cabin with multiple connectivity options.

Acquiring a new front view, the new Master is also renewed inside offering improved tangible quality, within a more functional and practical passenger area, with chrome decorations, new upholstery and equipment similar to a mobile office. The new 2.3 Blue dCi Twin Turbo diesel engine offers increased power and torque, but also reduced fuel consumption.

Updated front view
The completely redesigned design harmonizes with the aesthetic identity common to the other models in the Renault commercial vehicle range. It’s tough with a dynamic front end defined by the new vertically designed grille, C-shaped light signature, raised hood line and upgraded bumper and front fenders.

Improved interior design
The new Master adopts passenger vehicle standards. The interior is improved with the use of higher quality materials which are darker and less shiny. The designers redesigned the lines, making them more horizontal, simpler and cleaner.

It has a redesigned dashboard with large open or closed storage areas, chrome trim on the air vents, climate control buttons and a new steering wheel, a new gear lever handle, black with chrome frame, a new upholstery, more high technology and a dashboard with TFT 3 digital screens, 5 inches.

Whatever the multimedia system used (R-LINK Evolution or Media Nav Evolution), it fully integrates the navigation screen in the central part of the dashboard.

2.3 Blue dCi Twin Turbo diesel engine with more power
The new Master is equipped with a new 2.3 Blue dCi Twin Turbo diesel engine which responds even better to the needs of the professional.

• Engine complies with Euro 6D – FULL emission standards and features Twin Turbo technology
• It has an increased power of 135 hp and a torque of 360 Nm, for dynamism and immediate response
• Ensures a significant reduction in consumption of up to 1 l/100 km (compared to older sets).
The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox and is fitted with the latest anti-pollution technologies such as the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.

Large cargo space
The new Master has one of the largest storage spaces in the driver’s cabin in its class (up to 105 litres). For more practicality, the cockpit has been redesigned with:
• The new “Easy Life” coffee table, above the glove compartment, which opens with the touch of a finger and offers additional work space, but also space for a quick meal with a large door – goblet in the center
• A spacious 10.5 liter “Easy Life” drawer for easier access
• Efficient multimedia solutions with networking capabilities:
– R-LINK evolution
– Media Nav Evolution (compatible with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™, depending on version).

The new Master modernizes the loading area so that professionals can work more efficiently in all conditions with new LED lighting, which ensures 5 times more lighting power inside, new ergonomic handles to facilitate entry and exit from the vehicle, 1 at least at the rear, 2 with a sliding door and 3 if there are two sliding doors, which are robust, easily accessible and ideally positioned for easy rear and side access and automatic headlights and wipers as standard.

With 3 heights and 3 lengths, the new Renault Master adapts perfectly to the needs of professionals. It is available in front-wheel drive and is designed to withstand heavy loads and comes in a very wide range of versions, with a maximum authorized weight of 3.5 tonnes (for driving without a tachograph and without a professional licence), offering a load useful of approximately 1.5 tonnes and useful volume of 8 to 14.8 m3.

The Master’s production site since 1980 has been the Renault plant in Batilly, France. Since the launch of the Master, 2.4 million units have been sold, in more than 50 countries. Every year since 2014, the Master has recorded record sales!
Edited by: Periklis Halatsis

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