The problems identified by the GC of PENEN on the line Corfu – Igoumenitsa – Lefkimmi – Corfu Today – Corfu News

The problems identified by the GC of PENEN on the line Corfu – Igoumenitsa – Lefkimmi – Corfu Today – Corfu News

By decision of the board of directors of the Panhellenic Union of Merchant Seamen, General Fotis Kiskiras visited and visited all the ships of the above line.

During the meetings that took place on all the ships, a number of issues emerged from the side of our members and all the crews.

It is specified that during the meetings by ship, the Secretary General of PENEN gave a lot of information to the crews on all the current problems facing the maritime world of our country.

In particular, he noted that labor problems are getting worse, that maritime delinquency continues and that the YEN with its services is turning its back and legitimizing their arbitrariness.

He spoke of social security issues, cuts in pensions, supplementary and exceptional benefits, the dramatic shortages of medical care at the Maison du Marin and annexes, the substantial removal of the Premier Cuisinier upgrade and the delays in the exercise of pensioner insurance rights.

At the same time, he also referred to the SSEs, to the particular dictatorial regime that was inaugurated by the Secretary General of the PNO, Mr. Tsikalakis, to the arbitrariness that has become a new model of the administration of the PNO as well as to the unacceptable signature of SSEs which no longer correspond at all to the current needs of browsers (inflation – accuracy – tax evasion).

He underscored the importance of further strengthening the traditional camaraderie relationship with the line Marines, which is based on common stances, our common competitive journey, and common goals and struggles.

Line Marines must turn a deaf ear to the forces of corporate unionism who want and wish to disrupt these ungodly relationships…plans and wishful thinking that will never be justified…

The sailors of the line know and know who the PENEN is and its contribution to the problems of the colleagues of the line, and this confidence was confirmed this time in an absolute way.

This is why the dirty business of Mr. Tsikalakis and his team will not pass to the Mariners…

The visit of the Secretary General of PENEN was an opportunity to revive these relations tested in the problems and the common action, a fact which was evident in all the meetings held in the ships.

We list below a number of issues that emerged from the discussion with crews and for which PENEN will take immediate and substantial initiatives and actions to address and resolve it.

Business hours

Working hours are normally 12 hours with an hourly break which is not included in working time and therefore unpaid. Although many crew members continue to work, either because there are delays or because some work cannot be postponedwhile deck personnel are on alert for the safety of the ship,

That time which is provided for provisioning – preparation – consumption of food, in a class of ships where food is not provided, unfairly considered as non-working time!

There is no concern that the working time is evenly distributed among the crews, so some ferry line crews work mainly at night and others in the morning, when this should be the responsibility of the port authority and the companies night hours should be distributed according to the health and rest of the crews and not according to the profit of the fleet.

cable tie

Open-type vessels moor without the aid of cables even if cable services are provided from the port. We require specific vessels to moor using cable cars if provided by the Port, while in the event that these services are not provided and the vessel is moored by the crew, the cost of tying the cables will be paid to the crew who have engaged in this work.

24 hour job

On the Igoumenitsa – Lefkimmi ferry line, the crews work for twelve hours. Indeed, when transporting waste, the ship is entirely chartered and in this case the crews work, in a time well exceeding 24 hours, with an intermediate break of only six hours or less, no additional remuneration is paid, but the hours of rest stipulated by the legislation are also violated.

Port Authority Commitment

We have reported this fact, among others, to the Port Authority of Igoumenitsa who promised to look into the matter and for a week since the last time this happened we have not noticed at least one rest time violation. We specify that we are following the file and will come back if necessary.

Ship movements

The immobility of ships, which we have repeatedly denounced in the past with our documents and other protests, has become a major problem because it is a common phenomenon for a ship or ships to remain motionless for many months. !

For each problem, what is of decisive importance for its solution is the organization and mobilization of the sector and in this sense the Management of PENEN will work with all its might so that our sector and the Seafarers in their whole can claim united – dynamically – competitively their rights!

In the next few days, PENEN will promote the above problems to the competent services of YEN and at the same time, if and as long as no solution is found, it will launch competitive actions and mobilizations in consultation with the sector.

Administration of PENEN


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