The Pros and Cons of ChatGPT: Plugins We Liked and Pitfalls

The Pros and Cons of ChatGPT: Plugins We Liked and Pitfalls

Anastasia - Royal Golem

Anastasia – Royal Golem

26/05/2023 15:16

The popular ChatGPT AI chatbot over time, he acquires more and more abilities and despite the fact that he does not “talk” like a human, he nevertheless makes mistakes, just like a human.

He can explain theories, write poems, school assignments, but the complete “conquest” of the world by Artificial intelligence it’s still considered a sci-fi storyline, experts say.

“There is a saying that goes: an innumerable set of monkeys at the end will be able to give you a Shakespeare. That is to say the theatrical texts that have been left in history by the author”, commented Matthew Sag, professor of legal law at Emory University, who studies issues of plagiarism for the formation and use of large language models such as ChatGPT.

Himself, addressing initiated, declared: “There are a lot of ‘monkeys’ here that give you really cool stuff, but there’s a noticeable difference in how people use the language and how big language models like ChatGPT do it.”

How ChatGPT works

THE chat botsAs the GPT, it carries a large amount of data and computational techniques to make predictions to string words together so they make sense.

In practice, what chatbots do is not only use a huge amount of vocabulary and information, but also “understand” the meaning of each word in the sentence.

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It helps them to be imitated language models, while acquiring encyclopedic knowledge.

THE AI (artificial intelligence = artificial intelligence) is located at epicenter her technology right now and is not just an assistant for mobile We Appliances but…

The 4 Best ChatGPT Plugins

link reader

Addition “Link Reader” is a powerful tool that can read link content, including web pages and PDF files. The basic function of this tool is to summarize information in any format suitable to the user’s needs. It allows users to access and understand content that might otherwise require significant effort or specialized software to interpret.

Video previews

THE “Video previews” is similar to “Link Reader”, but serves video content. “Video Insights” is designed to extract transcripts, data and other information from videos published on platforms. Simply providing the video URL allows ChatGPT to offer detailed information about the video, including a summary of its content.

In other words, it can provide a concise summary of any video, which is a boon for users who want to understand video content without watching the entire video.

Plagig of Wolfram

Addition “Wolframallows users to leverage advanced computing, math, and real-world data to solve and visualize a wide range of tasks. This feature opens up a new field of possibilities for its users. ChatGPT, allowing them to tackle complex problems and calculations that normally required specialized software.

Show me the plugin

The possibility “Show me the plugins” allows users to build diagrams and graphics of any type based on incoming information. In addition, these visual representations can then be modified. In fact, many professional business owners use this tool to study sales trends.

The 4 ChatGPT Plugins That Made Users Unhappy


Addition “ChatWithVideo» uses information and data from a video to create a summary at the end. This plugin can answer questions about the video, such as “What are people saying in the comments?” Although this feature seems useful for summarizing long videos in the Youtube or to quickly learn the reactions of the commentators, it does not really help him useful

For example when using the “ChatWithVideo” in an excerpt from an interview with the actor Matthew Macfadyen on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, ChatWithVideo successfully summarized this short video, but when asked what was written in the comments, he could not provide an answer.


Like The Sims or Animal Crossing, the “Algorithm” is a simulation game, o user create one character and live a virtual life. It is a simulation game in which each action causes changes in variables such as happiness or intelligence. However, the game is not particularly appealing to the player since he does not see the options visually except as text.


THE ChatGPT it was advertised as a tool advertisement to write conversational and actionable copy. It claims to write “compelling headlines, descriptions, and calls to action tailored to your brand and product or service,” but the end result has nothing to do with “compelling.”

Portfolio Pilot

THE “Pilot Portfolio” troubled them enough users. First, why collects stock market information and economic trends, which is a little worrying since we know that the ChatGPT may be inaccurate. Worse still, it makes “concrete recommendations to improve its portfolio”, which means that if the user gives it confidential data, the risks of sharing personal information with ChatGPT make the business risky.

How to register on ChatGPT

Here are the steps to join ChatGPT:

  1. Open the ChatGPT registration link in your internet browser.
  2. Click on “Register”
  3. Choose between entering your email address and setting a password for your registration or signing in with your Google or Microsoft account.
  4. Enter your email address in the chat
  5. Set gpt chat password
    After that, go to your inbox to confirm and activate it.
  6. Then select the country and enter your phone number.
  7. Select the country and enter your phone number
  8. After that, enter the code sent to your phone number or cell phone to confirm it.
  9. After confirming your phone number in GPT chat, log in to GPT chat and start using it.

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