The quiet strength Sevi Voloudakis: I want to serve my fellow citizens in Chania

The quiet strength Sevi Voloudakis: I want to serve my fellow citizens in Chania

Sevi Voloudaki is a quiet force. A professional woman, lawyer, mother and loving wife. All these years, discreetly and essentially, she stood next to her deputy husband, Manouso Voloudakis, who served Chania for years.

Until 2023, fate deprives her of her rock and she is called to face the new reality. The sadness with the courage and courage of a modern Greek woman who does not give up. Sevi Voloudaki is a modest fighter. Where Chania and Crete form the framework of its values ​​and principles.

Q: Was it easy to say yes to the Prime Minister’s proposal?

(smiles awkwardly) It wasn’t. Others have not been easy either. I worked on it, I studied it in myself, I discussed it with my family and I came to the conclusion that the current conjuncture is so important, so critical that I want to be part of the battle that surrenders for my country. My children and my people who believe in me want the same.

Q: Would you participate if Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ proposal did not exist?

Hypothetical question. Maybe not. The fact is that I am a candidate with the ND in the prefecture of Chania because I believe that only the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis can continue the progress of the last 4 years. Only an autonomous government of New Democracy guarantees our future.

Uh. So, what is your main motivation to be elected?

My concern for my country and my fellow citizens. The responsibility of a mother and an active citizen. Politics has always been part of my life. With the daily example that Manousos gave me: that politics is an offer. That politics must serve the citizen, the needs of your country. And that’s what I want to do. To give Chania a strong voice, with Greek and European experience, training and full knowledge of my purpose and purpose as an MP.

3. Why should a fellow citizen choose you in the next election?

Because getting involved in politics is based on my desire to give back to my country and to society as a whole. Without selfishness, without hindsight. I know what I want and I can deliver. Because I have a professional career and experience. I have learned in my life to fight and achieve my goals. With principles and a value system serving people, I want to serve my fellow citizens in Chania. I have a vision for my place, for its natural richness. Its products and its people. Chania is a unique location which, if it unlocks all of its competitive advantages, will “take off”. With the unity and creative synthesis of our points of view.

4. What is at stake in this election?

The stability and continued progress of our country. After a painful crisis of more than ten years, it is great that we have managed to get it out. Today, in particular, the continuity of the country’s development path is more important than ever. Do not back down with priceless delusions and ideological idealizations. This is why we must all rally behind Kyriakos Mitsotakis and bring the ND back first and self-sufficient again so that it can continue on this path of progress. With Chania and Crete protagonists of a changing Europe in a world where local communities define tomorrow.

5. Is it autonomy or chaos?

In simple terms, yes. Unless we want another “first time game” with “proud negotiation”. If we don’t want a government of losers, yes, we need an independent ND government. We cannot gamble with our children’s future. But, as always in a democracy, citizens will decide by their votes what will be the Greece of tomorrow, the Greece we deserve. I firmly believe that the ND is the only solution to the country’s problems and the enormous challenges it faces. In our pre-election program for the next four years, we are laying the strongest foundations for economic development, strengthening wages and pensions, supporting entrepreneurship and creating new jobs. Support the NSS, Education and the Social State.

Q: What moves you the most in a person:

Courage and honesty. The courage of a mother who fights for her family. A farmer who does not give up and beats bad weather and misfortunes to produce the best oil. A young woman who lives at home, works and raises a family. A scientist who returns to give back what he feels he owes to his fellow citizens. The purity and freshness of my province, which is Sfakia. Simple people, young people, all of us who make today’s Chania. One of the most blessed places in the world.

Q: You have a new voter in front of you. How would you convince him to vote and especially to vote for you?

I would first listen carefully to what he has to say. And then I would tell him that participation is both a responsibility and an opportunity. I would share my vision with him, I would also listen to his. I would keep every word and every idea I might have. And I would conclude that the most important thing is that he votes first, not that he votes for me. Then I explained to him my own proposals for the agro-food sector such as oil, tourism with an emphasis on sustainability and the circular economy, infrastructure projects such as BOAK which will change Crete and Chania. But also the daily proposals of the need to strengthen public crèches and kindergartens, health structures and initiatives for young people. Because I want young people to stay with us, study, grow up, start families here in Chania. To keep the Cretan family and traditions alive as material for a better future.

Q: Since you mentioned it, do you have the possibility to formulate your own political proposal or are you a continuation of your deceased husband?

I have an opinion on things, suggestions and a vision. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be a politician. Yes, it’s true, alongside Manousos I learned, listened to, discussed the facts that define politics. I understand and know Chaniotisses and Chaniotes. I understand the importance and values ​​of the Cretan family. I will fight to reverse the reality that Chania has not activated all of its competitive advantages. I will try to change that with the help of my fellow citizens. And I’m sure we’ll get there.

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