US General: The Russian Army Is Intact – The Ukrainian Attack Axis Shows Bakhmut With The…Russian “Surprise”

US General: The Russian Army Is Intact – The Ukrainian Attack Axis Shows Bakhmut With The…Russian “Surprise”

Thousands of Russians await them with heavy artillery and thermobaric missiles as well as dozens of UGV MARKET unmanned vehicles to decimate them

Unconfirmed information indicates that Ukrainian President V. Zelensky supported General A/GES Sirsky’s proposal to organize a powerful counterattack near the area connecting Bakhmut and Soledar on May 4-5, 2023.

The Russians also showed video of Su-57 fighters flying over Moscow ahead of parades on May 9, 2023 to mark the end of World War II.

We are not convinced that the dates of the attacks in Ukraine are really valid, because they are still top secret and are not revealed to the press.

However, regarding the area the Ukrainians will attack, we are confident that the area between these two cities, given Zelensky’s setbacks, especially with Bakhmut, would make “sense”.

At the same time, Commander-in-Chief of US Forces Europe, Christopher Cavoli, revealed what we had long suspected, that is to say, the Russian army has most of its forces intact, since the famous Wagner mercenary company got involved in everything.

“Most of the Russian army did not suffer from this conflict”the US general said, hinting at much of Putin’s strategy.

What are the Russians up to as Kinter surprises the Ukrainians in their attack

The Russian army will use the unmanned ground vehicle “Market” against the Ukrainians, announced Evgeny Dudorov, executive director of NPO Androidnaya Tekhnika, the company that developed these tanks.

According to him, the “Markers” UGVs are equipped with a powerful “Kornet” anti-tank complex, the missiles of which can penetrate more than 1 meter of armor, while dozens of tiny BAS-80 kamikaze drones will fly above ‘them.

“The Russian unmanned battle tank can move 50 or even 80 kilometers and return to its base,” said the Russian expert.

On the markers, the Russians place various types of weapons, including 7.62 mm machine guns, AGS-17 and AGS-30 grenade launchers, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles, BAS-80 suicide drones and small helicopters for target reconnaissance and guidance.

If we add to these unmanned tanks the TOS-1A thermobaric missile systems, and the 152 mm heavy artillery (self-propelled and towed), we can determine with relative accuracy that the Ukrainians will find themselves in a terrible barrage artillery, while groups of UGV markers, will massively neutralize Ukrainian soldiers.

It is a battlefield of the future, which should sound the alarm to the Greek military leadership, about the plans of the Turks with these vehicles.

Wagner announced the destruction of Ukrainian S-300 launchers

Destroyed Ukrainian 5P85S launchers as well as a 5N63S missile stockpile and command post of the S-300PS air defense system in the Kherson region.

Statement by the Head of the Wagner Group Press Center in Dnipro:

“Artillery units of the Dnipro group caused fire damage to the command and observation point and the checkpoint of unmanned aerial vehicles of the 124th Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as to the ammunition and equipment depot near the city of Kherson.

Ukrainian losses in this direction in manpower amounted to 30 people, more than 10 units of armored fighting vehicles and vehicles were destroyed.
Also, in the area of ​​the Burgunka, Novotyaginka and Otradokamenka settlements, two Ukrainian mortar crews and two unmanned aerial vehicles were neutralized.”

In Bakhmut, Russian mercenaries exterminate Ukrainians

The “Wagner” fighters pushed the Ukrainian army into the western suburb of Bakhmut, which continues to be squeezed out of the city, reports Prigozhin.

According to him, the Ukrainian armed forces control an area of ​​less than three square kilometers in the city, which is about 7-8% of the total urban area (42 square kilometers).

The rate of advance of Wagner’s forces through the streets of the city is one or two blocks a day, sometimes three or four.

The resistance of Ukrainian nationalists and mercenaries does not weaken. Today, the Ukrainian Armed Forces group was stuck between Yubileinaya, Chaikovsky and Pobeda streets, and it is no longer possible to get out of this “triangle” without heavy losses.

After losing their positions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine established new positions in schools No. 12 and No. 18, where units of the 120th Territorial Defense Brigade and the 93rd Mechanized Brigade, attached to the Armed Forces garrison Ukrainians as a reserve.

According to experts, there are three options for the “liquidation” of Bahamut.

The first is the Russian advance along Freedom Street to dismember the group of Ukrainian armed forces.

The second is connected with the advance of mercenaries from the north and the parallel clearing of the village of Khromov, where the Ukrainian armed forces periodically try to send new groups.

And the last option is to advance “Wagner” in all directions simultaneously with the support of the 305th regiment of the Russian armed forces, after which the Ukrainian armed forces will have no choice but to try to withdraw to Chasov Yar .

On the way to Chasov Yar, most of the retreating Ukrainians will be destroyed by Russian artillery. The Russian trap against Ukrainian forces, as seen in the region, will not be repeated on such a scale in military history modern.

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