Useful guide for those interested • B2Green

Useful guide for those interested • B2Green

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Opens on Thursday, May 18, 2023, the electronic platform ( of the program “Save money – Renovate for young peopleand will remain open until Friday, September 15, 2023.

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According to the Program Guide, natural persons born between 01/01/1984 and 31/12/2005 with a real right to an eligible residence (individual houses and individual apartments for use as a principal residence) are eligible to participate. in the program.

  • What is the program about?

The program consists of two parts:

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Civil technology

a) The first part concerns the “I save”. During this phase, they will be able to subsidize energy saving interventions in the domestic construction sector.

b) The return leg is the “Renovate”. At this stage – which presupposes inclusion in “Excoionamo” – renovation interventions are included.

  • What are the “small” characters to watch out for?

  • A basic condition for inclusion in the “Renovate” subsection is the mandatory entry first in the “Save” subsection.
  • The objective of the program is to save at least 30% of primary energy and evolve the energy category based on the PEA by at least three energy classes compared to the existing classification.
  • What should I do to avoid losing the grant?

Any natural person who wishes to participate in the Program must gather the required supporting documents and contact an Energy Inspector – Engineer, so that the first energy inspection of their property can be carried out and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can be issued. .

  • What are the mandatory supporting documents that we must collect?

The supporting documents requested are:

– TAXISnet codes.

– Building permit form and plans or other legalizing documents.

– Declaration of compliance with a law regulating unauthorized constructions if this is necessary and which must be done before submitting the application to the program.

– Q1, why is the principal residence of a natural person declared in this form.

– E9 in the event of recent property acquisition.

– Last ENFIA law published in 2022

– Certificate of ownership.

– Certificate of transfer from the competent mortgage office or Certificate of its registration in the Land Registry Office.

– Declaration responsible for Law 1599/1986 in which it will be stated that the building will be used as a main residence. In all cases, the declaration must indicate the name and tax identification number of the person who will use the building as their principal residence.

– Building permit or arbitrary settlement.

– First energy performance certificate.

  • What are we looking for in our file?

1st) We must have filed our tax return

2°) We declare and regulate all arbitrary constructions,

3°) We find the file with the plans of the town planner, necessary for the Electronic Identity of the Building.

4e) We correct the square meters of the Commune via the electronic platform, so that they are identical to what we declare in E9,

5e) We verify the address of the property, so that it is the same in all supporting documents (eg E9, PPC, Building Permit Form).

6th) We declare the property in the Land Registry.

  • What are the income criteria?

  1. Selectable “Save” budget: up to 22,500 euros.

The program covers 45% to 90% of the amount of eligible energy interventions, while the remaining amount can be covered by an interest-free loan.

  1. Eligible “Renovation” budget: Up to 10,000 euros.

Thanks to “Save – Renovate for young people”, up to 30% of the amount of eligible renovation interventions is covered, while the remaining amount can be covered by a low-interest loan of up to 7,000 euros.

The percentage of the subsidy is graduated according to the category of income to which the applicant will belong.

Special attention is also given to applicants who have many children, with an additional grant (bonus) of 15%.

  • What are the key elements of the program?

  • The building must have a main use, such as Residential area. The main use of the residence is recorded in the data of the tax declaration during the last three (3) years, with priority in the reference year. In the event that data from the tax return, for the reference year, show that the property was not in use (vacant apartment, vacant single-family house) in the tax year in question, for the certification of the main use of the residence, corresponding data from one of the two previous tax years. If the residence was acquired after 31.12.2021, a written commitment for the main use of the residence will be requested.
  • Short-term rental properties are not eligible.
  • Applications related to the energy upgrade/renovation of an apartment building are not eligible.
  • Only one application can be submitted for each eligible natural person (for each applicant TIN).
  • The beneficiaries must be owners of the property, with all real rights and occupy it, or be full owners, or usufructuaries and rent it, to join the “Escogano”.
  • Beneficiaries must have a real right of full ownership/usufruct of at least 50%, in order to join “Rénover”.
  • Small property is excluded. They do not have the right to submit to the “Save – Renovate for Young People” residencies with an active application in one of the energy upgrading programs: “Ecoconomisi kat’ Oikon II”, “Ecoconomi – Autonomou” and ” Ecoconomi 2021″.
  • Which residence is considered eligible?

A residence, to be considered eligible, must be individual house or individual apartment and to:

  • It exists legally.
  • It was not deemed demolishable.
  • It is used as a main residence.
  • Be classified in an energy class category less than or equal to C, based on the Energy Performance Certificate (PEA).
  • What does “Save” fund?

The Save section includes:

  • replacement of frames,
  • external thermal insulation,
  • heating-cooling systems,
  • domestic hot water production systems,
  • smart home devices
  • simple household appliances, which were provided for in the separate program “Recycle – Change Appliance”.
  • What does the “Renew” program finance?

The renovation part includes:

  • renovation of bathrooms and replacement of toilets,
  • kitchen renovation,
  • front door replacement,
  • replacement and repair of electrical installations,
  • plumbing replacement and repair,
  • replacement of floor coverings,
  • coatings and repairs of structural elements.
  • Can I just do the renovation?

It is not possible to apply only for “Renew”, whereas participation in “Save” is a condition for applying for “Renew”.

  • Can a loan be granted?

Yes. It is possible to obtain a renovation loan at low interest rates with favorable conditions and to subsidize interventions to save and improve energy efficiency.

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