What does the “double” check subsidize and what are the amounts

What does the “double” check subsidize and what are the amounts

The platform https://allazothermosifona.gov.gr/ is now open to everyone – regardless of VAT number – through which requests can be submitted for the “double” check for purchase and installation of a solar water heater: Interested persons must declare four specific details on the platform in order to obtain the “green light” for inclusion in the “Recycle – Change the water heater” program. A necessary condition is the existence of a working electric water heater, with a capacity of more than 40 liters.

Vangelis Durakis writes

Applications are submitted using taxisnet codes, so it is good that those interested are aware of them. They must also have in their possession the VAT number and the declaration of income (E1) for the tax year 2021, as indicated by enikonomia.gr.

What is the procedure for applying?

In order to continue the process through the platform https://allazothermosifona.gov.gr/ potential beneficiary debtors must declare the following 4 elements:

  • the 11-digit number of the electricity supply of the house in which the water heater to be replaced is installed, that a solar water heater can be installed in the house and that there are no restrictions by the operating regulations (e.g. apartment building regulations, regulations, etc.),
  • the presence or absence of a disabled member in the family, so that cross-checking can be done on a case-by-case basis with information from the Certification Center for Persons with Disabilities (KEPA) or alternatively, by presenting a opinion or a corresponding certificate from a disability certification health committee or other competent authority, which, according to law, must still exercise its powers,
  • a unique mobile phone number that will be certified by sending a one-time use code (OTP), which will be used after any approval of the funding request to send the voucher code, but also for any communication associated with the beneficiary.
  • If available, a personal e-mail account can also be declared.

The process of purchasing a new solar water heater with a government subsidy will remain applications open until Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at 3 p.m.

What does the “double” check subsidize and what are the amounts

The check will be “double” and will subsidize:

  • The purchase of a new modern technology solar water heater.
  • The cost of carrying out the additional work necessary to replace the old electric water heater with the new solar water heater (for example, transport costs, installation of the new solar water heater or removal of the old water heater, consumables and accessories, etc.)

A necessary requirement to join the program is:

  • Mandatory delivery of the old electric water heater to the retailer where the new solar water heater is supplied.


Old electric water heaters with a capacity of at least 40 liters are accepted for replacement.

It is not possible to subsidize a new solar water heater without the parallel delivery of the old electric water heater.

The grant is paid by check (vouchers) of the program, which can be used at the approved suppliers of the program and cover a part of the total cost of the products/services concerned.

What are the beneficiary selection criteria?

The program concerns a main or secondary residence, with owners, tenants and even the free concession as beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries are selected based on criteria (income, children, disability, etc.). The amount of the grant is determined on the basis of income. SO:

  • Annual income, up to €5,000 per family member. Grant: 60% (€612 – €904)
  • Annual income: €5,001 – €10,000 per family member. Grant: 55% (€561 – €829)
  • Annual income: €10,001 per family member
    Grant: 50% (€510 – €754)

The final selection of beneficiaries will result from a combination of economic and social criteria, namely:

  • Average annual income per family member.
  • Families with disabled members.
  • Single-parent families, with at least one dependent child.
  • Families with dependent members.

The subsidy reaches up to 60% of the purchase cost of each new solar water heater.

  • Each beneficiary will receive a voucher that they can exchange with a supplier of their choice.
  • Installation costs are also included in the maximum grant amount for beneficiaries.

The final value of each check which starts from 510.48 euros and goes up to 904.84 euros depends on the characteristics of the solar water heater (capacity of the hot water tank), its purchase price.

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