Where and when does Metropondikas start digging?

Where and when does Metropondikas start digging?

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation has revealed where excavation for the next tunnel will begin.

The belief that the citizens judge And they decide by the general attitude and behavior of a government throughout its lifetime four years and that his choice New Republic focus on its plan for the next four years creates strong new social alliances, expressed Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transportinfrastructure manager, Mr. George Karagiannis in an interview he gave to the Athens News Agency.

At the same time, Mr. Karagiannis revealed that the first metropolitan in a few days it will start tunneling Since Catechist And second metropolitan start on autumn.


At the same time, we must remember that last week the Offers for the long Chania – Heraklion section of the North Crete trunk road (BOAK), while the contracts for the other two sections were signed and the first sites were set up.

His progress Thessaloniki Metro exceeded at 90% both in BaselineAs good as inside Extension For Kalamaria and the bidding process for him is growing Operator of. At the same time, with the completion of these projects, the government has made it an immediate priority to northwest extension of the networkin order to cover the needs of movements in populated and developing municipalities Vineyards And Menemeni, Kordelio And Evosmou, Pavlou Mela And Neapolis-Sykeon For Fragrant And Stavroupoli.

Eastern Inner Region of Thessaloniki (Overview), a project designed and initiated by this government has contracted and the first preliminary works have begun.


THE Patras – Pyrgos a project taken over by the government fragmented And marshy, which has begun, progresses slowly and comes to an end 2023 will overcome it 30% its implementation.

THE Southern section of the E65of Ghoul until acidity, it should be put into circulation in its first months new Yearwhile to the north, Trikala until Egnaty, progress already exceeds 23%, with the department Trikala-Kalambaka, to be delivered within it 2023.

THE Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport he also pointed out that: “We have decided to increase the size of the new large international airport of the country in Castle more … than 30%, so that this can respond effectively to the estimated large increase in traffic expected in Crete the next years”.

Mr. Karagiannis he referred at length to its implementation larger infrastructure program what has been done in the past 20 years, pointing out that “we have auctioned high-rise projects 14 billion euros and we contracted projects €5.5 billion over the past four years,” which he described as the government’s greatest infrastructure achievement.


Transferring the atmosphere of the tours he did throughout the four years, o Deputy Minister of Infrastructure notes that: “The vast majority of citizens, to be convinced of the realization of a project, must see it begin, that is to say see the construction site. Let me give you some examples. When a resident of Thessaloniki hear about it Metro Since late 90s it makes sense to be careful if he does not see stations and carloads on the tracks. When an inhabitant of Crete has heard for decades of BOOK it’s logical that he starts to believe it when he sees the first ones set up building sites. when its inhabitants patras and his Tower they wait 15 whole years start working on a long-suffering project, they only begin to understand it when they see new construction sites and visible progress of the project. We chose with him Costas Karamanlistravel to various parts of the country to update local communities on the progress of projects or to inspect building sites. The first few times, there was a positive response, but also a reluctance. But when they saw that the schedules were respected, there was and still is a significant acceptance, ”added the deputy minister.

Mr. Karagiannis expressed the belief that the biggest advantage routing and implementation of all these projects is the creation of a new relationship of trust between citizens and the stateespecially in Region, where, for too many years, it felt like the central state didn’t care.


Goals for the next four years

As for the objectives for the next four years, Mr. Karagiannis made it a priority compliance with schedules concerning big projects and make up for the huge deficit of hundreds of thousands of specialties, machine operators until engineers, as well as the difficulties that have arisen due to the increase in costs, a consequence of energy and economic crisis.

He noted, indeed, that: “In this context, we are at the final stage of presenting a coherent and integrated plan for the attract Greek staff And abroad concerning the implementation of projects and a comprehensive institutional intervention at all levels to enable the construction sector to cope with the consequences of the crisis”.

Also Mr. Karagiannis call them construction companies give more incentives, both at the level of wages, as well as working conditions.


In closing, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation described the most significant moment at the Department of Infrastructure and Transportation during 4 years: “The very hard work that has gone into the Ministry of Infrastructure fortunately, it gave us not one but several important moments. It is each time that, contrary to forecasts, we have succeeded in bringing out projects that have been stagnating for decades, such as the main road Patras-Pyrgos, THE BOOK And North Division of E65. But if I have to answer exactly, I would tell you that when we signed our last contract BOOK in the Heraklion her Crete, with our officials and our partners, we remembered our first meetings. At the time, most people told us that there was no way to contract projects within four years, but today the implementation of our planning has exceeded 90% of initial forecast. There is great satisfaction in doing something that has never been done before. Ministry and the country in the field of Infrastructure”.

By commenting on it pre-election climatea week before the elections, Mr. Karagiannis noted that: “So far there is one low-key pre-election period, citizens showing a mature attitude and isolating any attempt at escalation and tension. And his conscious choice contributes significantly to this. New Republic center the debate on the comparison of his own governmental past with that of his counterpart SYRIZA and also in the government program for the next four years. And this comparison, in my opinion, will also determine the electoral behavior of citizens, who seek politics and social stability and they recognize that this government has kept the country afloat in an unprecedented international environment. In any case, what is very important to me is that citizens take part in the elections because this contributes to the consolidation of a relationship of trust with the institutions for the functioning of democracy“.

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