Why do some people get angry when they are hungry?

Why do some people get angry when they are hungry?

We’ve all had an appetite for something sweet or junk food, but haven’t been very hungry.

Or being hungry but not stopping eating when full. Investigating the reasons that lead us to this, I found myself in front of the term “hanger”. It is a neologism, added a few years ago to the Oxford English Dictionary, “marrying” two terms: hunger (hunger) and anger (= anger). When these terms are combined, the “hanger” results. There is no exact translation of the term in Greek. How would I return it? Hunger due to anger, eating out of anger or even rage caused by hunger. It’s basically a vicious cycle that links hunger to anger and vice versa.

How did the term originate? What this means; And how can we circumvent it and eat well? Or should we eat with joy and not with anger? Or not get angry when you’re hungry? In recent years, research in psychology and psychiatry as well as nutrition has repeatedly presented examples of emotional eating. In fact, a whole branch of psychiatry has emerged, nutritional psychiatry, which studies the question in depth. According to her, there are foods that give us positive emotions and others that “knock us down” psychologically.

However, the term hanger is not exactly related to the above. Here things are simpler. According to some research that has been carried out on the subject – and which of course also led to the “birth” of the term – the mere feeling of hunger causes us negative emotions. More specifically, when we are very hungry – and our stomach is empty for several hours – we feel irritated and do not react very coldly. This has also been observed in young children. As parents, you will surely have detected symptoms of whining and overwork – more than usual – as mealtimes approach. There, if you’re away from home, don’t make the mistake of offering sweets. Because the surge will probably multiply instead of extinguishing. The reasons are obvious, but we will explain later why the candy is not suitable for this particular occasion.

What is the main cause of the coat hanger?

According to research conducted so far on this issue, the main cause of hangovers is hypoglycemia. When this happens, our body reacts automatically, thanks to the hormones it secretes. Low glucose levels alert the body to release two energy-related hormones that scream “I want energy now,” adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones naturally raise blood sugar so your body can keep functioning even when blood sugar levels drop. This is how anger, emotional outbursts, are triggered, which can be triggered by external causes that have nothing to do with our hunger. Have you ever yelled at someone – at home or at work – with no logical justification for your extreme attitude? Then your “furious hunger” or “rage-inducing hunger” may be to blame.

Beyond hormone secretion, however, the key to raising blood sugar is to eat something. The question is what. What’s the trend? “Hungry” people are looking for something sweet: chocolate, cookies, pastries… Eating them immediately raises blood sugar, so we feel relief and our mood changes positively. However, this does not last very long because sugar does not create a feeling of satiety, so soon we are hungry again and our mood is broken again… This is also a very important reason why it is not no good to offer the children something sweet when they are hungry!

In fact, recent research on the matter found that the hanger is also linked to our overall mood. Not all hungry people react the same way. There we get into questions of pure psychology and psychoanalysis because our reactions are related to how we consciously act and therefore how we consciously eat (conscious eating).

How we deal with the problem

The questions that arise are twofold: how to manage the feeling of “angry hunger” when it occurs and how to ensure that this feeling does not “be born”.

The experts’ proposal is clear: we treat… the evil at its root. A healthy and balanced diet is the main key to not having outbreaks of… “angry hunger”. The practice of conscious eating, conscious nutrition, the nutritional program is enough for this. You can find more information about mindful eating here.

And because a good day starts in the morning, a well-balanced breakfast is the start of everything. He also needs protein and -good- carbohydrates and good fats to make the day go well.

If you haven’t had time to eat at home yet, invest in healthy office snacks with protein and carbs, while avoiding sweets and white carbs.

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